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Jordan Hill

  1. knicks
    D’Antoni-Hill: Another Dull Knicks FeudJordan Hill, not happy with Mike D’Antoni.
  2. trades
    Tracy McGrady Is a Knick, and Jared Jeffries Isn’tThe Knicks unload Jared Jeffries’s contract.
  3. trades
    24 Hours Later, Knicks Are Pretty Much in the Same SpotThe Knicks and the Rockets still haven’t hashed out a deal.
  4. lebron watch
    Your Potential Knicks-McGrady Trade FAQIs the McGrady-Jeffries trade with the Rockets smart, or no?
  5. knicks
    Knicks’ Secret Weapon to Sell Tickets: Omri CasspiThe NBA’s first Israeli player is in town tonight.
  6. smart people
    Checking Back In With Basketball Prospectus on the KnicksA look at the Knicks at mid-season with Basketball Prospectus’s Bradford Doolittle.
  7. what could have been
    Brandon Jennings, What Might Have BeenBrandon Jennings will haunt the Knicks for a long time.
  8. the sports section
    Knicks Triumph in the Draft — AlmostPick Jordan Hill was booed in the Garden; his offense was not being Stephen Curry.