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  1. world view
    Are the U.S. and Iran Heading for War?An Intelligencer chat about the increasingly alarming possibility.
  2. foreign policy
    Note to John Bolton: ‘Three Stooges of Socialism’ Is Not a Terrifying AllusionTrump’s national security adviser can’t seem to decide if the administration’s Latin American enemies are scary or figures of fun.
  3. the national interest
    Trump Is Doing the Same Thing on Iran That George W. Bush Did on IraqPresident insists regional Middle East power is developing weapons of mass destruction, denies intelligence to the contrary.
  4. foreign interests
    Trump’s Efforts in Venezuela Could Wind Up Doing More Harm Than GoodSo far the administration’s moves have been uncharacteristically deft, but pushing too hard — or attempting a military invasion — would be disastrous.
  5. world view
    With Mattis Gone, Trump Is Already Sowing More Global ChaosIn just a few weeks, we’ve seen a serious uptick in odd U.S. foreign policy moves and anonymous leaking, and that isn’t good for anyone except Putin.
  6. world view
    Trump Is Facing a Real Crisis — But It’s in Syria, Not at Our BorderBolton and Pompeo were supposed to clear up confusion over troop withdrawal from Syria. Instead, the U.S. appears to have two contradictory policies.
  7. the u.n.
    Heather Nauert Won’t Be in Trump’s Cabinet Because She Has No CloutThe new U.N. ambassador won’t be in the Cabinet because she doesn’t have the résumé. The practice predates Trump.
  8. foreign policy
    Putin Violated an Arms Treaty. Trump Ditching It Makes the Nuclear Threat Worse.Trump thinks if Russia does it, the U.S. should ignore the INF Treaty, too. But helping erode a treaty that curbed the arms race isn’t the answer.
  9. foreign policy
    Bolton Warns Iran There ‘Will Be Hell to Pay’In a bellicose speech in New York on the same day as Trump’s unilateralist address to the U.N., Bolton expressed his hatred of diplomacy.
  10. james mattis
    Report: Mattis Not Enough of a Suck-Up for Trump, May Be on the Way OutTrump would prefer a defense secretary who disdains international agreements and laughs at his jokes a little harder.
  11. foreign relations
    The Trump Administration Declares War on International War Crimes CourtIn a fiery speech before the conservative Federalist Society, Trump’s national security adviser takes “America First” to new lengths.
  12. john brennan
    Bolton, Giuliani Attack John Brennan as Unprincipled Lover of IslamA nice, meaty, Sunday-afternoon stew of hypocrisy and prejudice.
  13. foreign policy
    U.S. Officials Worked Behind Trump’s Back to Keep Him From Blowing Up NATOJohn Bolton reportedly demanded that the latest NATO agreement be hammered out before July’s summit, so Trump wouldn’t have a chance to derail it.
  14. Trump Staffer Forced Out After Daring to Stand Up for RefugeesIn a xenophobic administration allergic to inconvenient facts, this may be the ultimate sin.
  15. Still No Clarity From White House on North Korea PlanBut at least we’re not at war yet.
  16. russia investigation
    Trump: Russia Must Be Proud of Meddling“If Russia is, in fact, looking to sow discord or chaos, they’ve got to be saying, ‘This is the greatest thing we’ve ever done.’ ”
  17. Trump Could Accidentally Help Save Angela Merkel’s JobTrump’s attacks on Merkel might backfire. Maybe he should embrace those foreign leaders he would destroy.
  18. Trump Has Settled On a Core Demand for the North Korea SummitThe president wants Kim to commit to a timetable for denuclearization. If Kim agrees, he might get an invitation to Mar-a-Lago.
  19. Trump Sidelines Bolton to Keep Peace With North KoreaTrump did not invite Bolton to his recent meeting with a North Korean envoy, after being advised that including him would be “counterproductive.”
  20. Bolton Installs Anti-Muslim Wingnut As NSC Chief of StaffFred Fleitz is the senior vice-president of a think tank that claims the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest ranks of the U.S government.
  21. foreign policy
    What Happens When You Treat Nuclear Diplomacy Like a Reality-TV ShowTrump has had his share of political successes from his reckless, narrative-focused approach. But the real-world dangers are building.
  22. foreign policy
    Trump Pushes a New International Order Based on U.S. BullyingThe administration thinks military might, and threatening to use it, are key. Iran and North Korea developments show the plan is off to a shaky start.
  23. U.S. Scraps Military Exercise in Order to Appease North KoreaFor decades, Pyongyang has been asking for a meeting with the U.S. president. Now, Kim is winning concessions by threatening to stand up to Trump.
  24. foreign policy
    Pompeo Says North Korea Will Get Americans Instead of AidThe Trump administration apparently thinks the communist nation will accept capitalism in exchange for its nukes.
  25. North Korea Summit to Hinge on Whether Trump Likes Cut of Kim’s JibReally, why bother with diplomacy?
  26. wait what
    John Bolton Says U.S. Is Considering ‘Libya Model’ for North Korea“Libya’s giving up its nuclear arms was used as an invasion tactic to disarm the country,” a North Korean official said in 2011.
  27. sad things
    Death of H.R. McMaster’s Father Investigated As ‘Suspicious’Philadelphia authorities are looking into allegations that a retirement home didn’t provide the elder McMaster with proper care following a fall.
  28. john bolton
    John Bolton Forces Homeland Security Adviser to ResignTom Bossert was seen as a bastion of competence in the West Wing. John Bolton (reportedly) got him fired.
  29. NSC Spokesperson Exits As John Bolton Arrives in White HouseMichael Anton, author of the famous “Flight 93 Election” essay, won’t be teaming up with his old George W. Bush administration colleague.
  30. John Bolton and the Anti-Muslim Bigotry of Mainstream ConservatismBolton’s appointment is a reminder that American conservatives — from Donald Trump to Bret Stephens — find Islamophobia perfectly acceptable.
  31. Does Bolton Represent an Unhinged ‘Cheney/Trump Wing’ of the GOP?Maybe Bolton — like Cheney and Trump — doesn’t represent any school of foreign-policy “thinking,” but instead pure bellicose action.
  32. john bolton
    Team Bolton: John Never Promised Trump He ‘Wouldn’t Start Any Wars’In fact, a new report suggests the national security adviser promised the very opposite.
  33. the national interest
    Trump Hired Bolton to Make Foreign Policy Exciting AgainA president tires of lectures and craves the simple moralistic drama of Fox News.
  34. john bolton
    John Bolton, Lover of Drama and Wars, Is a Terrible Fit for His New JobThe national security adviser facilitates sound White House decision-making. Trump hired a super-hawk known for scheming and outbursts.
  35. Nobody Is Left to Save the World From Trump NowJohn Bolton is the most terrifying new face of an unshackled Trump presidency.
  36. exits
    McMaster to Resign, John Bolton Is New National Security AdviserAfter months of rumors about his impending exit, the White House said McMaster will be replaced by the ultrahawkish former ambassador to the U.N.
  37. Tillerson’s Firing Brings America Closer to War With North KoreaThe secretary’s departure suggests Trump will kill the Iran deal in May – and sabotage the prospects of diplomacy with North Korea in the process.
  38. Trump Allies Argue That Obama’s Sanctions on Russia Are Too WeakEven as Trump suggests America should just forgive and forget.
  39. Trump Wants to Make an Iraq War Architect One of His Top DiplomatsBut Establishment Republicans think the party needs to move on from the Bush years. (Which makes sense, considering the fact that nothing matters.)
  40. early and often
    Bolton Says That Election Hacks Could Be the Work of the Obama Administration“We just don’t know.”
  41. John Bolton Intends to Keep Walrus Mustache for Presidential RunBreaking mustache news.
  42. people who will not run for president in 2016
    John Bolton and His Walrus Mustache Are the GOP’s Only Hope Against Rand PaulOkay. 
  43. early and awkward
    John Bolton Threatens to Run for President If You Don’t Start Paying Attention to HimSomebody needs to be talking about how we need to bomb Iran, and then lose, really badly.
  44. early and often
    Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon StewartJohn Bolton, William Kristol, and others explain why ‘The Daily Show’ is the best place to get their views heard.
  45. secretary of awesome
    How to Make Hillary Laugh: Say ‘John Bolton’This Africa trip is a blast!
  46. cultural capital
    John Bolton Goes on the ‘Daily Show,’ Sort Of Convinces Us Did you catch John Bolton — you know, the U.N.-hating former U.N. ambassador so unpopular Bush could never get him approved by the Senate — on the Daily Show last night? Here’s something we never thought we’d say: He was pretty good. First, we’d give him big points for even showing up. Second, he gets even bigger points for sounding calm and reasonable up against a host and audience who clearly can’t stand him. But he gets biggest points of all for reducing Jon — granted, never the most astute political theorist — to a series of talking-point non sequiturs while making some entirely sensible points of his own. Shouldn’t an anti-U.N. president put in an anti-U.N. U.N. ambassador? Is that the whole point of the democratic system, that the voters picked Bush, so give them what Bush believes in? Whoa. Our minds were blown. The mustache still looked silly, though.