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  1. president trump
    Leaked Audio Reveals CNN Head Jeff Zucker Floated a Trump ‘Weekly Show’ in 2016In March 2016, Zucker told Michael Cohen that he had “all these proposals” for Trump, though he was dominating the Republican primary at the time.
  2. A Lost Script from the Files of the ‘Police Squad!’Airplane! The Naked Gun. Kentucky Fried Movie. When it comes to the classics of modern comedy, Zucker, Abrahams & Zucker were kings. After […]
  3. pitches
    Donald Trump Once Pitched a TV Show That Would Be Like Dynasty, But About ModelsThe Tower would be about models living in a skyscraper.
  4. media
    Jared Kushner Complains About CNN’s Trump Coverage to Time Warner ExecutiveAna Navarro doesn’t seem upset about getting “under President Daddy-in-Law’s skin.”
  5. CNN’S Jeff Zucker on Covering Donald Trump — Past, Present, and Future“It’s true I put him on …The Apprentice in 2004. I’ve never run away from that. But in no way do I think that’s why he’s the president.”
  6. trump transition
    Corey Lewandowski Leaving CNN, May Join Trump White HouseOf course he is.
  7. Jeff Zucker Slams Donna Brazile’s ‘Unethical’ Leaks to Clinton CampaignThe CNN president is reportedly pissed at the former commentator and DNC head.
  8. Corey Lewandowski
    CNN: No, We Haven’t Suspended Corey LewandowskiHe will continue to get paid by a network to talk about a campaign he is also getting paid by.
  9. zuckered
    Why Is CNN Laying People Off When It’s Forecasting a $1 Billion Profit?It’s all about juicing the parent company’s stock price.
  10. profile
    Why Wouldn’t Jeff Zucker Take on CNN?“I did something to piss God off a long time ago.”
  11. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker Loved CNN’s Flight 370 CoverageRatings, ratings, ratings.
  12. talking heads
    Larry King Says Piers Morgan Was No Larry KingAlso he’s around to come back to CNN, if necessary.
  13. cable news news
    CNN Deports Piers Morgan From Its Prime-Time LineupJeff Zucker heard the American people.
  14. media
    CNN Lays Off 40 Journalists Amid Bieber-Arrest FeverThe wall-to-wall coverage somehow continues unabated.
  15. cable news news
    Jay Leno and CNN Are Reportedly FlirtingJeff Zucker has a big idea.
  16. CNN Wants to Snag Jay Leno After ‘The Tonight Show’Longtime late night host Jay Leno is embarking on the homestretch of his NBC contract, and he’s already being courted by several outlets […]
  17. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker Says CNN Will Soon Have Less News, More ‘Attitude’Like Anthony Bourdain.
  18. the most important people in the world
    Jeff Zucker’s Teenage Son Quit His ‘Job’ at Cory Booker’s Start-upHe had stock options.
  19. cable news news
    Soledad O’Brien Gently Pushed Off Air at CNN The Jeff Zucker era continues.
  20. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker’s CNN Is Starting to Take Shape [Updated]James Carville, Erick Erickson out; Chris Cuomo in.
  21. Jeff Zucker Wants to Make His Own ‘Daily Show’ for CNNOusted NBC President Jeff Zucker was named the President of CNN Worldwide last month, and today, news comes in that Zucker is trying to develop […]
  22. cable news news
    Ann Curry May Have Her Revenge at CNNIf Jeff Zucker poaches her from NBC.
  23. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker Officially Named President of CNNNow it’s official.
  24. reality check
    Before You Mock the Idea of Jeff Zucker Running CNN …Remember that before driving NBC’s prime time into the ground, he was a news wunderkind.
  25. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker Is Taking Over CNN, For Real This Time [Updated]After months of rumors, this might be it.
  26. cable news news
    Will Jeff Zucker Leave Katie Couric to Take Over CNN?The former NBC head is rumored to be leaving his role with old pal Katie Couric.
  27. first days
    Katie Couric Launched Daytime Program, Brownie-Shamed Jessica SimpsonIn her first daytime outing, Katie Couric grilled Jessica Simpson on her weight loss and Sheryl Crow on ex Lance Armstrong’s doping.
  28. sunrise sunset
    Jeff Zucker’s Kid Couldn’t Get Kanye West for His Bar MitzvahSo he got Drake instead.
  29. in other news
    TMZ: Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker Close to Signing $20 Million Deal With ABCKatie would get her own show and the ability to do specials on ‘20/20.’
  30. in other news
    Katie Couric Might Be Co-hosting Her Syndicated Talk Show With Matt LauerReunited and it feels so good.
  31. your tv ratings explained
    Grammys Boost CBS, Things Go From Bad to Worse at NBC’Harry’s Law’ is a smash hit!
  32. white oprahs
    Katie Couric Eyeing Talk Show With Jeff Zucker?She might try to be the white Oprah!
  33. last words
    Jeff Zucker Loves Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck Does NotAnd Keith Olbermann speaks out.
  34. tears
    Jeff Zucker Is Sad“Yesterday was the latest breakdown. Last week, he actually closed his office door and cried.”
  35. notable quotables
    The Best Quotes From Behind-the-Scenes of the Conan-Leno War“I just think Jay’s going to hurt me in some way.” —Conan.
  36. today’s special
    Couric Could Return to Today?That’s what “Page Six” hears.
  37. breaking
    Steve Burke Taking Over for Jeff Zucker at NBC“Steve is true showbiz royalty by blood.”
  38. jeff zucker
    Jeff Zucker ‘Would Think About Running for Office Someday’Or, just maybe, jumping to an NBC competitor.
  39. Comedians Use Twitter to Piss on Zucker’s Grave .bbpBox25427869762 {background:url(http://a3.twimg.com/profile_background_images/2527947/mushroom_cloud.jpg) #9ae4e8;padding:20px;} […]
  40. the industry
    Hollywood Gloats Over Zucker’s Exit“About to board a plane, otherwise I’d throw a party,” one top TV show-runner e-mailed Vulture.
  41. the industry
    Jeff Zucker Out at NBCWell, that took long enough.
  42. party chat
    Zucker Cool With Horses and NBC JokesZucker: ‘That’s a big horse.’
  43. katie couric
    Couric’s Future Questioned at CBSThe anchorwoman experiment may be drawing to a close.
  44. golden parachutes
    Zucker May Get Paid $30m to Leave NBC a MessBut at least he’s leaving.
  45. party chat
    Jeff Zucker ‘Happy This Ended So Well for Conan’“I think it’s is a wonderful opportunity for Conan. He’s a great star who had a long and terrific run at NBC.”
  46. late shifting
    Jay Leno’s Depressing Return to the Tonight ShowBut hey, Betty White!
  47. zuckered
    Comcast CEO Has No Plans to Move NBC to Cable (for Now)It also appears that Jeff Zucker’s job is safe (for now).
  48. deals
    Mr. Zucker Goes to WashingtonNBC CEO to kick it with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s anti-trust panel.
  49. Contests
    We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to the International Wine FestivalThe winner wants to give NBC a taste of its own medicine.
  50. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Norm Macdonald Kicks Conan When He’s DownPlus, Stephen Colbert wins a gold medal in NBC bashing on our regular late-night roundup.
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