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Jerry Oppenheimer

  1. made-off
    Ruth Madoff Blames Her Husband; Son’s Suicide Won’t Stop the LawsuitsFamily friends say Ruth Madoff is “totally disgusted with [Bernie] and blames him for her son’s death.”
  2. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour ‘Is No Patsy’ and ‘Can Easily Cope’ With Budget CutsThis story involves an analogy about Anna Wintour and gas stations.
  3. atrocities
    Former Madoff Employees’ Suffering Can Be Compared to Only One ThingDecember 11 is a day Bernie’s former employees will Never Forget.
  4. loose threads
    Fashion Week’s Hot New Venue; the Fur RequiemPlus: Wintour’s unauthorized biographer has a new target, and now celebrity stylists are getting in on the designer action.