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John Sterling

  1. the sports section
    Ranking John Sterling’s New Catchphrases From Least to Most InsaneA new season means lots of new crazy home-run calls.
  2. the sports section
    Breaking Down All of John Sterling’s New Home-Run CatchphrasesAmong them: “The Bronx is Vernon.”
  3. john sterling
    What Will John Sterling’s Home-Run Call for Kevin Youkilis Be?Click here for awful puns.
  4. yankees
    There’s Going to Be a Broadway Show About the YankeesThe folks behind Lombardi and Magic/Bird will produce.
  5. the voice of the yankees
    Let’s Talk About John Sterling’s Ichiro Home-Run Call“The Yankees’ rising son says ‘sayonara’ in the second deck in right.”
  6. the voice of the yankees
    It’s Like John Sterling Isn’t Even Trying Anymore“That’s a very Wise man” is not Sterling’s best work.
  7. the voice of the yankees
    What Will John Sterling’s Catchphrase for Raul Ibanez Be?We think he’ll use alliteration.
  8. John Sterling Doesn’t Have a Home Run Call for Chris DickersonMaybe he was afraid of an FCC fine?
  9. Jesus Montero Homered Twice, Deserved Better From John SterlingThe Yankees announcer disappoints.
  10. mr. 3000
    Let’s Discuss the Calls of Jeter’s 3000th HitHow did Michael Kay and John Sterling handle the milestone?
  11. announcers
    How Likely Are John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman to Return Next Year?It might depend on who has the broadcast rights.
  12. announcers
    Wall Street Journal Readers Are No Fans of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman“How could you write that glowing article?”
  13. the voice of the yankees
    Wait, One of John Sterling’s Catchphrases Is a Reference to a Black Panther’s Rallying Cry?“Bern, baby, Bern.”
  14. the voice of the yankees
    The Seven Types of John Sterling Home-Run CallsThey range from simple rhymes to elaborate productions involving Broadway lyrics and sometimes even actual singing.
  15. yankees
    Sing It With Us: ‘The Grandy-Man Can’Curtis Granderson’s tenth-inning home run off Jonathan Papelbon gives the Yankees the series victory over Boston.
  16. deconstructing sterling
    Deconstructing Sterling: Let’s Get MusicalA look at John Sterling’s call of Curtis Granderson’s first home run as a Yankee.
  17. the yankees’ winn
    Let’s Talk About the Randy Winn Signing, Shall We?Five questions about the Yankees’ latest acquisition.
  18. debbie downer
    Michael Kay Implied to a Theater Full of Yankee Fans That They Wouldn’t Repeat in 2010Said fans: “Booooooooo!”
  19. deconstructing sterling
    Deconstructing Sterling: ‘World Series Over’A look at John Sterling’s call of the last out of the World Series.
  20. deconstructing sterling
    Deconstructing Sterling: The Yankees Win the PennantGrading the Yankee announcer’s call of the final out of the ALCS.
  21. deconstructing sterling
    Deconstructing Sterling: ‘Eastern Division in 2009 Over!’A look at the last out of yesterday’s division clincher.
  22. deconstructing sterling
    Deconstructing John Sterling, One Call at a TimeIn which we critique Sterling’s call of the last out on the night the Yankees clinched a playoff spot.