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  1. not my captain
    Man Overboard: John Mayer Equates New Yacht-Rock Album to ‘Shitposting’We’re Toto-ly not all right with this.
  2. videology
    John Mayer Is Toto-ly in Love in New ‘Last Train Home’ VideoFeaturing Maren Morris (!!!)
  3. my album is dropping
    John Mayer Embraces His ’80s-Dad Aesthetic With New Album Sob RockThe new boy of summer.
  4. the industry
    John Mayer May Be Joining the Late-Night PantheonThe Mort Sahl of guitar licks may be getting a show on Paramount Plus.
  5. stan culture
    Taylor Swift Fans Are Not Here for John Mayer’s TikTok Presence“You’re not safe here, John.”
  6. memoirs
    10 Heartbreaking Details From Jessica Simpson’s Memoir, Open Book“To walk forward through my anxiety, I first had to look back …”
  7. memoirs
    Jessica Simpson Began ‘Relying on Alcohol’ While Dating John Mayer“I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills.”
  8. grammys
    The Greatest Grammys Snubs of All TimeAll the times the award show got it wrong.
  9. christmas lights
    John Mayer Is Right About Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’It brings us no pleasure to say so, but even Taylor has (implicitly) admitted this.
  10. mean tweets
    Lizzo Read Your Mean Tweets, Would Like to Know ‘Where’s Your Tour Bus?’And Cardi B says you can “suck [her] ass” if you think she has a loud face.
  11. unlikely fandoms
    Andy Cohen Tests Jimmy Fallon’s Grateful Dead Knowledge on WHHLYou’d think Fallon would be the jam-band superfan and Cohen would be the noob, yet here we are.
  12. new music
    John Mayer, Instagram’s Most Prolific Commenter, Releases a New SingleWatch the music video for “Carry Me Away.”
  13. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: John Mayer’s Cruise Ship Music FestivalImagine being trapped on a boat with John Mayer and his biggest fans.
  14. influencers
    John Mayer Is a Candle Blogger NowBut he only reviews one candle: Diptyque’s “Feu de bois.”
  15. culture
    Seems Like John Mayer Is Feeling a Lot of Pressure to SocializeWhy go out when you can bring the party to you?
  16. beauty
    John Mayer’s Vanity Reaches Bold New HeightsHe made a risky, last-minute beauty decision.
  17. quiz
    Can You Guess the Real Pilot ABC Ordered Based on a John Mayer Song?No, it’s not “Your Body Is a Wonderland.”
  18. lists
    20 Things John Mayer Looks Like in This PhotoThe smell of Axe Body Spray and American Spirits, a sip of Coors Light when you’re parched, and more.
  19. celebrity
    John Mayer Used an Extremely Cheesy Line to Pick Up Kourtney KardashianNot surprising!
  20. wonderland
    John Mayer’s Evil Hangover Changed Him“Okay, John, what percentage of your potential would you like to have?”
  21. sobriety
    John Mayer Got Sober After a 6-Day Hangover From Drake’s 30th Birthday Party“I made quite a fool of myself.”
  22. sex math
    We Did the Sex Math on John MayerWhat is the limit as x approaches 500, with x being the number of women the singer has slept with?
  23. you know what i heard
    What’s Going On With Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx?And more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  24. best bet
    I Love This Tiny Eye-Shadow PaletteHuda Beauty, you got me.
  25. last night on late night
    John Mayer Had a Therapy Session With Andy Cohen About His Dating Woes“Dating John Mayer, at this point, is just conceptually sort of a no-no.”
  26. music
    John Mayer Is Over It and We’re Here for ItThis is Mayer’s “I Give Up” phase and we can relate.
  27. songs of the week
    6 Best New Songs of the Week: Charlie Puth, Sam Hunt, John Mayer, Years & YearsSam Hunt, John Mayer, and Charlie just made you a trio of summer anthems.
  28. john mayer beauty influencer
    Beauty Blogger John Mayer Swatches Chanel Lipsticks on His GuitarHe got the new giant Chanel Beauty compact.
  29. let’s makeup
    John Mayer Gives Us the Smoky-Eye Tutorial We Never Asked ForAll the tips and tricks from the new beauty influencer.
  30. john mayer beauty influencer
    John Mayer’s New Song Is About Bath BombsHe’s free-fallin’ for fancy beauty products.
  31. why is your skin so good
    John Mayer’s Skin Secret Is LonelinessThe part-time beauty vlogger mused on Instagram about why his skin looks so good.
  32. life lessons
    John Mayer Discovers the Best and Worst Way to Eat Mini Oreos“I’ve learned a lot from putting cookies in milk.”
  33. viral trends
    The Kylo Ren Challenge Is a Hilarious Celebration of Men’s High-Waisted PantsHere’s what the latest viral challenge entails.
  34. thirsty
    John Mayer Takes His Insatiable Thirst to InstagramThe singer asked David Foster to “put in a good word” for him with Foster’s daughter Erin.
  35. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Halsey Considers John Mayer a ‘Comedic Genius,’ Sometimes Runs Jokes by HimShe also wants Leo DiCaprio, in his Romeo + Juliet costume, to speak at her funeral.
  36. father time
    John Mayer Ponders the Concept of Time“I was 31 for 8 years, then I became 39.”
  37. So, Katy Perry Ranked Her Exes’ Sexual PerformanceThis is not at all awkward.
  38. albums of the week
    Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., and 6 Other Albums to Listen to NowFrom Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. to Little Dragon’s Season High, here’s a selection of new, recently released albums worth checking out.
  39. john mayer word vomit
    John Mayer Is Searching for the Perfect ConcealerHis current makeup is breaking him out.
  40. Maybe John Mayer Could Learn Something From Game of ThronesIs he just doing it on purpose at this point?
  41. cultural appropriation
    The 11 Worst Moments From John Mayer’s New VideoDancing kung-fu pandas, geisha makeup, and more absurdity.
  42. bad ideas
    Here’s the Questionable Music Video John Mayer Tried to Preemptively DefendIf you have to explain why you’re not culturally appropriating, you probably are.
  43. john mayer’s thirst
    What Is John Mayer Even Talking About?He wants you to know he’s all good “anatomically and chemically.”
  44. oh dear john
    John Mayer Is Trying to Be Woke NowHe’s trying to put his white-supremacist-penis days behind him.
  45. John Mayer Misses Katy Perry, Says He’s a Good Guy NowThe 39-year-old musician is attempting a comeback.
  46. right-click
    John Mayer Remains on the Hunt With The Search for Everything Wave TwoThe search continues.
  47. right-click
    John Mayer’s The Search for Everything Wave One EP Is HereWith promises of “more to come.”
  48. roll clip!
    John Mayer and Dave Chappelle Sing Nirvana JamGreat tastes that taste great together?
  49. i’m not crying
    Like You, John Mayer Cries During This Is UsHe tweeted, “Cryin’ and hooked.”
  50. the jukebox
    John Mayer Embraces His Pop-Rock Roots With New Song ‘Love on the Weekend’His first track since 2014.
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