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  1. movies
    How a 1970s Jeff Goldblum Film Predicted the Current Journalism CrisisJoan Micklin Silver’s Between the Lines will be eerily familiar to any journalist or writer working today.
  2. whoops
    Trump Befuddled by Two Blonde Women Sitting Next to Each OtherIs this the first sign of eclipse blindness?
  3. recognition
    A Pizza Chain Offered Journalists Free Food for a DayIt was “Love a Journalist Day” at Pi Pizzeria.
  4. Journalists Are Charged and Released After Filming Protest in BahrainThey are headed for the airport. 
  5. subpoenas
    The City Would Like to Hear the Real ‘NYPD Tapes’It subpoenaed the reporter.
  6. oops
    Journalist Learns Gravity Was Not Filmed in SpaceThe hard way.
  7. deaths
    Journalist Michael Hastings, Who Profiled Stanley McChrystal, Has DiedColleagues say he was “fearless.”
  8. sad things
    Associated Press Summer Intern Mysteriously Dies in Mexico CityHe was only 22.
  9. sad things
    NYT Reporter Anthony Shadid Dies in SyriaThe cause of death is apparently an asthma attack.
  10. journalists
    Syrian Citizen Journalist Shot and Killed by Security ForcesThe 24-year-old was shot in the head.
  11. occupy wall street
    Journalists Protest Police Treatment During Occupy Wall Street EvictionMedia organizations have demanded a meeting to discuss the NYPD’s treatment of journalists.
  12. scary things
    Two More Reuters Journalists Missing in SyriaA correspondent has been detained and a photographer has disappeared.
  13. revolt like an egyptian
    Three BBC Journalists Were Tortured in Libya, Two Others Missing and DetainedBBC’s journalists said Libyan prisoners suffered much worse.
  14. cable news
    Talk Box: Cable Talkers Respond to Ted Koppel’s Grumpy Op-EdThe former ABC anchor received some feisty retorts from the opinion shows he blames for ruining television news.
  15. advice
    Tom Brokaw Agrees With Tina Brown: Young People Should Just Move to IndiaJust pack up. India is where the jobs are.
  16. ink-stained wretches
    Captive Times Journalist Freed in AfghanistanThe rescue of Stephen Farrell cost his interpreter and one soldier their lives.