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  1. late night buzz
    Jerry Seinfeld Apologizes for Subtle Bee Movie RomanceYa like jazz?
  2. vulture lists
    All 169 Seinfeld Episodes, Ranked From Worst to BestA critical look back at the iconic sitcom.
  3. streaming
    Seinfeld Is Moving to Netflix October 1What’s the deal with streaming rights?
  4. what’s the deal
    Jerry Seinfeld to Direct a High-Concept Movie About How Pop-Tarts Are Kinda CoolAccording to all known laws of gastronomy, there is no way that a tart should be able to pop.
  5. buffering
    Seinfeld Won’t Be Streaming Anywhere for a While, and That’s Good for NetflixLet the demand build.
  6. nyc
    Eric Andre Goes from Pranking the MTA to Doing Its AnnouncementsJerry Seinfeld, Fran Lebowitz, Bowen Yang, Desus & Mero, and more are now making NYC subway and bus announcements.
  7. last night on late night
    Jerry Seinfeld Says COVID-19 Is Like ‘the Whole Planet Getting Detention’“Hopefully you’re gonna learn to appreciate a little better … But we probably won’t.”
  8. book excerpt
    Jerry Seinfeld Reflects on Coronavirus, Death, and InfomercialsAn excerpt from his new book.
  9. jerry stiller
    Jerry Seinfeld Says Jerry Stiller ‘Was Perfect’ On Seinfeld, Needed No Direction“We never gave Jerry Stiller a note. I never adjusted his performance once.”
  10. vulture lists
    Jerry Stiller’s 8 Best Frank Costanza Moments on SeinfeldA look back at some of the late actor’s most memorable work.
  11. comedy review
    Seinfeld’s 23 Hours to Kill Is Great (and Also Sucks)At his best, Seinfeld’s comedy teeters in between magic trick and dad joke. But not every magic trick is surprising.
  12. trailer mix
    Jerry Seinfeld Makes Way More Money Than a SupervillainThe comedian’s new Netflix special debuts on May 5.
  13. broadway
    Jerry Seinfeld Punched Up a Joke for David Byrne’s American Utopia“I’ve never met him before and he’s given me a note.”
  14. stand-up
    Jerry Seinfeld’s New Stand-up Special Premieres on Netflix Next MonthThe title is very appropriate for these quarantimes: 23 Hours to Kill.
  15. books
    Jerry Seinfeld’s New Comedy Book to Be Released in OctoberHis last comedy book, Seinlanguage, was published over 25 years ago.
  16. sitcoms
    Seinfeld Reruns to Air on Viacom Networks in 2021Including Comedy Central, TV Land, and Paramount Network.
  17. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, RankedIncluding the latest season, featuring Eddie Murphy, Ricky Gervais, Martin Short, and more.
  18. trailer mix
    Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy Catch Up in the Comedians in Cars TrailerSeinfeld returns with a new batch of episodes on July 19.
  19. conversations
    Eddie Murphy, Ricky Gervais, and More to Get Coffee in Cars With Jerry SeinfeldSeth Rogen, Melissa Villaseñor, Martin Short, and more will also show up.
  20. music videos
    Vampire Weekend Releases Most Upper West Side Music Video of All TimeJerry Seinfeld stars, Jonah Hill directs.
  21. n-word privileges
    Louis C.K. Drops Hard R N-Words in Old ClipIronically, Seinfeld is the only PC comic at the table.
  22. trailer mix
    Brian Regan Enters the Sketch-Comedy Game in this Trailer for His Netflix SeriesStand Up and Away! debuts on Christmas Eve.
  23. sketch comedy
    Netflix Adds Sketch-Comedy Show From Brian Regan and Jerry SeinfeldStand Up and Away! will debut on Christmas Eve.
  24. in residence
    Seinfeld Gets Another Beacon Residency, Will Never Leave the Upper West SideYou can pick something up at Fairway after the show.
  25. stand-up
    Seinfeld Somehow Talks Nanette, Louis C.K., Roseanne, Cosby All in One InterviewHe loves Nanette!
  26. weddings
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Probably Married Right NowSo you have three months from tonight to get her a gift.
  27. from the archives
    Looking Back at Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian (Without the Cars and Coffee)Revisiting the 2002 documentary featuring Seinfeld and Orny Adams.
  28. comedians in cars getting coffee
    The Funniest Moment From the New Season of Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeeHow Annamarie Tendler won John Mulaney’s episode with a look.
  29. quotables
    The Most Enlightening Quotes From Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 10From Alec Baldwin’s tactless #MeToo joke to Ellen DeGeneres’s reflections on coming out.
  30. tv review
    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee May Not Be Made for These TimesJerry Seinfeld brings his talk show to Netflix, but it feels out of sync with the cultural moment.
  31. Between Two Ferns Makes Its Glorious Return With Jerry Seinfeld and Cardi BAlso Wayne Knight!
  32. Kate McKinnon, Dave Chappelle and More to Appear on Comedians in Cars Next MonthHere are the 12 comedians who get to ride around in fancy cars with Seinfeld next month.
  33. select all
    A Complete History of Bee Movie’s Many, Many MemesTen years ago today, Bee Movie, the film that launched a thousand memes, was born.
  34. new yorker festival 2017
    Jerry Seinfeld: Driving a Corvette With Obama Is ‘Greatest Moment’ of My LifeBut Donald Trump shouldn’t expect a ride.
  35. new yorker festival 2017
    Jerry Seinfeld Admits He ‘Sometimes’ Regrets the Seinfeld Finale“There was a lot of pressure on us at that time to do one big last show, but big is always bad in comedy.”
  36. last night on late night
    Jerry Seinfeld Discusses Whether Or Not We Can Still Enjoy Bill’s Cosby’s Comedy“Should the comedic work stand on its own separate from the criminality?”
  37. The Best Joke From Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix SpecialNo one writes jokes like Jerry Seinfeld. Here he is at his best.
  38. tv review
    Jerry Before Seinfeld Is a Carefully Curated Origin StoryIt’s the Disneyland version of Seinfeld’s early years.
  39. Is Netflix Hurting Stand-up?This year, Netflix has asserted complete stand-up dominance. Is this a good thing?
  40. The Trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix Special ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’ […]The first of Jerry Seinfeld’s two Netflix standup specials debuts next month, and the streaming network just released the trailer. Titled Jerry […]
  41. Watch Jerry Seinfeld and Norm Macdonald’s Chat on ‘Norm Macdonald Live’The latest episode of Norm Macdonald Live dropped today, and it’s another big one: an hourlong chat between Macdonald and Jerry Seinfeld, whose […]
  42. Jerry Seinfeld’s First Netflix Standup Special Debuts Next MonthEarlier this year, Netflix announced that it ordered two standup specials from Jerry Seinfeld, and the title and premiere date for the first […]
  43. but do you get it?
    Do You Get the Joke Jerry Seinfeld Promises Norm Macdonald He Won’t Get?It’s a joke Seinfeld has determined to be “the greatest Jew joke” he’s ever heard.
  44. hugs
    Jerry Seinfeld Might Not Have Deemed Kesha Huggable, But at Least Bob Dylan DidA true consolation prize.
  45. awkward
    Jerry Seinfeld’s Reason for Not Hugging Kesha Is As Seinfeldian As You’d ExpectJerry Seinfeld may have denied Kesha a hug, but he’s not totally in the wrong.
  46. awkward moments
    Jerry Seinfeld Dodging a Hug Attempt From Kesha Is Peak Cringe ComedySeveral hug attempts, to be exact.
  47. good one podcast
    Jerry Seinfeld Likes Jokes About the Seinfeld Finale (If They’re Funny)A very special bonus episode of Good One.
  48. last night on late night
    Jerry Seinfeld Is the Reason Hugh Jackman Gave Up WolverineJust some wise counsel from a good friend.
  49. comedians in cars getting coffee making bad jokes
    Jerry Seinfeld Lands in Hot Water Over Bozo Black Lives Matter TweetHe could not resist the pun.
  50. the industry
    Jerry Seinfeld Signs Netflix Development Deal Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee will move from Crackle to Netflix this year.
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