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Joe Walsh

  1. vision 2020
    Bill Weld and His One Delegate Fold Up the TentA Trump challenger that got some grave attention at the beginning of his campaign ended it with little notice.
  2. vision 2020
    Joe Walsh Will Not Be the Next President of the United StatesThe onetime Republican congressman ended his attempt to challenge President Trump after predictably gaining little traction in Iowa.
  3. just asking questions
    Long-Shot GOP Candidate Joe Walsh on His New Book and His Plan to Beat Trump“I did this because some Republican needs to be calling Trump unfit everyday.”
  4. vision 2020
    Joe Walsh on Racism, Regret, and Why He’s Primarying Donald Trump“There’s nothing I can do except continue to own, explain, and apologize as genuinely as I can. People will either believe or not believe.”
  5. joe walsh
    Joe Walsh Launches Primary Bid Against Trump, Who He Admits He Helped CreateThe former Tea Party agitator knows he won’t beat the “child” in the Oval Office, but says someone has to try.
  6. respect the classics
    Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh’s BFF Ascension: A TimelineThe cute story of a Beatle and an Eagle.
  7. quiz time
    Can You Match the Apathetic Musician With Their Rock Hall Insults?It’s not just the baby-boomers getting feisty.
  8. oops
    All the People Sacha Baron Cohen Has Duped So FarWe have a feeling this list is going to get a lot bigger.
  9. who is america?
    Sacha Baron Cohen Wants to Arm America’s Toddlers in This Who Is America? ClipFeaturing cameos by many fawning members of Congress.
  10. Joe Walsh Joins Sarah Palin in the ‘I’ve Been Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen’ ClubThey should start a support group.
  11. politics
    Political Commentator Angela Rye Has Had It With Casual RacismShe called Joe Walsh a “bigot” on CNN last night.
  12. Even Trump Supporters Think Comey’s Letter Was InappropriateThe chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, right-wing radio host Joe Walsh, and Karl Rove criticized Comey for unfairly intervening in the election.
  13. racial slurs
    Former Tea Party Congressman Doesn’t Get Why He Can’t Say N-Word on RadioWhy can he say Redskins?
  14. the war on women
    A Disaster of a Night for the GOP Rape and Abortion CaucusA victory for women and other empathetic humans.
  15. shmashmortion
    Congressman Joe Walsh Makes Dumb Abortion Remark“You can’t find one instance” when abortion would save the mother’s life, he claimed. 
  16. early and awful
    Joe Walsh Concedes Opponent Is a HeroStill would prefer it if she would shut up about it. 
  17. early and awful
    Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Tired of Hearing About Opponent’s War ServiceUgh, enough already.
  18. jerks
    Government Employee Joe Walsh Does Not Care for Government JobsHe tells a postal worker this to her face.
  19. early and awkward
    Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Screams at People When He’s HungryLike a baby.
  20. peace in the middle east
    Catholic Congressman Joe Walsh Scolds American Jews for Not Caring Enough About IsraelMaybe American Jews should be more like Congress.
  21. health carnage
    A Single Republican Congressman Has Decided to Forgo Government Health InsuranceEveryone else is a socialist.