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Josh Dean Is The Closer

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    Spain, Champions of the WorldSpain beats the Netherlands 1–0 to win the World Cup.
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    Can the Dutch Do It?A preview of the Spain-Netherlands World Cup final on Sunday.
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    More Cowbell! Puyol Saves the Day!Spain dominates Germany to head to the World Cup finals.
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    Good-bye, South America: It’s a Eurocentric PlanetSpain vs. Germany in the World Cup’s potentially best game so far.
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    Today, the ‘Lesser’ of the SemifinalsUruguay-Netherlands: Game on.
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    ¡Dios Mio! Europe Lives!Spain and Germany advance to the semifinals.
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    Poor, Poor GhanaGhana’s awful loss.
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    It’s Quarterfinals Time at the World CupBrazil-Netherlands and Uruguay-Ghana in the quarterfinals.
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    Paraguay, Spain to the Quarters; Ronaldo to the Tanning BedSpain and Paraguay advance to the quarterfinals.
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    Good-bye to Tournament Dark Horses: Brazil Rules AllBrazil and Argentina have been the best two teams in the World Cup so far.
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    Moving On, Without Team USAWe’re all dealing with the loss.
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    USA Loses to Ghana. SAD FACE.The USA loses. Damn.
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    United States–Ghana: It’s Game Day, People!USA-Ghana. IT IS ON.
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    Arrivederci, Italia!Italy loses in a bad World Cup for Europe.
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    Team USA, the Day AfterReflecting back on the U.S.’s win, and looking forward.
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    America: F–K YEAH! A Historic Win, On the Front LinesA look back at the biggest win in U.S.-soccer history.
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    U.S. Soccer’s History, and Future, Is On the Line This MorningThe United States needs to beat Algeria to make the next round.
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    A Good Day for España, and a Bad One for Dear LeaderSpain rebounds in its second-round game, and now it’s time for the final round of group games.
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    The 2014 World Cup Is Going to Be BananasA look back at the weekend of the World Cup.
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    Koman Coulibaly Makes It Difficult to Contain One’s RageDealing with that horrible call ain’t easy.
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    Les Blues, Merde! Messi! Red Cards! And Now: USA! USA! USA!France is pretty much done, and hey: USA! USA!
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    Santa Mierda! Spain Lost!Switzerland upsets Spain, wow.
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    All Hail the All WhitesNew Zealand ties, and North Korea holds its own.
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    Oh, To Be Dutch and On the PitchA great day for the Dutch at the World Cup, less so for the Italians.
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    Germany Yanks World Cup Out of DoldrumsA look back at the weekend of the World Cup.
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    Yes, America, a Draw Is Definitely a WinUSA and England tie, 1–1.
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    A Look Back at World Cup, Day OneA look back at day one.
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    England-USA: How You’re Spending Your SaturdayEngland-USA … IT’S ON.
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    Your Big, Huge World Cup PreviewStory lines, overviews, and everything else from Josh Dean, your official World Cup Closer for this year’s 2010 World Cup.