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  1. exhibit a
    The January 6 Committee’s Best and Worst Cases Against TrumpThe Justice Department has been given a grab bag of options for prosecution.
  2. early and often
    Ivanka Trump Gave the January 6 Panel What It NeededWas she “entirely frank” and “forthcoming” in her testimony? The panel says no — but at least she gave the hearings some star power.
  3. politics
    January 6 Committee on Donald Trump: Lock Him UpAfter a monthslong investigation, the January 6 committee issued criminal referrals against Donald Trump to the Justice Department.
  4. early and often
    Will the January 6 Committee End With a Bang or a Whimper?The House select committee is planning at least one more hearing, and it has plenty of time to reach a fitting conclusion.
  5. electoral count act
    Will the House Find a Way to Screw Up Electoral Reform?The Senate has come up with a fix to the law that made January 6 possible. It would be folly for the lower chamber not to accept it.
  6. exhibit a
    Lock Him Up?: 8 Big Takeaways From the January 6 CommitteeThe committee’s latest session encapsulated both the most impressive and most frustrating aspects of these hearings.
  7. early and often
    Steve Bannon Found Guilty of Contempt of CongressThe longtime Trump adviser could now face up to two years in prison after refusing to provide documents and testimony to the January 6 committee.
  8. early and often
    The Wildest Revelations From the January 6 CommitteeIn hearings and press reports, witnesses accused Trump of approving of the “hang Pence” chant and attempting to join the mob at the Capitol.
  9. january 6 committee
    Trump’s Incriminating Inaction During the Capitol RiotThe eighth January 6 hearing showed that after months of frantic scheming, Trump had no interest in telling his supporters to stand down.
  10. early and often
    Senators Finally Strike Deal to Fix the Electoral Count ActJust in the nick of time, a bipartisan Senate group has unveiled a bill that would thwart a repeat of Trump’s January 6 coup attempt.
  11. early and often
    Liz Cheney, January 6 Hearings Star, Is Bombing Back HomeWhile Cheney’s performance is dazzling D.C., polls show her losing badly to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman in Wyoming’s GOP congressional primary.
  12. january 6
    The Case of the Missing January 6 Secret Service TextsIt appears they’re gone for good.
  13. january 6 hearings
    What Exactly Did Trump Hope to Gain From the Capitol Riot?The House select committee can help answer one of the biggest remaining mysteries about Trump’s plot to steal the election.
  14. january 6 committee
    When All Else Failed, Trump Turned to the January 6 MobThe latest January 6 committee hearing focused on Trump’s decision to summon a mob to overturn the election after his fraud claims collapsed.
  15. january 6 committee
    Get the Look: Oath Keepers General Counsel’s Playful, Minimalist KitchenKellye SoRelle borrowed her Zoom background from Queer Eye (and West Elm).
  16. january 6 committee
    Trump’s Lawyers Screamed at Each Other in ‘Unhinged’ Oval Office MeetingTrump’s conspiratorial advisors tried to convince him of some crazy ideas before it devolved into a “shouting match,” with Giuliani hurling insults.
  17. january 6 committee
    Is the January 6 Committee Really Saving Democracy?The hearings feel more like a postmortem than a rescue operation.
  18. january 6 committee
    Republicans Exonerate Trump by Whitewashing January 6Rank-and-file Republicans are convincing themselves the Capitol riot was an act of legitimate protest. So who cares whether Trump was involved?
  19. just asking questions
    Filmmaker Alex Holder Says Trump Was ‘Utterly Irrational’ After January 6The documentarian talks about what he saw before, during, and after the attack on the Capitol while he was embedded with the First Family.
  20. january 6 committee
    Cassidy Hutchinson Shows Trump’s Complicity in the Attack on the CapitolThe former top aide provides a clear and damning account of the White House on January 6 and the man who started the riot.
  21. capitol riot
    A Funny Thing Happened in Trump’s SUV on the Way to the Capitol RiotMaybe he should have walked after all.
  22. early and often
    How Trump Found the One Justice Department Lawyer Willing to Steal the ElectionTestimony of top officials showed how far the president was willing to go to get the department illegally involved in his coup.
  23. january 6 committee
    January 6 Committee Explores Trump’s Postelection Reign of TerrorThe former president and Rudy Giuliani tried to intimidate and smear anyone standing in their way, including local-election workers.
  24. the national interest
    Republicans Will Do It AgainThey have not been chastened by the revelations of the January 6 committee.
  25. january 6 committee
    Did Ginni Thomas Tell John Eastman Supreme Court Secrets?Emails show Trump’s lawyer John Eastman hoped the Supreme Court would help overturn the 2020 election. And he was in contact with one justice’s wife.
  26. january 6 hearings
    January 6 Hearings Build Case for a Trump-Eastman Criminal ConspiracyA California judge had already concluded that Trump and his lawyer acted criminally. The House select committee showed why that’s no exaggeration.
  27. capitol riot
    Congressman: January 6 Participant Wasn’t Doing Recon on Capitol TourBarry Loudermilk says a January 5 tour he led, which Republicans had previously denied had happened, was completely innocent.
  28. early and often
    Trump’s Coup Attempt Nearly Included a Saturday-Night MassacreWild new reporting sheds light on DOJ underling Jeffrey Clark’s plot to become attorney general to help Trump overturn the election.
  29. early and often
    Trump Always Said He Would Declare Victory Prematurely. Only Giuliani Listened.The 45th president carefully set the stage for his fake victory claim. At the January 6 hearings, his advisers suggest they never took him seriously.
  30. early and often
    Ivanka and Jared Cast As Stars of January 6 HearingThe January 6 committee wants to hook TV viewers for this week’s hearings. Airing Javanka’s recorded testimony might do the trick.
  31. early and often
    Rudy Giuliani Will Take Cameo Orders, Won’t Talk to January 6 PanelTrump’s former attorney canceled his appearance at the last minute. But if the House panel has $325, there might be another way.
  32. politics
    Why the January 6 Committee Alleged ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ by Team TrumpIt’s still unlikely that Trump lands in jail, but the panel is raising the specter of criminal charges as it gets closer to unveiling his full plot.
  33. politics
    RNC Claims It’s Merely Defending Fake Electors, Not RiotersRonna McDaniel says “legitimate political discourse” referred to “alternate” electors … who were also part of Trump’s election-coup plot.
  34. politics
    Republican Senators Once Blamed Trump for January 6. They Forgot.Many Republicans harshly criticized Trump even as they voted to acquit in his second impeachment trial. One year later, they’re defending the rioters.
  35. election coup
    Could Trump’s Fake Electors Be Charged With a Crime?The Feds are reportedly looking into holding either fake electors or their Team Trump coordinators liable for the plot to overturn election results.
  36. politics
    Steve Bannon Indicted for ContemptThe two charges came after Bannon refused to comply with a House subpoena in the investigation into the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.
  37. politics
    January 6 Committee May Finally Spur Electoral Count Act FixIf House Democrats move to fix the flawed procedures for confirming elections, Republicans may be compelled to go along or devise their own reforms.
  38. january 6 committee
    Trump Tells Former Advisers to Ignore Subpoenas From 1/6 Select CommitteeA Trump attorney reportedly wrote to Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, and others telling them not to cooperate with the House select committee.
  39. capitol riot
    House 1/6 Committee Subpoenas Trump Advisers Including Steve BannonLawmakers are looking for records detailing how Trump acted and who he talked to during and before the Capitol riot.