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James Whittemore

  1. Ed Sullivan Theater Vandal Debuts New ExcuseUnfortunately, “It’s the Irish in me,” doesn’t hold up in court.
  2. Ed Sullivan Theater Vandal Just Had a ‘Rough Day’An above-average rough day with a dash of public urination.
  3. drinking
    James Whittemore Isn’t Quite Sure How Much He Drank Before He Trashed the Ed Sullivan TheaterNot surprising.
  4. Drunken Actor Trashes Letterman’s Ed Sullivan TheaterIn a story that sounds like an alternate ending to Sunset Boulevard (or the inevitable remake with Leighton Meester. Count it!), Letterman’s Ed […]
  5. neighborhood news
    Frustrated Stage Actor Defaces Ed Sullivan Theater FacadeTake that, Letterman.