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  1. Sessions: No More Asylum for Victims of Gangs and Domestic ViolenceIn an especially cold decision, the attorney general says “the rule of law” demands abandoning tens of thousands of victims to their fate.
  2. the national interest
    How Trump Could Get Scott Pruitt to Fire Robert MuellerDeep in a New York Times story on palace intrigue lies a key revelation of a potential republic-shaking plot.
  3. Honduran Man Killed Himself After Being Separated From Family at BorderThe Department of Homeland Security didn’t publicize the case.
  4. the law
    On Obamacare, Jeff Sessions Is Standing Against the Rule of LawThe attorney general has made a strange and shocking choice: not to defend the Affordable Care Act in court.
  5. Trump’s Advisers Floated a Fox News Pundit’s Name for Supreme Court JusticeApparently, the TV judge’s name has come up for Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and yes, the Supreme Court.
  6. Report: Trump and Sessions Can’t Bring Themselves to Utter the Other’s NameThe president and his attorney general are not dealing with tension over the Russia investigation like adults.
  7. Trump Again Blames Democrats for His Own Inhumane Immigration PolicyUp is down, black is white, and liberals are the ones separating children from their parents.
  8. the national interest
    Trump Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Obstructing JusticeTrump continued to demand that Jeff Sessions take over the Russia probe and investigate Trump’s enemies.
  9. the national circus
    When Trump Attacks Sessions, He Sounds Like a Guilty ManWhy else would he want the most effective implementer of his right-wing agenda out of office?
  10. the national interest
    Trump Demanded Sessions Block Russia Probe Because He Thinks He’s Above the LawMore evidence that the president is not clear on the concept of “conflict of interest.”
  11. Trump Blames Democrats for His Most Horrifying Immigration PolicyAs furor grows over separating parents from the children at the border, Trump ducks responsibility for the crisis he created.
  12. Can Kushner’s Patchy Prison-Reform Bill Survive the Senate?A House-passed bill backed by the Trump administration at the behest of Jared Kushner could succumb to bipartisan crossfire in the Senate.
  13. Trump Administration Will Separate Parents From Children at BorderJeff Sessions announced the draconian new policy on Monday.
  14. What the Midterms Would Look Like If Clinton Had WonThe silver lining of Trump’s presidential win for Democrats is that their party is facing a good, not a potentially disastrous, midterm election.
  15. DOJ Erases ‘Need for Free Press and Public Trial’ From Internal ManualThese requirements are totally outdated!
  16. Jared Kushner’s Prison-Reform Push Gains Steam in the HouseLawmakers have reached consensus on a bipartisan bill that would increase funding for prison education (which Trump previously cut).
  17. Justice Department Watchdog: McCabe Misled InvestigatorsA newly released inspector general’s report alleges that the ex-deputy FBI chief approved a media disclosure, and then denied having done so.
  18. Fired White House Official Hired by DOJ at Trump’s InsistenceEzra Cohen-Watnick was booted from the National Security Council last summer. Now he’s back in the Trump administration.
  19. Trump Unsure If Pruitt Is Too Corrupt for EPA – Or Just Corrupt Enough to Be AGDespite the EPA director’s scandals, Trump floated firing Jeff Sessions and making Pruitt attorney general just this week.
  20. gun control
    Justice Department to Create New Rule Banning Bump StocksThe Trump administration is going to try to ban the devices without Congress, but may ultimately lose in court.
  21. Lou Dobbs Clip Inspires Trump to Undermine His Own Legal Position on ImmigrationImagine the chagrin of Justice Department lawyers who woke up to find that a tweet from POTUS had sabotaged their legal fight with California.
  22. Report: Sources Say Sessions Misled Congress About Russia MeetingThe attorney general has been consistently unreliable on this subject.
  23. Jeff Sessions Fires Andrew McCabe Two Days Before RetirementThis sure looks like the result of a political vendetta.
  24. Trump’s Trip to California Is Aimed to DispleaseThe president’s quick trip to California won’t involve efforts to charm the locals. It’s part of a strategy to demonize the state.
  25. Did Trump Start a Trade War Because He Was Having a Really Bad Day?No one expects this president to conduct himself in an orderly way, but the announcement of dangerous new tariffs may take the cake.
  26. Trump Bullying of Sessions Could Backfire With Republican SenatorsJeff Sessions may be Mr. Magoo to the president. But to his former colleagues in the Senate, he’s part of the club.
  27. the national interest
    How Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre Might Start With Jeff SessionsJustice is supposed to be blind, but Trump considers blindness a disqualification.
  28. the national interest
    Trump Briefly Demotes Jeff Sessions to Singular TenseThe latest humiliation for the beleaguered attorney general.
  29. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Opts for Early RetirementDonald Trump asked McCabe to tell him who he voted for in 2016. When McCabe refused, Trump asked for him to be fired.
  30. the national interest
    Trump Expects Justice Department to Serve Him Instead of JusticeHow long can the president’s lawyers prevent him from taking control of the Russia investigation and federal law enforcement?
  31. Trump’s Plan to End ‘Chain Migration’ Is Neither Populist Nor NationalistUnless Americans who recently immigrated to the U.S. don’t count as members of the American “people” or “nation.”
  32. A Medical Marijuana User’s Message to Jeff Sessions“I’m not looking for a high. I’m looking for relief from the chronic pain this illness has visited upon me.”
  33. As Conservatives Call for Sessions to Resign, Democrats Rally to His DefenseAnd Scott Pruitt is (reportedly) scheming to take the attorney general’s place.
  34. Trump’s Reported Push to Keep Sessions on Russia Probe Backfired SpectacularlyTrump wanted Sessions to maintain control of the probe. Now Mueller is investigating that too.
  35. Jeff Sessions Fulfills Dream of Cracking Down on Legal WeedHe rescinded an Obama-era rule deferring to states when it comes to marijuana. Expect the cannabis industry to take a hit.
  36. Nick Saban Gets Crushed in Alabama Senate ElectionMany thought Saban would get many write-in votes in a Senate contest between an alleged predator and a Democrat. He did not.
  37. Jones Upsets Moore and Humiliates Trump in Deep-Red AlabamaOn the back of strong turnout from African-Americans and a superior campaign, Doug Jones pulled an upset that will echo into next year’s midterms.
  38. After NYC Blast, Trump Calls for Restricting ImmigrationUnder Trump’s proposed immigration system, the would-be subway bomber would have never made into the U.S., according to the White House.
  39. Jeff Sessions Hints at a Coming Crackdown on Recreational WeedThe attorney general says marijuana is “detrimental” and the DOJ is reviewing its policy concerning legalization in the states.
  40. Kellyanne Conway Is Now America’s Opioid CzarClearly, the best person to lead the response to the opioid crisis is a polling expert with a penchant for lying on cable news.
  41. Report: Sessions Asks Where American Terror Suspects Are ‘Originally’ FromA revealing question from the attorney general.
  42. Jeff Sessions, the JokesterUndermining the rule of law for a cheap laugh isn’t funny.
  43. ‘Any Russians’ in the Room? Jeff Sessions Cracks a Joke About Russian CollusionVery funny, sir.
  44. Jeff Sessions Can’t Recall a Lot of Things“I can’t believe I can’t remember that.”
  45. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The GOP Can’t Handle Moore ProblemsThe harebrained schemes of hypocritical party leaders trying to jettison the Alabaman are worthy of the Three Stooges.
  46. The Fight Over Roy Moore Is Beginning to Divide the Alabama GOPEven as high-ranking state GOP office-holders refuse to come to Moore’s defense, the state party chair is threatening loss of ballot access.
  47. Sessions: I Can Only Remember the Parts of 2016 That Exonerate MeHe doesn’t remember a Trump aide proposing a meeting with Russians — but does remember shooting down that aide’s suggestion.
  48. the law
    Sessions Directed DOJ to ‘Evaluate’ GOP Calls for More Clinton InvestigationsHouse Judiciary Committee chair Robert Goodlatte has asked for a second special counsel to investigate various allegations involving Democrats.
  49. Only One Man Can Save the Alabama Senate Race for the GOPSo long as Roy Moore stays in the race, there’s only one man who could beat him as a write-in. And it’s not Luther Strange.
  50. Politics Chat: What Will the GOP Do With Moore’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations?Five Daily Intel staffers try to parse the GOP’s options. It’s going to be a mess.
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