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  1. feminism
    Leave Dianne Feinstein AloneWhat is feminism for if not to protect the right of 89-year-old multimillionaires to keep their jobs at the public’s expense?
  2. intelligencer chats
    Biden’s Promising Opening Move in the Court WarsThe president’s list of judicial nominees shows that Democrats have learned some lessons from the GOP.
  3. politics
    Biden Emphasizes Diversity With First Judicial NomineesBiden unveiled 11 nominees, aiming to quickly make his mark on the federal bench and deliver on his pledge to elevate judges who “look like America.”
  4. vulture bets on berry
    Let Matt Berry Be the Judge of ThatThere’s no justice in the world until he holds the gavel in a TV legal drama.
  5. impeachment
    The Trump Trial Isn’t a Criminal Proceeding, and the Senators Aren’t JurorsIt’s easier to understand an impeachment trial via analogies to criminal proceedings, but it’s dangerously inaccurate, too.
  6. vision 2020
    Let’s Hear More About What 2020 Democrats Can Actually DoThe debates need to focus on how a Democratic president would use their power, and accomplish other goals that might be blocked by GOP lawmakers.
  7. 2020 elections
    Democratic Money Mobilizing to Win SenateIt will still be an uphill battle for Democrats, but they have a decent shot at giving a new president a fighting change to succeed.
  8. the democrats
    Democrats May Have Just Lost Wisconsin for a DecadeLiberals needed to win last night’s State Supreme Court election to prevent the GOP from passing new gerrymanders and voter-suppression laws in 2020.
  9. conservatism
    The Lesson That Republicans Will (Probably) Take From the 2018 MidtermsSpooked by the backlash to ACA repeal, the GOP will probably outsource the grim task of gutting the welfare state to the judiciary next time around.
  10. the national interest
    Senator Dick Durbin Wishes Trump Could Appoint Even More JudgesDemocrats believe things would be better if they had allowed Republicans to keep more judicial vacancies for Trump to fill.
  11. the law
    Is the Judiciary Ready to Handle Harassment Charges?The case of Alex Kozinski, a top appellate judge who has been accused of making unwanted overtures to female clerks, will tell.
  12. 10 Reasons for Liberals to Be Thankful This YearYes, the Trump nightmare continues, but there are growing signs of morning light.
  13. Tide of Right-Wing Judges Could Recede Quickly If Democrats Take Back the SenateThe GOP’s Alabama fiasco and a 2018 wave election could bring back a Democratic Senate and ruin the right’s plan to control the judiciary.
  14. the judicial branch
    Trump Is Nominating White Men to the Courts at an Unprecedented RateAccording to a new analysis by the Associated Press.
  15. Trump Tax Bill Repeals Limits on Politicking From the PulpitIt would have no immediate impact, but repealing the Johnson Amendment redeems a major symbolic Trump promise to conservative Evangelicals.
  16. McConnell Pulls Out the Stops to Smooth Path for Trump’s Judicial Nominees.GOP used the “blue slip” tradition that let senators veto home-state judges to thwart Obama nominations. Now they’re denying Democrats the same power.
  17. Blue-Slip Tradition, Democrats’ Best Weapon Against Right-Wing Judges, in PerilThe century-long tradition of requiring approval of judicial nominees by home-state senators could soon be scrapped under pressure from conservatives.
  18. Judge Praises Convicted Rapist As ‘Extraordinary, Good Man’ During SentencingKeith Robert Vallejo was convicted of sexual abuse and rape.
  19. Sheila Abdus-Salaam, First Black Judge on N.Y.’s Top Court, Found Dead in RiverShe was also the nation’s first female Muslim judge.
  20. Federal Judge Says Trump Incited Violence at Campaign Rally, Lawsuit Can ProceedA federal judge has ruled that what Trump says actually matters, and in the case of a campaign rally last year, plausibly incited violence.
  21. legal system
    The Judge Who Presides Over a ‘Social Emergency Room’“It’s emotional. But the thing to remember is that the law sucks the life out of everything.”
  22. Why the Election of 9 Black Female Judges in Alabama MattersFor a state that still has segregationist language in its constitution, it was a surprise.
  23. Obama’s Latest Judicial Nominee Would Be First Muslim-American JudgeDavid Duke sees it as a sign of impending Sharia law.
  24. eric garner
    Judge Recuses Himself From Garner ProceedingsHis wife is on the board of the hospital whose EMTs responded to the incident.
  25. tough decisions
    Stand-Up Judge Chooses Comedy Over JudgingVince Sicari would rather go for laughs.
  26. Late Night Court: The Lyrical Comedy of Justice J. Michael EakinIf Law & Order has taught us anything, it’s that comedy has no place in law and order (Although as Community, John Mulaney, and countless […]
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    World’s Nicest Judge Says Cop Hit Him in the ThroatThe officer picked the wrong judge to physically assault.
  28. lawyer shows
    The Annoying TV Judges Hall of ShameObjection! Sustained.
  29. cash rules everything around me
    New York State Judges Will Get Their First Raise in 12 YearsDolla dolla bills.
  30. justice
    Judges Just Want Justice. And a Better PaycheckMore judges in New York are opting to return to lucrative private practice.
  31. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Case of the Judge and Penis TurtleA Saratoga County judge could not stop talking about how a cartoon turtle looked like a penis.
  32. double trouble
    Identical Twin Ponzi Schemers Given Identical SentencesThree and a half years in matching outfits.
  33. stupid crime of the day
    Manhattan Judge Busted With ‘Massive Porn Cache’ on Work ComputerDon’t you hate it when you forget to hit “Empty Cache”?
  34. You Can’t Just Hand Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle a Bunch of Scribblings and Call It a Day“You expect the court to rubber-stamp, but we can’t.”
  35. tv
    Shania Twain to American Idol?She may be the J.Lo replacement. Or maybe not.
  36. how justice works
    ‘Solomon-Like’ Judge Gives Internet Scammer Money for a CarHow else was he going to get to Jersey?
  37. style wars
    Silver-Tongued Judge Rolls His Eyes at Andrew Cuomo’s Florid Language“Even in an era of purple prose,” the attorney general is over the top, the judge concludes.
  38. awesome things
    Judge Tells ‘Vexatious’ Bank to Shove ItA verbose judge relieves a Long Island couple of their $525,000 mortgage.
  39. the long arm of the law
    Judge Smacks Down Bank of America’s Settlement With the SEC, Wilde-StyleThe judge quoted Oscar Wilde’s “Lady Windermere’s Fan” in the end of his ruling.
  40. the long arm of the law
    The Punishers: The New York Judges in Charge of Smacking Down Wall StreetThe New Yorkers sentencing Wall Street wrongdoers are a feisty bunch.
  41. Top Chef
    Toby Young Thinks Adam Platt Is, Like, Totally Jealous of HimWe beg to differ.
  42. in other news
    Brooklyn Judges Mockable, StalkableA group of Brooklyn judges are fighting to keep their cushy parking spaces, which they say are necessary to keep them safe. Some wacky environmentalists think that’s laughable.
  43. company town
    Jeb’s JobFINANCE • Lehman landed former Florida governor Jeb Bush as an adviser. Makes you wonder which bank will get the honor of hiring W. when the “first MBA president” finally steps down. [Deal Journal/WSJ] • Does Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis’s move to save Countrywide, the largest mortgage lender in the United States, make him a modern-day J.P. Morgan? [MarketWatch] • John Dyment, the global head of Deutsche Bank’s hedge-fund unit, jumped ship for Shumway Capital Partners, a hedge fund based in Greenwich. [TheStreet.com]
  44. company town
    Giuliani Asks Press to Back Off His Third WifeMEDIA • Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani asks the media to lay off his wife. Media laughs to itself and continues writing. [WCBS-TV via Mediabistro] • In an effort to make viewers stick around for commercials, Fox will experiment with running short programming clips during the break. [WSJ] • The entire Harper’s archive is online, a cornerstone of the magazine’s relaunched Website. [Harper’s]
  45. intel
    Bush-Cousin Judge Won’t Be Investigated for Car Crash That Killed New Haven CopA federal judge who is George W. Bush’s cousin killed a New Haven, Connecticut, police officer in a traffic accident in October, and this afternoon New Haven police decided not to pursue criminal charges. Judge John Mercer Walker Jr., a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, is first cousin to former President George H.W. Bush — they share a grandfather, George Herbert Walker — and first cousin once removed to the current president. On October 17, in what a New Haven police spokeswoman termed “difficult weather conditions,” the 66-year-old Walker was driving an SUV that struck 38-year-old Officer Daniel Picagli, a seventeen-year veteran of the New Haven police department.
  46. the morning line
    Cops and Yoko • The NYPD is developing a scary trend in the people-killing arena. Another man, this one in the Bronx, was fatally shot by the cops last night — four times and at very close range, witnesses say. He was armed, at least. [amNY] • Both tabloids lead with Yoko Ono’s extortion news, which we reported yesterday; today’s added value is the following tidbit: The driver claims that rock’s First Widow is just trying to stop him from proceeding with a valid sexual-harassment case against her. Eww. [NYP] • It’s hard to top If I Did It, so Judith Regan’s next book project is a “biographical novel” about Mickey Mantle. Tame enough, except it calls Billy Martin a rapist and includes fictional scenes of Mantle sexin’ Marilyn Monroe, who just “lies there staring at him.” [NYDN] • The Times continues its disturbing — and sometimes darkly hilarious — series on New York’s deranged small-town justice. In this one, a judge sentences young male cons to “judge’s probation,” which involves them hanging out with him, driving his car, and, in one case, moving in with him. [NYT] • And Peter Boyle is dead at 71. Judging from the headlines, the press seems intent on remembering this fantastic character actor (one of John Lennon’s best friends, by the way) as the dad on Everybody Loves Raymond, to which we can only respond: Go rent Taxi Driver. Now. [WNBC]
  47. intel
    Lawyers’ Group Seeks Inquiry Into Brooklyn’s Anti-Immigrant Author-JudgeWhen we saw yesterday that Brooklyn judge John Wilson wrote a children’s book, Hot House Flowers, that reads as a not-so subtle dis on immigrants — “dandelions,” in his telling, barge into a happy hothouse and proceed to spawn legions of weedlike children who take up all the soil and drink all the water — we thought, Well, that’s not going to sell in New York, like, at all. But poor sales may be the least of “Border in the Court” Wilson’s problems. The Legal Aid Society of New York just told its staff that it is requesting an inquiry by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct into whether His Honor can be trusted to rule impartially in cases involving immigrants. Perhaps Wilson will soon have more time to tend his own garden? — Jon Steinberg Judge Is in Immig Groups’ Bad Books [NYDN]