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  1. miami marlins
    The Marlins Are Having Another Fire SaleThey’ve agreed to send Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and more to Toronto.
  2. mets
    Mets Hofstra Conference Excerpt: Mets PoetryOur last excerpt of academic papers.
  3. jose reyes
    Here’s That Jose Reyes Tribute Video We’ve Been Hearing So Much AboutReyes went 0-for-4 in the 2-1 Mets win.
  4. jose reyes
    Jose Reyes, Sinking InHe’s going to be a Miami Marlin, people. What does that mean for a Mets fan?
  5. hot stove
    What’s New in the Jose Reyes Sweepstakes?One report says the Marlins initial offer is for $90 million over six years.
  6. jose reyes
    Jose Reyes Is, for the Time Being, Still a Free AgentDespite the weekend’s hullabaloo, Reyes remains a free agent.
  7. Mets Win Legal Battle But Still Might Lose Reyes$$$ still in short supply in Flushing.
  8. Reyes and Bay Expected Back in Tonight’s Doubleheader With the MarlinsThe Mets, with some post-hurricane catching up to do, begin a busy week with a doubleheader tonight.
  9. mets
    Jose Reyes Getting Close to ReturningPay close attention, residents of Binghamton who share our appreciation for seeing major-league stars play baseball in minor-league settings.
  10. Fixing the Mets: The LineupThe Mets’ season is almost officially over. Time to look at next year.
  11. mets
    Yesterday Was Not a Good Day to Be a Mets FanInjuries, and also a loss.
  12. jose reyes
    What Could the Mets Have Gotten For Jose Reyes?The Mets didn’t trade Jose Reyes, likely wisely. But what COULD they have gotten for him?
  13. mets
    Report: The Mets Are Certain They Won’t Trade Jose ReyesHere’s the best news you’ll read all day, Mets fans.
  14. mets
    In Case You Missed It, Jose Reyes’s Day in Brooklyn Went WellHe says he’s ready to return to the Mets tomorrow.
  15. mets
    Some Bad Jose Reyes News, and Some Intriguing Jose Reyes NewsSecret contract talks, and an injury update.
  16. mets
    The Mets Are Having Lots of Fun Riding This OutThe Mets are still above .500, even without Jose Reyes.
  17. mets
    The Mets Go Over .500, Yay!The Mets beat the Tigers to go one game over .500.
  18. 2011 mlb all-star game
    Jose Reyes Is Catching Up in the All-Star VotingYou have just 57 hours left to cast your vote!
  19. mets
    The Mets’ Record Won’t Dictate What They Do With Jose ReyesSandy Alderson: “Jose’s situation is not a function of whether we’re winning or losing on a short-term basis in July.”
  20. 2011 mlb all-star game
    Jose Reyes Still Isn’t Leading in the All-Star VotingHe’s closing the gap on Troy Tulowitzki, however.
  21. mets
    If You’re Going to Display a ‘Don’t Trade Reyes’ Sign, Make Sure It Meets Citi Field RegulationsAlso: Don’t hand out business cards with your Mets blog’s URL, either.
  22. mets
    The Mets Experience Life Without Jose ReyesHe’s currently on the bereavement list.
  23. mets
    Neither David Wright Nor Jose Reyes Had Anything Critical to Say In Response to Fred WilponCarlos Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, had a bit more to say, though.
  24. mets
    Let’s Rate the Fred Wilpon ‘Disses’That’s what the Mets needed — more mockery.
  25. mets
    Why the Mets Need to Keep Jose ReyesKeep Jose Jose Jose.
  26. if you’re going to san francisco…
    Is This Week the True Beginning of Jose Reyes Trade-Buzz Season?With San Francisco in town this week, lots of people are realizing how great a fit Reyes would be on the 2011 Giants.
  27. mets
    The Final Two Innings of Last Night’s Mets Game Were Super EntertainingThe Mets win their sixth in a row.
  28. mets
    And in Other Shortstop-Contract News …Mets have picked up Jose Reyes’s 2011 option.
  29. mets
    Is It Time to Start Thinking About Trading Jose Reyes?The Jose Reyes question arises again.
  30. blotter
    K-Rod’s Reputation Is Not Exactly Pristine TodayK-Rod’s story is uglier than you thought.
  31. mets
    Mets Suffer Metaphorically Ideal LossMets, still done.
  32. mets
    It’s Time to Be Worried About Mike PelfreyMike Pelfrey is collapsing.
  33. mets
    So, Can the Mets Make the Playoffs?The Mets head into the second half better than anyone had thought.
  34. all-star game
    Oh, We Almost Forgot: NYC Baseball All-Stars!Your Mets and Yankees All-Stars.
  35. mets
    From San Juan to D.C., the Mets Successfully EscapeThe Mets head to celebrate Strausmas.
  36. mets
    The Mets Don’t Need Any of Your Stinking HomersThe Mets can’t lose, won’t lose.
  37. mets
    Subway Series: Where the Mets StandThe Mets come into the Subway Series red hot.
  38. mets
    As Could Have Been Easily Predicted, the Mets Are Dominating the PhilliesMets beat Phillies again to go back over .500.
  39. mets
    Fear the Monstrous Knuckles of R.A. DickeyThe Mets get back to .500.
  40. mets
    Seriously, the Mets Should Probably Do Something About Jerry Manuel SoonMets lose again, thanks in part to their manager.
  41. mets
    Jose Reyes Is Really Batting Third This WeekendJose Reyes, run producer.
  42. mets
    Mike Pelfrey Is Still Two-Thirds of the MetsMike Pelfrey is rocking for the Mets.
  43. mets series preview
    Jose Reyes Set to Return Just in TimeThe Mets have no hitters. But now Jose Reyes is back, almost.
  44. mets countdown
    Mets Countdown No. 1: Jose ReyesOur daily look at the twenty most important Mets of the 2010 season.
  45. ouch
    Mets Mystery Injury Sniper Strikes AgainAnother Met injury.
  46. jose reyes
    Jose Reyes Is Still Upright and SentientJose Reyes is alive!
  47. jose reyes
    Green Light for Jose ReyesJose Reyes, coming back tomorrow.
  48. godot
    What Do the Mets Do Without Reyes?Jose Reyes is out two to eight weeks. Now what?
  49. godot
    Shockingly, You’re Gonna Have to Wait a While for Jose ReyesIt’ll be two to eight more weeks for Jose Reyes.
  50. spring training
    Jose Reyes Might Be Stopped on Subways and PlanesJose Reyes, thyroid or not.
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