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  1. news you can booze
    Comey’s Hearing Is Giving Day-Drinkers the Perfect Excuse to Start Early at BarsLines at some of America’s drinking establishments stretch for blocks today.
  2. Paul Ryan’s Excuse for Trump: He’s ‘Just New to This’The House Speaker brushed off Trump’s conversations with James Comey as the missteps of a political novice.
  3. politics
    Everyone Is Suddenly Thirsty for James ComeyI mean … he is six-eight.
  4. Recap: James Comey Testifies on Trump to the SenateHere are the 9 most significant things we learned, and full blow-by-blow of the highly anticipated hearing.
  5. Wary of More Legal Trouble, White House Outsources Comey Response to RNCThe response to Comey’s testimony will include GIFs, video clips, and contradictory talking points – plus whatever Trump tweets.
  6. last night on late night
    Colbert Explains How Comey’s Dinner With Trump Was Straight Out of Jurassic ParkHorrifying!
  7. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Reads Comey’s Trump Testimony and Sees a Potential Lifetime MovieThe FBI director was suspicious of President Trump’s dinner dates and phone calls.
  8. Trump Feels ‘Totally Vindicated’ by Comey’s TestimonyComey’s testimony establishes that Trump interfered with an FBI investigation, and then lied about doing so.
  9. Christie Defends Trump’s Comey Convos As ‘Normal New York City’ TalkAs governor of New Jersey, he would know.
  10. Comey Statement Shows President Doesn’t Know or Care About Limits to His PowerRegardless of what the president said to the FBI director, his insistence on inappropriate direct meetings amplifies his lack of respect for the law.
  11. politics
    The 5 Most Awkward Moments From James Comey’s Testimony About Trump“We simply looked at each other in silence.”
  12. drinking games
    A D.C. Bar Will Give Away Free Drinks Every Time Trump Tweets About ComeyYou have to cope somehow.
  13. select all
    How to Watch Former FBI Director James Comey Testify Before the SenateGet yourself a livestream link and tune in.
  14. 9 Quick Takeaways From James Comey’s Testimony About President TrumpThe former FBI director just confirmed that Trump repeatedly tried to compromise the independence of federal law enforcement.
  15. 3 FBI Officials Prepared to Corroborate Comey Testimony on Trump MeetingIf James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony boils down to his side of the story versus Trump’s, he’s bringing some FBI backup.
  16. The History of Trump and Comey’s Tumultuous RelationshipComey is set to testify on how he went from having Trump’s “respect” to being dismissed as a “nut job” in less than a year.
  17. For Trump, Loyalty Is Everything — and a One-Way StreetHe’s totally willing to turn devoted supporters and staffers into scapegoats. That’s going to cause big problems.
  18. Trump May Live-Tweet Comey HearingHere’s what Trump plans to do while his former FBI director is testifying to the Senate Thursday.
  19. White House Will Battle Comey Without a War RoomTrump wanted a rapid-response “war room” in place before James Comey started talking. But soldiers have been reluctant to enlist.
  20. russia investigation
    Trump Won’t Try to Block Comey Testimony With Executive-Privilege Claim: ReportThe White House seems to be backing away from the shady possible strategy, which was unlikely to work anyway.
  21. Trump’s Attempt to Find a New FBI Director Is a Predictable MessDuring one candidate’s interview, Trump seemed distracted and only talked about himself, according to Reuters.
  22. Can Trump Silence Comey by Claiming Executive Privilege?He could certainly try. Whether it would work is a different matter.
  23. the national circus
    America, Get Ready for the Comey ShowPresident Trump has the spotlight as the world reels from his Paris decision. But next week, the fired FBI Director finally speaks out.
  24. Senate Intel Sets James Comey’s Public Testimony for June 8The fired FBI director’s testimony is going to be must-see TV.
  25. James Comey to Publicly Testify About Trump’s Pressure to End Russia ProbeThe former FBI director could appear before the Senate as soon as next week, CNN reports.
  26. roll clip!
    Richard Nixon Has Some Choice Words for Donald Trump in New Simpsons Episode“I came to thank you, Donald.”
  27. Report: Comey Shaped Clinton Probe Around Russian Intel That He Knew Was FakeRussia created fake documents that suggested Loretta Lynch was sabotaging the Clinton investigation. Comey acted as though they were real.
  28. FBI Refuses to Share Comey Memos With CongressThe former FBI director wrote detailed memos on his meetings with President Trump, and Congress is desperate to have them.
  29. Report: Dubious Russian Intel Influenced Clinton Email InvestigationA document from Russian intelligence that the FBI now considers unreliable played a big role in James Comey’s handling of the Clinton probe.
  30. For Those Who Want Trump Gone: Don’t Prosecute, ImpeachThe criminal liability of presidents is a difficult and unsettled area of constitutional law.
  31. Comey to Tell His Side of the Story in the Senate Intelligence CommitteeHe’s taken a real beating of late. But former FBI director James Comey will have his day in the Senate, and in the court of public opinion, very soon.
  32. the national interest
    Joe Lieberman Is Donald Trump’s Ideal PatsyThe perfect combination of surface independence and pliability.
  33. Democrats Don’t Want Lieberman in Position to Surrender to Another GOP PresidentHis deferential behavior toward George W. Bush is not a good precedent for tangling with Donald Trump in an unfamiliar job.
  34. disguises
    James Comey Reportedly Once Hid in the Curtains to Avoid Interacting With TrumpSpoiler: It didn’t work.
  35. Chaffetz Is Abruptly Retiring From Congress — Is His Next Gig About to Begin?He seems ready for some network screen time.
  36. Is Jared Kushner In Too Deep?Trump’s “moderate” son-in-law urged him to fire Comey and then attack the decision to appoint a special prosecutor. Is he stupid or scared?
  37. Someone Should Explain to Trump His Administration Appointed the Special CounselOr is all this complaining just meant to fire up his base?
  38. Mueller Is Appointed Special Counsel for Russia-Trump InvestigationIn an abrupt turnabout, the Department of Justice decides to appoint a special counsel instead of attacking the idea there is anything to investigate.
  39. Republicans: Trump Was Just Joking About Obstructing JusticeThe defense of the administration heads into absurd territory.
  40. Chaos in Washington Dimming Prospects for GOP Tax CutsCongress was already running out of time to enact tax reform this year. Now all hell has broken loose, and Wall Street isn’t thrilled.
  41. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Reviews Trump’s 8 Days of Progressively Worse Bad News CyclesAt least the president took a break from making news on Mother’s Day.
  42. the national interest
    Trump’s Protective Republican Wall in Congress CracksThe situation in Congress changed dramatically in one evening.
  43. James Comey: Maker and Unmaker of Presidents?His judgments may have turned the 2016 election — and laid the groundwork for an early end to the Trump administration.
  44. the national interest
    Comey’s Memo Is the Smoking Gun of Donald Trump’s WatergateA perversion of justice, a threat to the republic, and an impeachable crime.
  45. Trump Asked Comey to Drop Flynn Investigation, Jail Journalists: MemoThe FBI director kept written records of interactions with Trump that struck him as inappropriate. The memos are starting to leak.
  46. Trump Is Using a Nixon Tactic to Shore Up Conservative Support in a CrisisNixon got his base to rally behind him in early stages of Watergate. Will the same trick work for Trump?
  47. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Asks Congressional Republicans to Come Get Their President“Trump just admits to wrongdoing, then dares the rest of us to do something about it.”
  48. Here Are the 8 (Reported) Finalists for FBI DirectorThe White House is considering replacing James Comey with a sitting Republican senator.
  49. Democrats Threaten Obstruction If GOP Doesn’t Make Concessions on Rule of LawDemocrats plan to bring Senate business to a halt if Republicans don’t take steps to protect the independence of the Russia investigation.
  50. public opinion
    Poll: Most Americans Support an Independent Russia InvestigationBut nearly a third haven’t made up their minds about Comey’s firing, and a lot of Republicans bought the initial White House spin.
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