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  1. wikileaks
    Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment QuestionsAssange claims he is a journalist, but the Justice Department appears to be treating him as if he were a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden.
  2. where are they now?
    Good Night, Embassy Cat, and Good LuckWherever you are, we hope you’re in better, less manipulative hands.
  3. crime
    WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested: Everything We KnowAssange faces one count of conspiracy to hack a computer.
  4. crime
    Read the U.S. Indictment Against Julian AssangeThe United States has charged Assange with one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.
  5. pets
    Why Is Julian Assange Fighting With the Ecuadorian Government Over a Cat?Someone extricate the innocent cat!
  6. Julian Assange Could Be Booted From Ecuadorian Embassy ‘Any Day Now’The WikiLeaks founder could face charges from Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S.
  7. Roger Stone Sought Clinton Emails From Assange in September 2016New emails reveal Stone sought access to stolen dirt from WikiLeaks — and recently warned an associate not to “run your mouth” to investigators.
  8. select all
    Julian Assange Got in Trouble for Stealing a Viral VideoYou gotta keep engagement up somehow.
  9. missed connections
    Pam Anderson Tried to Get Secret Service Agents to Let Her Meet Mike PenceHey, worth a shot.
  10. love and war
    Sorry, Pamela Anderson’s Sexy Vegan Restaurant Isn’t HappeningAnd that’s bad news for Julian Assange.
  11. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Looks Like Pam Anderson Is Attempting to Negotiate Julian Assange’s Asylum In a blog post extolling Assange’s “sexiness,” she reached out to Emmanuel Macron, Jeremy Corbyn, and China.
  12. wikileaks
    Sweden Drops Rape Investigation of Julian AssangeThe WikiLeaks founder’s lawyer called it “a total victory.”
  13. delays
    Laura Poitras Cancels Assange Doc Screening to Add Jeff Sessions UpdateRisk’s May 5 release date is unaffected.
  14. spy games
    The U.S. May Be Preparing to Charge WikiLeaks Founder Julian AssangeIt’s still unclear how they could charge him without creating legal problems for mainstream journalists.
  15. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Risk, the New Documentary About Julian AssangeScarier than that trailer for It.
  16. Pam Anderson Wrote a Blog Post on Her Feelings About Julian AssangeShe called him “one of my favorite people.”
  17. Nigel Farage Visits Embassy Where Assange Lives, Says He Can’t Remember WhyOne British paper is reporting that Farage and Assange met at the Ecuadorian embassy.
  18. stimulating conversation
    Pamela Anderson Is Happy to Have You Believe That She’s Dating Julian Assange“I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex husbands and lovers combined.”
  19. useful advice
    Chuck Lorre Tells Julian Assange to Hack Trump“Time to step up, J-man.”
  20. the national interest
    Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and the Control of the Republican MindThe cruelest, most condescending, and also devastatingly correct indictment of Donald Trump’s supporters was uttered by Trump himself.
  21. select all
    Could a 14-Year-Old Have Hacked John Podesta?Trump is leaning on Assange’s word, but the evidence tells a different story.
  22. select all
    Something Weird (or Weirder Than Normal) Is Happening at WikiLeaksSome suspicious files are causing Reddit and other message boards to wonder if WikiLeaks has been compromised.
  23. theories
    Did Julian Assange Put a Necktie on His Cat to Distract From Rape Charges?On the day Julian Assange was interviewed by Swedish prosecutors over rape accusations at the Ecuadorian embassy, his cat was seen wearing a necktie.
  24. select all
    ‘Citizen Journalism’ Is a Catastrophe Right Now, and It’ll Only Get WorseIn theory, the internet could be a great place for crowdsourced journalism, analysis, and debunking. In theory.
  25. unlikely friends
    Julian Assange Not Satisfied by Lunch Hand-Delivered by Pam AndersonTurns out Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange are buddies.
  26. select all
    Explaining the Rumor That Hillary Clinton Wanted to Drone-Strike Julian AssangeA gonzo website called True Pundit has figured out how to game the internet’s paranoia-dissemination networks.
  27. Swedish Court Upholds Warrant in Rape Case Against WikiLeaks’ Julian AssangeHe will still be questioned next month at the Ecuadorian embassy about the case.
  28. No, WikiLeaks Isn’t Trying to Hack Trump’s Tax ReturnsJulian Assange said it was in a Friday-night interview, but the organization soon dismissed its founder’s assertion.
  29. wikileaks
    Will a WikiLeaks Email Get Clinton Imprisoned?Hordes of internet denizens are convinced he has made that claim, but the real story is stranger.
  30. select all
    Why Did WikiLeaks Help Dox Most of Turkey’s Adult Female Population?The radical-transparency organization has not showered itself in glory lately, and this may be the weirdest, most dishonest example yet.
  31. cannes 2016
    Lady Gaga’s Unlikely Cameo in Assange Doc“Do you ever just want to fucking cry, even when you’re happy?”
  32. nothing like a dame
    Clothes Will Be Much More Expensive in the FutureAccording to Vivienne Westwood.
  33. international intrigue
    Sweden and Ecuador Strike Deal to Question Julian Assange in LondonWithout forcing him to leave the Ecuadorean embassy.
  34. international man of mystery
    Cops to Stop Waiting for Assange Outside EmbassyThe operation has cost more than $17.1 million.
  35. great escapes
    Ecuador Mulled Smuggling Julian Assange to Freedom via Bag, HelicopterInstead he’ll probably just wait out the statutes of limitations.
  36. international intrigue
    Sweden to Drop Julian Assange Sexual-Assault InvestigationBut he’ll still face a rape accusation.
  37. sony hack
    Thanks to WikiLeaks, You Can Now Search Through All the Leaked Sony EmailsJulian Assange strikes again.
  38. international intrigue
    Swedish Prosecutors Offer to Question Julian Assange in LondonAfter five years, the statute of limitations on the sex crimes charges is about to run out.
  39. dress like julian assange
    WikiLeaks Is Getting Into the Fashion GameSeriously.
  40. the future is now
    Julian Assange Appeared in Nantucket Via HologramHe’s still stuck in the embassy.
  41. international man of mystery
    Julian Assange: Leaving That Embassy Eventually“Soon.” The man is all about building anticipation.
  42. media
    Julian Assange Probably Won’t Face Charges for Publishing WikiLeaksThe Justice Department doesn’t want to have to go after the New York Times, too.
  43. unlikely bffs
    Watch Julian Assange Open M.I.A’s ShowVia Skype, of course.
  44. loose lips
    Julian Assange Has a Movie RecommendationSkip The Fifth Estate, watch There Will Be Blood.
  45. party chat
    Benedict Cumberbatch Reflects on the Difficulties of Playing Julian Assange At a screening of The Fifth Estate.
  46. loose lips
    The 7 Most Julian Assange–y Lines in His Dramatic Letter to Benedict Cumberbatch“Our paths will be forever entwined.” 
  47. wikileaks leaks
    WikiLeaks Leaks The Fifth Estate Script in Typical ProtestThey’re even calling it “the anti-WikiLeaks movie.”
  48. the most important people in the world
    Julian Assange Cameos in White-Rap YouTube VideoEw.
  49. twitter-stained wretches
    Time’s Michael Grunwald Is Ready for a Drone Strike on Julian AssangeHe tweeted that he “can’t wait” to write the defense of it.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bradley Manning: ‘I’m Sorry I Hurt the U.S.’Assange isn’t buying it.
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