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  1. gallery
    Jeff Koons’s ‘Easyfun-Ethereal’ Now on Display at the Gagosian GalleryEight works depict food, fashion, and Utopian landscapes.
  2. gallery
    A Closer Look at the World of Modern Art in the ’80sBarbara Kruger, Jeff Koons, the Guerilla Girls, and more highlighted in new exhibition and book
  3. style
    Louis Vuitton to Release More Arty Accessories With Jeff KoonsWith famous works by Gauguin, Manet, and Monet.
  4. select all
    What’s Snapchat Doing With Jeff Koons?A new site suggests the app and the artist are collaborating.
  5. party pics
    Mona Lisa’s Face Was Everywhere at the Louis Vuitton Party Last NightA new pop-up store features the brand’s collaboration with artist Jeff Koons.
  6. collaboration nation
    Jeff Koons Wants You to Carry Around a Work of ArtHe’s collaborating with Louis Vuitton on handbags inspired by classic paintings.
  7. Jeff Koons Designed a Thinking Man’s Snowboard for Shredding the GnarDeep thoughts meet deep powder in the Philosopher, a board collaboration between Burton and the artist who gave us $60 million balloon animals.
  8. public art
    Jeff Koons Will Donate Bouquet of Tulips Sculpture to the People of ParisIn commemoration of 2015’s terrorist attacks there.
  9. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Art Shows of 2015Get the space for art right, and goodwill should follow.
  10. party pics
    Jenna Lyons and Pharrell Partied This WeekAlong with Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Janelle Monae, and more.
  11. At Least Koons Can Still Afford to Make His Art in ManhattanHe’s soon to be evicted. And those Balloon Dogs need a big kennel.
  12. scene stealers
    Frieze Street Style: Koons Bags and Bowl CutsPlus: the Public School men and more sightings from the Randall’s Island booths.
  13. Behind the Scenes With Jeff Koons’s MetallurgistHow an American Navy pilot became one of contemporary art’s most important metallurgists.
  14. MoMA’s Monet Fire SaleThe institution’s latest off-putting move is auctioning a Claude Monet from its collection.
  15. art
    Jeff Koons Sued Over Wintry Pig SculptureGreat artists steal — except these days, they sometimes also get sued.
  16. seeing out loud
    The 14 Best Museum Shows of 2014Matisse is No. 1.
  17. art
    Jeff Koons to Be Evicted!Coming Soon: another high-rise. His West 29th Street toy factory is to close.
  18. party pics
    Dakota Fanning Partied With Snow-Dusted ReindeerPlus, pictures of Keira Knightley, Debbie Harry, Naomi Campbell, and more, at this week’s parties.
  19. fashion woes
    Sofia Coppola Was ‘Tortured’ by Her Birkin BagSo she let Jeff Koons turn it into a ready-made.
  20. art
    Brazen Graffiti Artist Hits Jeff Koons Show Without Ruining the ArtUsing the reflective surface of the work.
  21. seeing out loud
    Art Review: The Great, Inscrutable Robert GoberI don’t understand Gober’s work. That’s how I know how good it is.
  22. party pics
    This Week’s Parties Featured Balloon Dogs and Birthday Cake Plus: Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr, and more.
  23. our selfies ourselves
    Jeff Koons Is Perfectly Happy to Bring You the Selfie of SummerBalloon Dog: a really great mirror.
  24. a retrospective
    Taking in Jeff Koons, Creator and Destroyer of WorldsA mad perfectionist’s retrospective at the Whitney.
  25. but is it art?
    Jeff Koons Is Turning H&M Into an Art MuseumHe’s taking over their midtown store in July.
  26. Saltz on Lady Gaga’s Jeff Koons Album Cover“It looks like the rinky-dink work of some bottoming-out artist.”
  27. lady gaga
    Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Cover Is a Koons Sculpture“One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me.”
  28. art review
    Jerry Saltz on Jeff Koons’s Concurrent ShowsNew Paintings and Sculpture at the Gagosian Gallery and Gazing Ball at David Zwirner.
  29. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: See Leo DiCaprio, Alexa Chung, and More Get WildBut first, guess who rode a camel?
  30. feature
    What Does the Art World Have Against Jeff Koons?Dueling New York gallery shows, followed by a career retrospective at the Whitney. But the most powerful American artist has plenty left to prove.
  31. profile
    The Trials of Art Superdealer Larry GagosianFor the past two decades, he’s been the most powerful gallerist in the world by a wide margin. Now he’s facing two bruising lawsuits.
  32. art
    70-Foot Jeff Koons Train Replica May Hang Above the High LineA replica of a 1943 steam locomotive will cost about $25 million to create and install on the High Line.
  33. beauty marks
    Scarlett Johansson Covers the New Vanity Fair; Michelle Williams’s Pixie Cut Is a Hair ‘Memorial’Plus, a rabbi teaches Torah lessons through nail art.
  34. art
    Jeff Koons Sues Others for Manufacturing Balloon DogsHe contends someone making bookends of balloon dogs, is knocking off ‘Balloon Dog.’
  35. loose threads
    What Forever 21 Has in Common With Strip Clubs; Stacy London’s New Rent-a-Stylist ServicePlus, Terry Richardson for DVF.
  36. art
    See a Slideshow of Jeff Koons’s Gay AnimalsIt accompanies the article “Can Animals Be Gay?”
  37. Controversial New Museum Opening DazzlesAll is forgiven — apparently.
  38. Personalities
    Thomas Keller Serves BLTs Because He Loves BMWsPlus, Keller prepares for Jonathan Benno’s departure from Per Se.
  39. art world
    How Deitch’s MOCA Gig Changes the Art WorldWho’s up, and who’s down.
  40. design hunting
    Design Hunting: Art and Shopping at Prada and the Gagosian Gallery StoreA collection of cool things and good design ideas happening now.
  41. art
    Saltz: Money, Insularity, and a Huge Controversy for the New MuseumI sorely want to defend the New Museum. Unfortunately, the institution may have outsmarted itself.
  42. white men with money
    Richard Perry Is in the Sky With DiamondsA Jeff Koons sculpture on the roof of the hedge-funder’s apartment has some neighbors burning mad.
  43. early and often
    GOP Source: George Pataki Mulling Another Go for GovernorState Senator Marty Golden says the former governor “looking at” a run for a fourth term.
  44. news reel
    Robert De Niro, Ron Wood, Damien Hirst, and More Make the Best of Alcohol-Free Museum of Islamic Art OpeningThe opening of I.M. Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, certainly seemed to carry the newfound sense that the Bush-era ‘Clash of Civilizations’ might be coming to an end.
  45. company town
    Dog Sculptor Jeff Koons Is in the DoghouseJeff Koons’s porn star ex-wife says he’s a deadbeat dad, protestors storm Bear Stearns ineffectively, and Vogue is in all kinds of trouble in our daily roundup of Law, Finance, and Media news.
  46. news reel
    Brice Marden: Forget About Public Art; Jeff Koons: Just Fix the Potholes!He hates those daisies on the taxis too!
  47. party lines
    Which Celebrities Will Be Bidding Tonight at the Sotheby’s (Auction)RED?With pieces donated by Banksy, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and many more art heavyweights, the Sotheby’s (AUCTION)Red at the auction house tonight is gearing up to be a collector’s scrum. Christy Turlington, Dennis Hopper, and Mario Batali are all slated to attend, as is Michael Stipe, who already knows what he wants to buy. “I’ll tell you, the Ed Ruscha is so beautiful” he gushed to New York’s Fiona Byrne at Tuesday’s Edun party at the Desmond Tutu Center in Chelsea “I think it’s a 2007, but it’s brought what he does full circle, which is part of the reason I am drawn to it. I am tempted to bid; I may well.” Elsewhere at the party, Josh Hartnett told us he’s watching the pennies after a recent large purchase. “I have to find out if I have any money left,” he said, not ruling out the prospect of picking something up from the auction, which will go to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. “I just bought a new place and totally redid it and put in new furniture, but I have to get something for the walls!” Last night at a Gagosian Gallery preview, celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi, Anna Wintour, Donna Karan, Tory Burch, Russell Simmons, and Ivanka Trump were more hushed about what they wanted. But we think we can guess which painting caught Rupert Murdoch’s fancy.… He spent the entire night standing in front of Damien Hirst’s Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way. It’s expected to fetch between $5 and $7 million tonight. Which, for Rupert, is probably a small price to pay for a piece of contemporary art that embodies your life philosophy.