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  1. celebs of crypto
    Jake Paul, Lindsay Lohan, and More Charged With CryptocrimesThat #ad tag is more important than you think.
  2. paid post problems
    Jake Paul and Lindsay Lohan Pay $400,000 Fines for Promoting Alleged Crypto ScamLohan, Paul, Akon, Lil Yachty, and others paid a hefty penalty to the SEC for failing to disclose they were getting paid to promote cryptocurrencies.
  3. pivots
    Jake Paul Bets He Can Beat Everyone Else in Sports MediaThe TikTok-powered boxer has a new gambling app, and thinks he can take on ESPN, DraftKings, and Dave Portnoy.
  4. extremely online
    Jake Paul Offers to Retire From Boxing for Better UFC Working Conditions“I am not your enemy … I am your advocate”
  5. fight fight fight
    Pete Davidson Calls Jake Paul a ‘Piece of Shit’ Amid Sexual-Assault Allegations“Even if Jake Paul is a decent fighter, he’s still a shitbag of a human being.”
  6. power
    YouTuber Jake Paul Has Been Accused of Sexual AssaultIn a new video, TikToker Justine Paradise says she was assaulted in 2019.
  7. youtube
    Jake Paul Denies Sexual Assault Accusation By Saying He’s a ‘Momma’s Boy’“I most certainly have never laid a finger on a girl without their consent.”
  8. mask off
    Even The Masked Singer Doesn’t Want Logan Paul Around AnymoreHis character on the show was a monster with a bad reputation.
  9. tea-mz
    Terms of Service: Your Guide to the Lingo of TeaTubeFrom Adpocalypse to Tati Westbrook, all the shorthand to make you fluent in YouTube drama.
  10. quar goss
    Ariana Grande’s Fiancé Is Selling the Biebers’ HouseIt’s the Avengers of celebrity real estate.
  11. extremely online
    Who Had ‘FBI Raids Jake Paul’s House’ on Their 2020 Bingo Card?Of course, we got here somehow.
  12. extremely online
    Jake Paul Is Going to Fight for His Right to Party Amid a Pandemic“I personally am not the type of person who’s gonna sit around and not live my life.”
  13. extremely online
    Imagine Getting COVID-19 Because You Went to a Party at Jake Paul’s MansionNo masks, no brain cells, just vibes.
  14. crime
    Jake Paul Charged With Criminal Trespassing After Filming LootersThe YouTuber had denied looting an Arizona mall.
  15. ugh
    Jake Paul Insists He Didn’t Participate in the Looting He FilmedPaul and his friends posted videos from inside an Arizona mall.
  16. celebrity feuds
    Gigi Hadid Insults Jake Paul Into OblivionThe notoriously shameless YouTuber definitely regrets tweeting about Gigi’s boyfriend.
  17. the digital age
    Where Has Savage Gigi Hadid Been Hiding in This Runway We Call Life?She’s unbothered by Jake Paul’s “irrelevant ugly ass.”
  18. chaos
    YouTuber Psychodrama Reaches Dark New DepthsLogan Paul has now released a vlog called “Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife…”
  19. celebrity couples
    The World’s Most Chaotic Relationship Continues to Torment MeTana Mongeau and Jake Paul are “taking a break” from their open marriage.
  20. break up
    Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Are the First Couple to ‘Take a Break’ This DecadeShe gets the Lambo, and he gets the dog.
  21. youtube
    Tana Mongeau’s Emotional Jake Paul Tell-All Video Is One Red Flag After Another“Jake could fucking kill my whole family, I will always love him.”
  22. conspiracy theories
    All the Evidence That This Deeply Chaotic YouTuber Marriage Is FakeTana Mongeau finally admitted that her marriage to Jake Paul isn’t legal. But … she swears it’s real.
  23. weddings
    Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s Wedding Looked Chaotic As HellIf the YouTube power couple is trying to convince people their relationship isn’t an elaborate stunt, their wedding did them no favors.
  24. who?
    Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Got Married and Chaos Inevitably EnsuedA fight broke out at the altar.
  25. anthropaulogy
    Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Getting Married Is Peak Wedding-Industrial Complex“Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau formally invite you plus 1 to join their Holy Cloutramony,” reads the couple’s invitation.
  26. celebrity engagements
    A Comprehensive Guide to 2019’s Messiest ‘Celebrity’ ‘Engagement’YouTuber Jake Paul is apparently engaged to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau … and Bella Thorne is also somehow involved.
  27. youtube
    Nightmare Neighbor YouTuber Engaged to Nightmare TanaCon YouTuber. Maybe?Everything you wanted to know in a dispatch from the dark, fake universe of YouTubers, including cameo appearances from Mod Sun, Bella Thorne.
  28. select all
    I Saw Jake Paul Live and All I Got Was a Creeping Sense of Existential DreadHere’s everything you probably didn’t miss at Jake Paul’s Team 10 Live show in New York City.
  29. select all
    Teacher Writes Diss Track Dissing Jake Paul’s Diss Track Dissing Teachers“I make about 35k a year, son!”
  30. select all
    YouTube Has Turned Into a Merch-Plugging FactoryAs it gets harder and harder to make money from YouTube ads, vloggers are turning to merch to pay the bills.
  31. select all
    YouTube Denies Inevitable Jake Paul Talk ShowThe site is just testing the waters.
  32. streaming
    Jake Paul to Host Late-Night-Style Talk Show on YouTube RedNow he can terrorize more than just his neighbors.
  33. select all
    Hi, Jake Paul, Your Slogan Doesn’t Mean What You Think It MeansJake Paul’s slogan, “It’s everyday bro,” is a grammatical self-own.
  34. select all
    I Watched Jake Paul’s 22-Minute Parkland PSA So You Don’t Have ToBulletproof shields are among Paul’s list of terrible suggestions to end school shootings.
  35. 5 of the Most Notorious YouTube ScandalsThere’s a line — and these YouTubers crossed it.
  36. please make it stop
    Not to Be Outdone by His Brother, Jake Paul Caught Saying N-Word in Leaked VideoToday in Worst Paul Brother news.
  37. youtube drama
    Finally, Other YouTubers Have Publicly Slammed Logan PaulFor the first time, Logan and Jake Paul’s YouTube peers are taking their vitriol public.
  38. select all
    Among the Paulers: Scenes From Day One of Jake Paul’s New York City Pop-UpNot everyone realized you needed to buy tickets in advance to get in … which made for a lot of crying kids.
  39. select all
    Jake Paul Apologizes for Being a Bully, But Mostly Blames the Language BarrierEarlier this week, the Martinez twins parted ways with Paul over his alleged bad behavior.
  40. select all
    Jake Paul’s Team 10 Reeling Amid Dramatic Exits and Bullying AccusationsSpanish brothers Emilio and Ivan Martinez called out Paul over the weekend.
  41. select all
    YouTuber Shane Dawson Accuses Jake Paul of Copying His VideoSome very good, highly manufactured YouTube drama.
  42. select all
    Are You a Jake Pauler? Watch This Video and Find Out.New satellite imagery shows an iceberg dubbed A68, around the size of Delaware, has broken off from Antarctica and is now drifting through the ocean.
  43. select all
    Jake Paul’s Ex-girlfriend’s Diss Track Dissing Paul’s Diss Track Hits Hot 100“It’s EveryNight Sis” was Alissa Violet’s response to Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro.”
  44. select all
    Jake Paul’s Hurricane Rescue Efforts Thwarted by Fan Mob“Everyone calm down, we’re not here for a meet and greet,” the YouTuber said.
  45. select all
    Jake Paul Is Driving to Texas to ‘Save Thousands of Lives’ From Hurricane Harvey“They need food. They need water. They need vlogs.”
  46. select all
    Notorious YouTuber Jake Paul Embroiled in Assault ScandalPaul alleges that his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend assaulted his assistant.
  47. select all
    The Most Insane Lines From Jake Paul’s Diss TrackThe one about the media wanting him “in a noose” is really something.
  48. select all
    Jake Paul Wants to Make a Movie to Show People ‘Racism Is Terrible’The star was recently let go from his role on the Disney Channel after news broke that he’s terrorizing his L.A. neighborhood.
  49. select all
    Disney Drops YouTuber Jake Paul Amid Neighborhood-Terrorizing ControversyPaul’s neighbors in Los Angeles are considering filing a lawsuit against the young star for stunts like lighting a giant fire in his swimming pool.
  50. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Bieber Banned, Spicer Resigns, Bannon Talks TrashWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
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