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Jesus Luz

  1. loose threads
    Marilyn Monroe’s Clothes to Be Auctioned; Marc’s 30th-Birthday Party for LorenzoAlso, photos of the first season of ‘Project Runway’ on Lifetime are out.
  2. gossipmonger
    Jesus Luz Does Not Mind Being Called a ‘Boy Toy’Madonna’s boyfriend doesn’t mind his nickname. That, and the rest of today’s gossip.
  3. loose threads
    Erin Fetherston Heads to QVC; Jesus Luz Used to Be Cheap (Updated)Also, Jerry Hall’s memoir was canceled because she wouldn’t reveal details on her relationship with Mick Jagger.
  4. gossipmonger
    Jessica Szohr Reads Chick Lit Aloud to Her BoyfriendWhich is unfortunate, because we wanted that relationship to last. Plus, Jim Cramer threatens to open up a can of whoop-ass on Jon Stewart, and more in our daily gossip roundup.
  5. gossipmonger
    Madonna Switches TeamsThe Material Mom took her kids, and Jesus Luz, to a Mets game — where she hung out with Anderson Cooper.
  6. biblical beings
    Thoughts on Madonna’s Ingenious Met-Gala OutfitWe thought the drunk-maid look was brilliant, but most papers thought she just looked like a disaster.
  7. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan’s Exes Now Won’t Even Claim HerHarry Morton has begun claiming his relationship with the former actress never happened.
  8. loose threads
    Jessica Simpson Now Doing Lingerie; Francisco Costa Is Going on MarthaPlus, Sophie Dahl has a girl crush.
  9. biblical beings
    Madonna Confirmed for Louis Vuitton, Round TwoBut will Jesus Luz appear with her? Arbitrary statistics point to yes.
  10. loose threads
    Creative Director of Sonia Rykiel Departs; Crochet Is BackAlso, male models are jealous of Jesus Luz.
  11. biblical beings
    Jesus Luz Doesn’t Need Madonna’s Help AnymoreShe jump-started his career, but now he could probably make hers a bit less fusty.
  12. gossipmonger
    Madonna Has the Magic TouchWhen it comes to SOME children, at least. Her boyfriend Jesus Luz’s career is really taking off.
  13. loose threads
    Escada Unveils Survival Plan; Jesus Luz Hits the CatwalkAlso, Gisele bets on soccer games and WINS.
  14. the ball
    Marc Jacobs to Bring Courtney Love and Madonna to the Met Gala?It’s the best table in the history of tables!
  15. cult of personality
    Matthew Williamson Fears Not the MainstreamWhich makes us want to purchase his H&M line, launching tomorrow, that much more.
  16. hot men
    Care to Ogle Jesus Luz?Because some new, ‘Zoolander’-ish pictures of him of unknown origin have surfaced.
  17. campaign trail
    Will Jesus Join Madonna for Louis Vuitton’s Fall Campaign?That’s the rumor coming out of his native Brazil.
  18. hot men
    Jesus Luz Rumored to Join Adam Senn in Dolce & Gabbana AdsIt’s our Friday excuse to show you gratuitous photos of hot, shirtless men.
  19. gossipmonger
    Guy Ritchie Gets Himself a New Eighties Model GirlfriendMadge’s ex is spotted on a romantic date with renowned cougar Elle Macpherson. And more, in the gossip roundup.
  20. loose threads
    Why Carine Could Never Replace Anna; Gisele Plans Second WeddingAlso Lorenzo Martone said he wants to marry Marc Jacobs on St. Barts on New Year’s Eve.
  21. gossipmonger
    Madonna Looks Like Her Boyfriend’s MomEven though she is fourteen years older than the woman.
  22. the most important people in the world
    Madonna and Jesus, With ChildThe hot new couple is all about the Kabbalah lately.
  23. gossipmonger
    Beyoncé’s Searching for a New Sasha FierceAll that practicing you’ve done in your room is going to pay off! The singer is looking for the person with the best rendition of the dance from “Single Ladies.”
  24. gossipmonger
    Gwyneth and Chris Ditching Madonna for Beyoncé and Jay-Z?Man, who knew the clean-living types play on the same playground we do?
  25. gossipmonger
    Katie Couric Is Too Big for Your Little Town CarAlso in your morning mug o’ gossip: Drew Barrymore swaps spit and Tori Spelling bares her soul.
  26. gossipmonger
    A-Rod Vexed by Thoughts of Madonna and JesusA duo that has otherwise soothed minds for centuries! Plus, someone had sex on Donald Trump’s boardroom table and got fired for it.
  27. loose threads
    Alexander Wang Designs Barbie Outfit; Isaac Mizrahi’s First Claiborne Collection BowsAlso, Isaac Mizrahi’s first Liz Claiborne collection is on sale online.
  28. gossipmonger
    Whitney Won’t Catfight Olivia for RatingsEven though ‘The City’ producers supposedly want them to. Plus, Madonna’s new family unit brunched in the meatpacking district Sunday. In the gossip roundup.
  29. hot men
    Has Madonna Turned Jesus Luz Into a Big Diva?He’s demanding $135,000 a show, up from $225.
  30. hot men
    Madonna Supposedly Dating One of the Hotties From Her W ShootHe’s only 20 years old, and his agent says he’s already in London!
  31. the most important people in the world
    Current Madonna and Jesus Out-Google Earlier Madonna and Jesus Nine to OneAnd this is totally old Jesus’s go-time!
  32. nice tries
    CBS Discovers Chat RoomsOn its Website, CBS is launching ‘social viewing rooms’ for viewers to discuss what they’re watching Online.
  33. Openings
    First Look: Tribeca’s Kaffe 1668Check out lower Manhattan’s new Swedish coffeehouse.
  34. Noooooo!!
    Pour One OutZima goes to the great middle-school basement party in the sky.
  35. overnights
    Good-bye, Entourage; — Hello, Californication!Having renounced ‘Entourage,’ we’re now free to recap a far-less-guilty pleasure: ‘Californication’!
  36. the sports section
    Hank Steinbrenner ‘100 Percent Behind’ Joba ChamberlainAfter Joba’s drunk-driving arrest and subsequent apology, Steinbrenner stands behind him and calls the young pitcher ‘family.’
  37. Office of Financial Stability Head Neel Kashkari Is Really Into FerrarisAlso, he is a modern-day warrior with a mean, mean stride.
  38. sex diaries
    The Unemployed Sarah Palin FetishistA week in the sex life of one hard-up New Yorker.