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  1. the grub street diet
    Author Jonathan Ames Adds Chocolate to His Vitamins When He’s Feeling Decadent“I’m not a big sweets person, but I so look forward to my gummies at the end of each day.”
  2. Starz Cancels ‘Blunt Talk’ After Two SeasonsJonathan Ames’s Blunt Talk will not be returning to Starz with another season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Starz has canceled the […]
  3. How Jonathan Ames Approaches Writing for TV Jonathan Ames began his career writing novels and performing in small theaters around New York City before landing a job writing and starring […]
  4. TBS Orders a New Comedy Pilot from ‘Bored to Death’s Jonathan Ames TBS has placed an order for pilot World’s End from writer Jonathan Ames, the creator of HBO’s Bored to Death (and author of a number of […]
  5. Finding Your Voice with Jonathan AmesJonathan Ames isn’t “just” a television writer. His prolific career spans from personal essays to graphic novels, storytelling, screenplays, a […]
  6. Watch the First Trailer for ‘Blunt Talk’ Starring Patrick StewartBored to Death creator Jonathan Ames has a new Seth MacFarlane-produced show premiering on Starz this summer called Blunt Talk, and today the […]
  7. Jonathan Ames Is Adapting an Icelandic Inmate Revolt Dramedy for ShowtimeOn top of creating a scripted comedy for Starz with Patrick Stewart, THR reports that Bored to Death’s Jonathan Ames is also adapting the […]
  8. new shows
    Jonathan Ames’s World’s End Is Coming to ShowtimeBased on an Icelandic series.
  9. tv show bros
    Starz Orders Seth MacFarlane–Jonathan Ames–Patrick Stewart SeriesThey green-lit two seasons and 20 episodes.
  10. Starz Orders Two Seasons of ‘Blunt Talk’, a New Comedy Created by Jonathan […]Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames is returning to TV with a new show. Pay cable network Starz has ordered 20 episodes of Blunt Talk, a new […]
  11. reunions
    Bored to Death’s Cast, Creator ReuniteShow’s creator and stars put bromance on full display at SF Sketchfest.
  12. Jonathan Ames Shows Us the Time He Boxed a Stranger in a Hotel Room As part of Chioke Nassor’s new Storytime series, Jonathan Ames reenacts the time he purposefully got in a boxing match with a stranger in a […]
  13. Check Out the Trailer Above Average’s New Web Series ‘Storytime’ The clever folks at Above Average have posted the trailer for their new web series, Chioke Nassor’s Storytime, which features comedians […]
  14. party chat
    Isla Fisher Wants In on the Bored to Death Movie“I’ll make myself available!”
  15. the vulture transcript
    Jonathan Ames on the Bored Movie and Twitter“Tweets can seem frivolous and demeaning to the art of writing, and I feel embarrassed by them.”
  16. encounter
    Getting Steamy in the Russian Baths With Jonathan AmesThe scene-stealing author on the Bored to Death movie, nudity, and more.
  17. party chat
    Jonathan Ames Gave a Seemingly Drunk, Definitely Insane Speech This WeekendTopics included: Drugs. His penis. Rectal itch. Pubic hair.
  18. in development
    Jonathan Ames and Jason Schwartzman Working Together on Another FilmIn addition to the Bored to Death feature.
  19. Jason Schwartzman and Jonathan Ames Are Making Another Movie Together, Not […] Earlier this week, we reported that HBO officially greenlit a movie based on its cult hit series Bored to Death, but now, word comes in via […]
  20. Jonathan Ames Shares the Ins and Outs of Writing“I think with every project we expect something more than what happens. We all love to be disappointed… The biggest crusher for me was that […]
  21. It’s Official: A ‘Bored to Death’ Movie Is Happening Late last year, Ted Danson said that a 90-minute movie based on the HBO show Bored to Death was in the very, very early stages, but now it’s […]
  22. Ted Danson Says the ‘Bored to Death’ TV Movie Is Being WrittenBack in June, we reported that a 90-minute Bored to Death HBO movie was in the earliest stages of development, but now, word comes in from the […]
  23. 21 questions
    Jonathan Ames Is a Magnet for RatsThe writer and Bored to Death creator answers our 21 Questions. 
  24. MaxFunCon Is Heading EastMaximumFunCon, Jesse Thorn’s annual weekend of well-dressed, bookish comedy is getting an east coast version. From October 26-28, Maximum Fun […]
  25. ‘Bored to Death’ Alive?Clue #1) Ted Danson told a French journalist that a 90-minute Bored to Death movie is possibly in the works for HBO. Clue #2) HBO told Vulture […]
  26. Jonathan Ames Makes Every Other WGA Awards Presenter Look Very Boring This video of Jonathan Ames drunkenly presenting at the Writers Guild awards ceremony in New York is more entertaining than about ten […]
  27. great moments in intoxication
    Watch Jonathan Ames’s Wonderful Drunk Speech at the WGA Awards“I’m intoxicated in kind of a Dean Martin way.”
  28. Jonathan Ames Bought Fans $1,600 of Drinks at Bored to Death FuneralBored to Death, may it rest in peace, was given a lovely send-off to the great underworld (overworld? What happens to TV shows when they die?) […]
  29. party chat
    Vulture Met Up With Jonathan Ames and John Hodgman at Their Boozy Bored to Death ‘Funeral’ Last NightAmes on the tab: “I hope it doesn’t go over $2,000!”
  30. Jonathan Ames Lost His Fork and Wrote About It in the Times“I live like the Unabomber, but without his sense of purpose.” That’s Jonathan Ames, creator of the recently-cancelled Bored to Death, in a […]
  31. chat room
    Bored to Death Creator Jonathan Ames on the Show’s Cancellation “I have a cold, just so you don’t think I’ve been weeping. Don’t write, ‘Ames’ voice was froggy from weeping!’”
  32. Brooklyn Insider
    A Free Drink for Bummed-Out Bored to Death FansFree drinks for those who watched the show.
  33. Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap: ‘Car Periscope’This week’s Curb sees Larry trying to better himself in more ways than one — working with a personal trainer (30 Rock’s Cheyenne Jackson) to […]
  34. In the Magazine
    Roman’s and Lot 2 Get Three Stars; the Burger Trend Don’t StopPlus, the season’s best apples and most creative pastrami dishes, in this week’s magazine.
  35. party lines
    Jonathan Ames at StonePlus: Rachel Roy, Yaya Dacosta, Neve Campbell …
  36. bons mots
    Jonathan Ames: Brooklyn’s Got ‘At Least Five More Years’Just because Jonathan Lethem’s leaving doesn’t mean the borough is over.
  37. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: MenticideNaked Jonathan Ames!
  38. quote machine
    Dancing With the Stars Judges Must Be BlindPlus: Faye from ‘Mad Men’ could use a drink.
  39. party chat
    Jonathan Ames on His Bored to Death Nude Scene: ‘I’m So Small’“I’m not proud of what was onscreen.”
  40. party lines
    Katie Holmes at The Extra Man PremierePlus: Paul Dano, Rachel Dratch, Sean Lennon …
  41. slackerella
    Who are movies’ female ‘Omega Males"?The guys are all stunted slackers who won’t grow up, but the women just want to be loved.
  42. mary jane
    Jonathan Ames Loves His Bored To Death VaporizerGuess you can chalk that up as yet another reason a good number of TV creatives choose HBO over Showtime.
  43. chat room
    Schwartzman, Ames, Danson at Bored to Death Panel“Most of the novelists I love are dead, and Jonathan Ames is alive.”
  44. TV Land
    Bored to Death Undercuts the Tatiana ExperienceJust how realistic was the Brighton Beach nightclub’s appearance on last night’s show?
  45. freeloaders
    Jonathan Ames Imposes on Twitter Follower“[D]oes anyone on twitter live in downtown brooklyn? all my plans to watch my show at friends’ houses has fallen through.”
  46. gossipmonger
    Olivia Palermo to Make Room in Grueling Schedule for Socialite Reality ShowThe socialite will finally have a reason for being famous. Plus, the end of Hef and Holly, and Michael Lohan continues to be bonkers, in our daily gossip roundup.
  47. gossipmonger
    Barack Obama Spurns Lindsay LohanPoor Lilo! Someday she will find her special purpose. That, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  48. news reel
    PEN American Center’s World Voices Fest Kicks Off With Tipsy, Seafaring LiteratiPEN American Center’s galas are known to be glamorous affairs. Even so, someone invited Vulture!
  49. House Mix
    Lenny Kravitz Neither Seen Nor Heard at GoldBar Last NightJonathan Ames, self-described “journalist with bad breath, bad teeth, bad hair, and bad debt,” penned a hilarious essay for Spin about infiltrating GoldBar with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, who despite living a few blocks away takes a Town Car to the club (what, no Escalade?). Ames is blown away by the fact that Cameron Diaz isn’t even the prettiest girl in the place, which is “loaded with perfume, emanating from the dozens and dozens of beautiful girls” (hm, nothing about the smell of cigarette smoke). Kravitz, meanwhile, has been there, done that, hence this lyric from one of his new songs: “The night is young, GoldBar’s the place to be.” With that in mind, we slipped in last night for a $17 drink and a plate of his favorite truffle fries, to see if Kravitz’s name check has earned him a place on GB’s playlist.
  50. last night’s gig
    Jonathan Ames’s Punch-out!Last night, at Gleason’s Gym in Dumbo, with friend Fiona Apple cheering him on, Jonathan Ames took to the ring to duke it out with fellow writer Craig “the Crippler” Davidson in a publicity ploy for Davidson’s U.S. fiction debut, The Fighter.
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