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  1. cannes 2017
    Which Misogynistic Cannes Films Were Jessica Chastain Putting on Blast?The actress criticized this year’s lineup for its “disturbing” depictions of women.
  2. cannes 2017
    Jessica Chastain Found the Depiction of Women at Cannes ‘Quite Disturbing’“What I really took away from this experience is how the world views women.”
  3. the graham norton show
    Diane Keaton Demonstrates Her Love of Kissing on Her Fellow Talk-Show Guests“There’s nothing greater than kissing a man in a movie.”
  4. A Male Director Told Jessica Chastain She Talks About ‘Women Stuff’ Too Much“I had one male director say to me that I talk too much about all of this ‘women stuff.’”
  5. the industry
    Jessica Chastain Might Star in a TV Series About Female Astronauts in the ’60sShe’s the latest A-list woman to get into event-series production.
  6. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Impostor Syndrome and Self-DoubtNatalie Portman, Lupita Nyong’o, Tavi Gevinson, and more on how they’ve learned to use it for success.
  7. my toughest scene
    8 Oscar Contenders on Their Toughest Scenes“And I’m thinking, ‘Should I slap this drink out of his hand?’ ”
  8. emotional roles
    Jessica Chastain Can’t Watch The Tree of LifeBut maybe for different reasons than you.
  9. video
    Watch Jessica Chastain Call the Shots in This Exclusive Miss Sloane ClipIf she asks you to choose Team Jessica, you choose Team Jessica!
  10. trailer mix
    Zookeeper’s Wife Trailer Stars Jessica Chastain Set in Poland with some very intense accents.
  11. superhero movies
    It’s Jessica Chastain’s Turn to Play a SuperheroWelcome to the club, Jessica!
  12. trailer mix
    Watch Jessica Chastain’s Miss Sloane TrailerJessica Chastain, getting shit done in D.C. since Zero Dark Thirty.
  13. the stars they’re just like us
    Chastain, Banks Are Mad About The Night Of“I was literally yelling NO at my tv every time she did something stupid.”
  14. yes we cannes
    The Best Beauty Looks From CannesFrom the sunniest red carpet of the year.
  15. Jessica Chastain’s Hunky Italian Boyfriend Has Given Her an Accent“Four years! Perché! Certo! Youuuu knoow.”
  16. Cecily Strong to Star Alongside Jessica Chastain in ‘Plus One’SNL’s Cecily Strong just landed a big movie role. According to Deadline, Strong has signed on to star in the upcoming film directed by The […]
  17. red carpet
    See the Best Looks From the MTV Movie AwardsKendall Jenner, Halle Berry, Cara Delevingne, and more.
  18. mind the pay gap
    Jessica Chastain Refuses to Be Paid in Just GratitudeShe wants that paper.
  19. women in hollywood
    Jessica Chastain Knows What It’s Like to Be the Only Girl on Set“You can feel like a sexual object.” 
  20. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Pre-Oscars Mean TweetsJimmy brings in the best of the A-list in his latest selection.
  21. the industry
    Chastain, Latifah Help Launch Female-Driven BizThe nonprofit production company will include a roster of Oscar-nominated actresses on its advisory and directorial board.
  22. casting couch
    Chastain in Talks for Aaron Sorkin’s Poker MovieChastain has been offered the lead role of waitress turned poker magnate Molly Bloom.
  23. conspiracies
    The Weekend in Celebrity Lost and FoundIt’s the celebrities’ world, we’re all just helping them find their stuff in it.
  24. female directors
    Jessica Chastain Is Having a Magical Time on Her Female-Led Film SetThe actress penned an essay for THR about the set of The Zookeeper’s Wife.
  25. movie review
    Movie Review: Crimson PeakIt doesn’t always seem to know what it wants to be. But it’s still full of marvels.
  26. last night on late night
    Chastain on Pretending to Be Bryce Dallas HowardJessica Chastain is Bryce Dallas Howard.
  27. eyebrows
    The Bold Eyebrows of a Bond Villain Consider this Jessica Chastain’s audition.
  28. Katy, Mariah, and Oprah Star in New Harper’s Bazaar PortfolioPhotographed by Jean-Paul Goude and styled by Carine Roitfeld.
  29. mistaken identities
    Bryce Dallas Howard Thinks She Isn’t ChastainShe’s really not, you guys.
  30. trailer mix
    Watch Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak TrailerProbably.
  31. just the huntsman
    Jessica Chastain Will Be in the Snow White and the Huntsman SpinoffBut no one knows her role.
  32. trailer mix
    Is Crimson Peak Guillermo del Toro’s Masterpiece? The Trailer Thinks SoMia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam, and Jessica Chastain star.
  33. red carpet
    All the Looks From the Critics’ Choice AwardsJennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, and more.
  34. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: The Best, Worst, and Most Confusing Looks at the Golden Globes Rosamund’s nursing dress; Amal’s long, white gloves; and so much more. 
  35. party pics
    Amy Adams and Cara Delevingne Partied TogetherJennifer Lopez, the Broad City women, and more highlights from this week’s parties. 
  36. too cool for school
    Jessica Chastain Dropped Out of High SchoolShe ended up at Juilliard anyway.
  37. ageism
    Chastain and Streep Speak on Crowe Ageism FlapDid Russell Crowe “put his foot in his mouth,” or was he just “misappropriated”?
  38. movie review
    Movie Review: A Most Violent YearStarring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.
  39. year in review
    The Fug Girls: The Best and Worst Red-Carpet Moments of 2014Bibs, sheer jumpsuits over hot pants, and so much more. 
  40. party pics
    Armani Hosts Glam ’80s-Style Premiere Party for A Most Violent YearJessica Chastain stole the show in custom Giorgio Armani.
  41. movies
    A Most Violent Year Is the National Board of Review’s Big WinnerIt was a most joyful day for Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.
  42. red carpet
    Tilda Swinton Had the Best Hair at the Governors Awards And more red-carpet highlights from the start of awards season.
  43. 21 Things in Interstellar That Don’t Make SenseSpoilers and confusion ahead!
  44. oscars 2015
    Is Christopher Nolan Interfering With Jessica Chastain’s Awards Campaign?He won’t let her campaign this month for any movie but his.
  45. trailer mix
    See Chastain, Isaac in Most Violent Year TrailerPlus, scoop from the director on what to expect.
  46. movie review
    Movie Review: Christopher Nolan’s InterstellarHe aims for the stars, and the upshot is an infinite hoot.
  47. in memory
    Oscar de la Renta’s Most Iconic Red-Carpet GownsSarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, and so many more.
  48. party pics
    Inside Alexander Wang for H&M’s Jock JamThe sport-inspired collection was showcased on a supermodel cast.
  49. party pics
    Kate Moss and Rita Ora Sipped Champagne From Boob Glasses in LondonPlus Kendall Jenner, Mary-Kate Olsen, and more highlights from this week’s party circuit.
  50. privileges
    Jessica Chastain and Mindy Kaling on Crying Privilege“Women in politics actually cannot show emotion.”
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