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Joshua Kushner

  1. in-laws
    Karlie Kloss Says Being Related to Jared and Ivanka Is ‘Hard’“It’s been hard.”
  2. congratulations!
    I Would Give My Left Arm to Be a Fly on the Wall at the Kloss-Kushner WeddingTaylor Swift. Ivanka Trump. Donald Trump?
  3. family dynamics
    Jared Kushner’s Brother Protested Gun Violence at March for Our LivesHe was spotted with longtime girlfriend Karlie Kloss.
  4. families
    Jared Kushner’s Brother Reportedly Donated $50,000 to Gun-Violence ProtestJoshua Kushner has apparently thrown his support behind March for Our Lives.
  5. true love
    Karlie Kloss Reportedly Dating Trump’s In-LawTwenty-seven-year-old Joshua Kushner.
  6. white men with money
    Even the Idle Rich Want to Be Tech EntreprenuersThere are Rockefeller heirs involved.
  7. white men with money
    Joshua Kushner Confused by Kids Who Want to Work to Earn MoneyGranted, this is understandable.