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  1. hot stove
    What Are the Yankees’ Options at DH?There’s an opening, now that Jesus Montero is a Mariner.
  2. lukewarm stove
    Could Johnny Damon Return to the Yankees?Maybe, but it’s not a great fit.
  3. johnny damon
    Johnny Damon ‘Leaning Toward’ Nixing Move to BostonBoston claimed him off waivers, but he might not go.
  4. mets
    The Mets’ Wild-Card Magic Number Is 94!The Mets, back playing again.
  5. yankees
    A Good Night for Former Yankees, and a Bad Night for Current Yankee ReservesJohnny Damon homers, while Randy Winn leaves lots of men on base.
  6. yankees
    Tonight, the Yankees Face the Outfield That Could Have BeenJohnny Damon and Austin Jackson suit up for Detroit.
  7. spring training
    Johnny Damon Free to Wear His 2004 World Series Ring AgainBecause no one in Detroit cares about such things.
  8. spring training
    Johnny Damon Takes Swipe at Yankees, Brian Cashman Swings BackRich men, arguing over pay cuts.
  9. lukewarm stove
    Johnny Damon Buzz Now Includes Dollar FiguresOur long national nightmare could soon be over.
  10. lukewarm stove
    Should Johnny Damon Be So Honest About Which Team He Wants to Play For?He’s not making Scott Boras’s job any easier.
  11. the yankees’ winn
    Let’s Talk About the Randy Winn Signing, Shall We?Five questions about the Yankees’ latest acquisition.
  12. lukewarm stove
    Johnny Damon Now Also on the A’s RadarYour daily update on the free agent’s status.
  13. gossipmonger
    There’s a Reason Natalie Portman Is Keeping Her Ballet Lover a SecretIt’s another ballet dancer.
  14. lukewarm stove
    The Yankees Are Still Flirting With Johnny DamonAnd if Damon won’t sign, they’ve got, like, five back-up plans.
  15. lukewarm stove
    Would Johnny Damon Really Retire?We doubt it.
  16. lukewarm stove
    Update: Brett Gardner Still the Yankees’ Left-fielderJermaine Dye’s (probably) not walking through that door.
  17. cash money
    Marlins Will Start Spending the Yankees’ Money, and Johnny Damon Will StopThe Yankees’ “budget” only has $2 million for a left-fielder. But, hey, at least Florida’s spending.
  18. kiss and make up
    Matt Holliday Apparently Near Signing: Damon’s All That’s LeftWith Matt Holliday (almost) off the market, the Yankees and Johnny Damon need to make up.
  19. trades
    Is Brett Gardner Really Going to Be the Yankees’ Left Fielder?The Yankees aren’t going after any of those left fielders? Really?
  20. yankees
    The Curious Case of Nick Johnson, Yankees DHFare thee well, Johnny Damon.
  21. yankees
    The Yankees Have a Grand Day by Doing Nothing at AllThe Yankees watch and wait as their main foes make their moves.
  22. free agent silliness
    Johnny Damon Sits Forlorn by the PhoneContract to-dos with Johnny Damon, Scott Boras, and the Yankees.
  23. trades
    What Does the Granderson Deal Mean for Johnny Damon?The Yankees have Curtis Granderson. Will that push out Johnny Damon?
  24. hot stove
    Scott Boras Is at It AgainThe agent compares Matt Holliday to Mark Teixeira, and Johnny Damon to Derek Jeter.
  25. 27
    The Ten Most Memorable Moments of the Yankees’ SeasonSorry, Nick Swisher’s inning on the mound just missed the cut.
  26. mvp
    Who Would Be the Yankees’ Series MVP?Who will win the Yankees World Series MVP? (Assuming there is one.)
  27. world series
    Johnny Damon Writes the Cover Letter to His Free-Agency RésuméDamon’s one-man double steal will be replayed over and over for as long as there’s a YES Network.
  28. uh-oh
    You’ll Be Seeing Cliff Lee in Your Nightmares For a WhileThe Yankees lose Game 1 of the World Series to the Phillies, 5-0.
  29. alcs
    Bring on the Phillies!The Yankees’ Game 6 win sends them to their 40th World Series.
  30. yankees postseason preview
    Yankees Playoff Preview: Johnny DamonOur daily look at key Yankees players this post-season continues with Johnny Damon.
  31. gossipmonger
    Robert Pattinson to Play Prince Harry?But Harry is the FUN prince.
  32. the sports section
    Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, and Robinson Cano Have Something in CommonTurns out the Yanks have a lucky charm.
  33. gossipmonger
    The Soho Grand Is a WonderlandRumors of the demise of the John Mayer–Jessica Simpson relationship may be greatly exaggerated; the two spent Sunday night together at the Soho Grand. (Mayer is also still doing the stand-up comedy thing). Today show correspondent Jill Rappaport owns eighteen acres in the Hamptons. Johnny Damon hung out till 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, but he still hit a two-run double later in the day. Ivanka Trump and Zach Braff exchanged numbers. (Uh-oh. Does Jared Kushner know about this?) Warren Buffett, David Remnick, John Kerry, Ted Turner, and Jann Wenner, among others (ahem), were all rejected from Harvard. After asking for $5.5 million, Stone Phillips sold his penthouse on West 72nd Street for $4.35 million. Times managing editor Jill Abramson is suing the truck driver who ran over her foot.