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  1. furries
    Famed Bigot Pranked by Wily FurriesSomeone known as “Sir Yiffs a Lot” got ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio to extend a warm welcome to a furry convention in his state.
  2. alternative fictions
    Everything Wrong With Trump’s America Was in Steven Seagal’s Only NovelThe Way of the Shadow Wolves has the deep state, Sheriff Joe, and Korans in the Arizona desert.
  3. Martha McSally Defeats Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio in Arizona GOP Senate PrimaryThe Establishment favorite won, giving Republicans their best shot at beating Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema in November.
  4. who is america
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Blames Lack of Handjob Knowledge on His Who Is America? PrankAnd golden shower knowledge, too.
  5. who is america
    Sacha Baron Cohen Stoops to Blow-Job Jokes With Joe Arpaio on Who Is America?This show has taken a turn.
  6. Looks Like Republicans Will Avoid a Special Election for McCain’s SeatGOP Governor Doug Ducey will name a successor to John McCain if he vacates his Senate seat, who will likely not face voters until 2020.
  7. George Will Calls ‘Repulsive’ Pence Worse Than TrumpThe vice-president has lost the independent reputation that made him a potential survivor of a Trump meltdown.
  8. Mike Pence Praises Notorious Criminal As Champion of the ‘Rule of Law’The vice-president gave that title to Joe Arpaio — who tortured inmates, violated court orders, and framed an innocent man for attempted murder.
  9. Arizona Republican Who Squeaked to Victory Joins Right-Wing CaucusYou’d think Debbie Lesko would be frantically signaling moderation after a near-death experience in a special election.
  10. For Dems, Close Counts in Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, & AZ-08’s Special ElectionIn Arizona’s heavily Republican Eighth District, an upset like Pennsylvania’s is unlikely, but a close race could be a good sign for Democrats.
  11. Trump Is Pardoning Scooter LibbyNobody quite knows why, but Dick Cheney’s chief of staff is finally getting the pardon his boss unsuccessfully begged George W. Bush to supply.
  12. GOP Competition to Show Who Loves Trump Most Could Backfire in NovemberExtremist candidates have hurt the GOP in the recent past. Association with an unpopular extremist president could do the same this year.
  13. Establishment Fave McSally Will Run for Senate As a Sharia-Hating Trump AllyIn her campaign announcement video, McSally moves to the right as fast as she possibly can.
  14. the law
    Judge Rules That Trump Pardon Doesn’t Erase Joe Arpaio’s ConvictionShe said he escaped punishment, but that doesn’t “revise the historical facts.”
  15. John Oliver Calls Trump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio a ‘Slap in the Face to the […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver explores the implications of Trump choosing to use his first presidential […]
  16. last night on late night
    John Oliver Revisits Joe Arpaio’s Absurd To Catch a Predator KnockoffJoe Arpaio created clownish sting operations for three episodes of Smile … You’re Under Arrest!
  17. Trevor Noah on Joe Arpaio: ‘For a Guy Who’s Not Racist, Donald Trump Sure […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah takes a closer look at the recently pardoned Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a […]
  18. Joe Arpaio’s Pardon Is Donald Trump’s Gravest Abuse of Power YetIt makes a mockery of “law and order.”
  19. Trump Pondering Pardon for Racial Profiler Joe ArpaioAs he dragged his feet on condemning racist violence this weekend, the president was thinking fondly of the nativist demagogue Joe Arpaio.
  20. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Gets Tough on Horse Sex“These animals are not meant to be sex toys for the perverted,” says Joe Arpaio.
  21. total recall
    The Joe Arpaio Recall Effort Fell Somewhat ShortHow much, they won’t say.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Someone Mailed Explosives to Sheriff Joe Arpaio“America’s sheriff” is no stranger to death threats.
  23. america's toughest sheriff
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has No Idea Who Stole His Credit Card NumberAmerica’s toughest sheriff thinks maybe it was someone at a restaurant.
  24. america's toughest sheriff
    Feds Drop Joe Arpaio Criminal InvestigationThe sheriff with a fondness for racial profiling is off the hook. 
  25. america's most spiteful sheriff
    Joe Arpaio Is America’s Most Spiteful Sheriff He hates the federal government, loves racial profiling. 
  26. crossing over
    Cops Working for Anti-Immigration Sheriff Busted for Human SmugglingOne of them worked in Joe Arpaio’s anti-smuggling unit.
  27. america's sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Has a New Pair of Pink UnderwearCourtesy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
  28. early and often
    Arizona Sheriff With a Fondness for Racial Profiling: ‘I’m a Poster Boy on This Issue.’Anti-immigrant rhetoric is a vote-getter.
  29. crossing over
    Arizona Sheriff Could Give Two Hoots About the Rights of Illegal Immigrants, Federal ProbesThe DOJ filed a suit against Joe Arpaio for failing to turn over documents in a civil-rights probe.