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Julia Allison

  1. vulture lists
    The Ten Worst People on Reality TV: Summer 2012 EditionWe’ve gone ahead and ranked the most unfortunate personalities currently infesting reality television.
  2. rich people
    Bravo’s New Series Are Very Bravo-yRich people stuff, etc.
  3. slideshow
    Sympathy for The Zuckerberg: Tech CEOs’ Youthful Indiscretions
  4. lifecasters
    If Julia Allison Quits the Internet, Will She Continue to Exist?Guess we’ll find out.
  5. skin deep
    Youth Knows No Pain Examines Anti-Aging IndustryA plastic surgeon’s daughter makes a documentary about what people will do to stay young-looking.
  6. party lines
    Cruise, Demi, and Portman at the WHCA DinnerVal Kilmer’s not really running for governor of New Mexico, Christopher Hitches said a kind of iffy thing about Wanda Sykes, and Elizabeth Banks is allergic to French pollen. And more dish from Washington’s prom on Saturday night.
  7. interior decorating
    Nouriel Roubini’s Wall Vaginas Revealed!At last, photos of Dr. Doom’s curious wall art.
  8. media deathwatch
    ‘Time’ Has Poor Holiday TimingThat and the rest of the news from our bad media Monday.
  9. Freebies
    Scream for Free Ice Cream!The newly expanded Dylan’s Candy Bar is giving it away from noon to 2 p.m.
  10. ink-stained wretches
    Ben Widdicombe Goes to ‘Star’The former ‘Daily News’ gossip columnist will be an editor-at-large at the celebrity weekly.
  11. intel
    Julia Allison Lost Her Job: A Little Lesson in MicrofameThe sex columnist is out of her editor-at-large gig at ‘Star,’ and grappling with the most difficult step of the microfame process: persisting.
  12. party lines
    Video: Women on Women at the Gracie AwardsWe ask the top women in media what the glass ceiling is all about.
  13. intel
    Emily Gould Will Not Let Us Ignore Her Upcoming ‘Times Magazine’ Cover StoryThus, a word of warning to those who will read the story and make judgments about the blog generation.
  14. NewsFeed
    Balthazar’s Taped-Up Banquettes Are Still Fit for SnoggingDespite the shabby state of Balthazar’s seats, make-out sessions are still making the gossip columns.
  15. multiple choice
    Pop Quiz: Know Your Media LadiesYesterday and today, the Times profiled three women in media: Julia Allison, Arianna Huffington, and Lauren Zalaznick. Despite differences in their ages and careers, the three of them seem of a type.
  16. party lines
    Leven Rambin Is Ready for Her Close-up, and Perhaps a Foreign Child“Remember this girl,” photographer Patrick McMullan said, gesturing to gal-about-town Leven Rambin during a party for Lizzie Fortunato Jewels and Timo! Wallets Tuesday night.
  17. office-party patrol
    John Mayer Was the Second-Tallest Man at the Sunshine Sachs Holiday Party What’s that sucking sound? Oh, right — that’s the Ghost of Christmas Present siphoning all feeling but holiday cheer out of the city. It’s December, people, and you know what that means. Company holiday parties! This is the week the season kicks into high gear, and so we’re reintroducing our Office-Party Patrol feature. Last year, we had dedicated partygoer Julia Allison crash company booze fests, but now she is too booby and famous, so we’re doing it ourselves. If we can’t get into a party, we’ll accost the drunkest person we see leaving it and find out everything you’re missing. In today’s premier installment, we take you to the ever-evolving Sunshine Sachs PR party and the ever-devolving CollegeHumor.com fête — and we rank each one for food, drink, venue, debauchery, and exclusivity. Who won? Don’t be silly people — at office holiday parties, nobody wins.