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John Miller

  1. new york's finest
    Bill Bratton and John Miller Bring Buddy-Cop Routine Back to CBSThe new police commissioner and his pal appeared on Miller’s old network.
  2. nypd
    CBS News’s John Miller Rejoins the NYPDThis is what he does. 
  3. spy games
    60 Minutes Gift Wrapped a Puff Piece for the NSAReporter John Miller delivers an uncritical look the agency.
  4. be there!
    Best/Worst NBC Promos From the Man Who Made ThemHow to make ‘Friends’ a hit, and why ‘Friday Night Lights’ never was one.
  5. Behind Bars
    At Ranstead Room, John Miller Honors the Bartender’s Holy TrinityHe believes cocktails should be simple, made with the freshest possible ingredients, and served with a smile.
  6. news reel
    Recession-Addled Art World Weighs Return to Barter System at Group Show’We’ve exchanged work with people, but we haven’t said ‘You give me your Rolex and I’ll give you a piece of art’ … Not yet.’