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  1. Jeb Bush Won’t Help Donald Trump Take Over the Family BusinessIn a low-energy Facebook post, Bush says that he will not vote for the Republican nominee this fall.
  2. Full Frontal Presents ‘A Jeb in Winter’Like Tinkerbell, if you don’t clap, he will die.
  3. Even the GOP Establishment Has Stopped Clapping for Jeb BushAhead of the New Hampshire primary, the GOP Establishment is sending Jeb Bush’s campaign a clear message: Beat Rubio or die.
  4. ‘Jeb!’ Has Been AbandonedBush has given up on turning “Jeb!” into a patented trademark.
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    Update: Jeb Bush Supporters Still Depressed… But still clinging to that wildly optimistic hope that he might still swoop in and save the day. 
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    Jeb Bush Now Offering Chest Bumps for Votes See for yourself.
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    Jeb Bush’s ‘Death Spiral’ Has Donors and Strategists Feeling MorbidThere’s talk of hospice care.
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    Stephen Colbert, Jeb! Bush Get Into Intense VIP-Offer WarWhoa!
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    Jeb Bush Panders to Middle Class With $75 Guacamole BowlPerfect accessory for days when you wear your vintage Jeb Bush tank top.