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  1. The Mets Are Still Sorting Out Their 9/11 Hat DisputeThe league goes on damage control while the Mets search for a solution.
  2. Fixing the Mets: The LineupThe Mets’ season is almost officially over. Time to look at next year.
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    The Mets Are Almost Out of Last Place!The Mets are red hot.
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    Good Night, Sweet Rod BarajasJosh Thole, the job is yours.
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    The Mets See Their Darkest HourThe Mets lose again.
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    Mets Lose, and, Even Worse, Ollie Perez Is Almost BackThe Mets lose their first home series since mid-May.
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    More New Faces for the Mets, Including ‘the Animal’The Mets call two more new guys up.
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    Mets Countdown: No. 20, Josh TholeThe most important players of the upcoming Mets season.
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    Mets Add Third and Fourth Catchers, Continue to Search for a CatcherThey’re almost halfway to fielding baseball’s first all-catcher lineup.