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Joseph Kony

  1. international affairs
    One Year After Kony 2012, the Hunt for Joseph Kony Has Been ‘Paused’Kony 2013 looks a lot different.
  2. international intrigue
    Ugandan Troops Capture Top Commander in Kony’s ArmyThey’re narrowing in on Kony.
  3. Horatio Sanz Nabbed the Joseph Kony Interview the World’s Been Waiting For In this exclusive video interview written and directed by Horatio Sanz, worldwide celebrity Joseph Kony speaks out about how it feels to have […]
  4. the internet
    Kony 2012 Fallout: Video Flopped in Uganda, Linked to Anti-Gay Christian GroupsThe hottest advocacy video ever rightfully faces mounting criticisms.
  5. the internet
    Why Kony 2012 Went ViralThe advocacy video sweeping the Internet had a very specific game plan.
  6. ‘Stop Kony’ Video Goes Viral, Seeking Justice for Ugandans [Updated]The video follows a humanitarian effort to stop a madman from murdering and exploiting Ugandan children.