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  1. the sports section
    Uh-oh, Jim Dolan Found a New Team to Meddle WithThe widely reviled Knicks owner had mostly left his hockey club alone. Not anymore.
  2. the sports section
    A Frustrated Carmelo Anthony Tells a Heckler to Ask Jim Dolan for His Money BackIf only that’s how it worked, Melo.
  3. the sports section
    A Brief History of Jim Dolan Standing by Isiah ThomasThe unpopular former Knicks executive has been hired to run the Liberty of the WNBA.
  4. the sports section
    Kazoo Enthusiast Jim Dolan Needs Your Help Setting a World RecordThis is really happening.
  5. the sports section
    How the Rangers Became the Blueprint for Winning Under Jim DolanStep one: Dolan stays out of the way.
  6. the sports section
    Video: Knicks Fans Gather to Protest … SomethingThe hiring of Phil Jackson didn’t stop the rally.
  7. the sports section
    Knicks Fans Venting Frustration on Wikipedia Page for James Dolan’s BandSong titles include “Fall From Grace As an Average Owner” and “Slow Motion Turnaround Jumper (feat. JR Smith).”
  8. the sports section
    Five Jim Dolan–y Quotes From His New York Post InterviewThe owner of the Knicks and the Rangers gives a rare one-on-one interview.
  9. the most important people in the world
    This Is What Jim Dolan’s Big, Sometimes Goateed Face Looks Like “Do you know who I am?”
  10. rangers
    Why the Rangers Aren’t Begging Their Fans to ReturnThe NHL needs to do damage control right now, but the Rangers can go about their business, more or less as usual.
  11. knicks
    Carmelo Anthony Praises Jim Dolan for That Eavesdropping Business“I got an owner that looks out (for me).”
  12. knicks
    Jim Dolan Was Listening In on Carmelo Anthony During Friday Night’s GameOh.
  13. lockouts suck
    Jim Dolan Wasn’t Invited to Tomorrow’s NHL TalksHe’d reportedly wanted in.
  14. knicks
    How to Quantify the Jim Dolan EraWhat the Knicks players earned.
  15. knicks
    Donnie Walsh Returns to IndianaTurns out he isn’t retired after all.
  16. mike d’antoni fin
    Who Wins, and Who Loses, in the Wake of Mike D’Antoni’s ExitSo, now what happens?
  17. rangers
    Jim Dolan Thinks the Rangers Are Close to Winning the Stanley CupIn doing so, he reminds us that he owns a hockey team.
  18. An Evening With Jim DolanThe owner of the Knicks and Rangers performs at a Williamsburg bowling alley with his band, the Straight Shot.
  19. goodbye donnie
    Donnie Walsh Leaves, Honorably, Beloved. Oh, and Everyone Thinks He’s a Stinking LiarDonnie Walsh either takes the high road on his way out the door, or is totally lying. And maybe both.
  20. isiah is immortal
    Donnie Walsh to Leave Knicks at End of the MonthLooks like the extension was less a formality than everybody thought.
  21. knicks
    Report: You Don’t Need to Worry About the Knicks Hiring Isiah Thomas AgainA report says Jim Dolan has told Donnie Walsh he’s given up on bringing Isiah back.
  22. carmelo watch fin
    Carmelo, the Morning After: Who Is Affected Most?The Knicks look very different today.
  23. carmelo watch
    Don’t Worry, Knicks Fans: Jim Dolan’s GOT THISJim Dolan is talking to Carmelo Anthony this weekend.
  24. is isiah immortal?
    Is Isiah Thomas Losing Jim Dolan’s Support?Adrian Wojnarowski reports that with the Rodney Heard investigation under way, “Thomas is losing Dolan.”
  25. shut up isiah
    Shut Up, Isiah.Shut up, Isiah.
  26. isiah is immortal
    Knicks Safe From Isiah … for NowIsiah isn’t back this year, not officially.
  27. isiah is immortal
    Everybody Just Relax About Isiah ThomasIsiah Thomas is back, but it’s nothing to be (too) alarmed about.
  28. imaginary conversations
    Jim Dolan Reportedly Called Jay-Z to Complain About the Nets’ Midtown BillboardAn imaginary conversation.
  29. developing
    The Real Villain in the Moynihan Mess? It’s Not Jim Dolan. Seriously.Blame Dolan for the Knicks, your soaring cable bill, and blocking the Olympics. But don’t blame him for killing the grand Moynihan Station project.
  30. gossipmonger
    Si to Shutter ‘Teen Vogue’?Teen Vogue may be the next Condé Nast magazine to fold. Some 370 girls auditioned to be Rockettes recently; two were hired. Reggie Jackson took issue with the scene in The Bronx Is Burning in which he loses his temper. Usher and Tameka Foster may be married in the Hamptons this week. Kelly Clarkson apologized to Clive Davis after realizing that her album was as bad as he claimed it was. Diddy wrote a song and shot a video about ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. A 9-year-old girl cried after being rebuffed for an autograph by Hilary Duff. Flava Flav got the celebrity-roast treatment. Elle is throwing a party for August cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker in the Hamptons. John Legend shopped for BBQ fixings at the Houston Street Whole Foods.
  31. the sports section
    The Knicks Have Made Progress, EvidentlyCablevision honcho and Madison Square Garden chief Jim Dolan announced today that he’s giving Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas a multiyear contract extension based on the team’s “evident progress” — a term that seems destined to join “mission accomplished” in the Optimist’s Hall of Fame. Let’s review what’s evident, shall we? On the positive side, the Knicks have won 46 percent of their games this season (compared to just 28 percent last year) and are fighting for a playoff spot. On the negative, they’re still the highest-paid team in the NBA (for which Isiah is largely to blame), winning even 46 percent of their games still means the Knicks are losing more than half, and they’re playing mediocre ball against historically weak competition. In other words, the team’s progress seems roughly on pace with that of the Second Avenue subway or the Freedom Tower. So while it’s true they haven’t measurably regressed, Dolan’s use of the prefix “pro” strikes us as a bit much. If we were him, we might have played it safe and gone with “evident gress.” There are definitely clear signs of gress. —Sam Anderson
  32. in other news
    Public Life Means Having to Say You’re SorryInspired by Italy’s Veronica Lario — who in a front-page letter printed in yesterday’s La Repubblica requested a public apology from her husband, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, for flirting with and ogling various comely young women and then, even more remarkably, received one — we’d like to see if we, too, can elicit a public apology or two. To everyone involved in ground-zero reconstruction: It’s been five freaking years, and this is all that’s been accomplished? You should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you. (And, yes, at this point that includes you, too, sainted widows and family members.) We think you owe us — all of us, all New Yorkers — an apology. Sincerely, Daily Intel
  33. gossipmonger
    Amy Sacco Is Still Probably Not Selling BungalowLindsay Lohan wrote a long and incoherent e-mail, which for some reason referenced Al Gore and Bill Clinton. Amy Sacco says she’s actually not selling Bungalow 8, the Observer’s reporting to the contrary notwithstanding. (Daily Intel readers already knew that.) Mary-Louise Parker may be dating her Weeds co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Pataki consigliere Charles Gargano says he’ll keep his seat on the Port Authority board, even with his man gone from Albany. Frustrated Knicks fans, here’s your chance to vent: Garden chief Jim Dolan is performing with his band tonight at B.B. King’s. (It is, however, a cancer benefit, so don’t be too mean.) Paramount/Dreamworks execs are pushing Beyoncé over Jennifer Hudson for a Best Actress Oscar nod, and Jennifer Hudson is okay with it. Lenny Kravitz went to the dermatologist. Anna Wintour found The Devil Wears Prada “entertaining” and has had the same haircut since she was 15, she tells Barbara Walters during her “10 Most Fascinating People” interview (in which Wintour actually does wear Prada). TomKat didn’t invite Oprah to their wedding, and they didn’t invite her to their post-honeymoon bash, either. Kevin Federline showed up at a book reading for the free booze. Jordan’s Queen Rania and King Abdullah are on the rocks. Damon Wayans was fined $320 for dropping the n-word sixteen times at L.A.’s Laugh Factory. Jessica Alba and the Duff sisters are hosting a New Year’s Eve party at a club in Miami and are doing it for free. Ellen Pompeo wants to gain five to ten pounds, because they’d go straight to her boobs, she told Playboy. Robert Evans is suing the electrical company that installed a screening room in his home that mysteriously burned down. Liz Smith cried at the end of Dakota Fanning’s Charlotte’s Web.