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  1. Why Soundcloud Took Down a ‘Remix’ of John Cage’s Famous Silent ‘4’33”’On the web, nothing is really silent.
  2. year in culture 2012
    Justin Davidson’s Top 10 Classical Music Performances of 2012Thomas Adès’s The Tempest, “John Cage at 100,” and more.
  3. classical music
    John Cage Is Still Rattling the Bars at 100The composer explored the wondrous border zone between the intentional and the accidental.
  4. nicolas cage
    Watch Nicolas Cage ‘Perform’ John Cage4’33”. Cage on Cage.
  5. ah come on
    John Cage Loses to X Factor for U.K. Christmas No. 1Silence loses to pop music, once again.
  6. quiet
    Pete Doherty and Friends Went to a Studio to Record SilenceWell, technically they’re re-recording John Cage’s “4’33.”“
  7. christmas no. 1
    Gunning for U.K. Christmas No. 1 This Year: SilenceJohn Cage time.
  8. music
    John Cage Confounds iTunes CustomersThis week, iTunes is offering Cage’s “’4’33”” as a free download.