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  1. #metoo
    Junot Díaz Welcomed Back by Pulitzer Board After Sexual-Misconduct InvestigationThe author stepped down as Pulitzer chairman in May amid sexual-misconduct allegations.
  2. sexual misconduct
    Pulitzer Prize Board Clears Junot Díaz After Review of Misconduct AllegationsThe author stepped down from his role as chairman in May while the organization oversaw an investigation.
  3. Junot Díaz Says He Was ‘Shocked’ by Sexual-Misconduct Allegations Against Him“This doesn’t sound like anything that’s in my life, anything that’s me.”
  4. junot diaz
    Junot Díaz Cleared in MIT Sexual-Misconduct InquiryHe’ll return to teach classes there this fall.
  5. profile
    Misogyny Is Boring As HellCarmen Maria Machado writes fantastical tales about the banal horrors of sexism. Lately, it’s her story about Junot Díaz that’s getting attention.
  6. books
    3 Boston Review Poetry Editors Resign Over the Magazine’s Handling of Junot DíazDíaz has been an editor at the magazine since 2003.
  7. sexual misconduct
    Junot Díaz Steps Down As Pulitzer Chairman Amid Sexual-Misconduct AllegationsThe Pulitzer Prize board has opened an independent review of the accusations against the novelist.
  8. investigations
    Junot Díaz Steps Down As Pulitzer Chairman Amid Sexual-Misconduct AllegationsThe Pulitzer Prize board has opened an independent review of the accusations against the novelist.
  9. #metoo
    Pulitzer Prize Board Investigating Junot Díaz for MisconductDíaz says he will cooperate with the review.
  10. #metoo
    Author Alisa Valdes Describes Junot Díaz’s Alleged ‘Misogynistic Abuse’In a blog post titled, “I tried to warn you about Junot Díaz.”
  11. #metoo
    Junot Díaz Withdraws From Writers’ Festival After Public Misconduct Accusation“As for so many in positions of power, the moment to reckon with the consequences of past behavior has arrived,” the festival said in a statement.
  12. #metoo
    Junot Díaz’s Accuser Confronted Him Live During a Q&AIt was unclear to the hundreds of attendees whether Díaz recognized her, or pretended not to.
  13. #metoo
    Junot Díaz Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Verbal AbuseThree women have come forward with allegations against the prominent writer, ranging from forced kissing to verbal abuse.
  14. books
    Junot Díaz Pens Essay About Childhood Sexual Abuse: ‘It F*cked Up My Whole Life’“I never told anyone what happened, but today I’m telling you.”
  15. politics
    400 Authors Pen Open Letter Against TrumpThe list of authors who hate Trump is yuuuuge.
  16. new yorker festival
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants To Film Hamilton [Updated]Plus, a cut rap battle from the show and a possible collaboration with Junot Díaz.
  17. new yorker festival
    Junot Díaz Can’t Stand Trump’s Immigration Talk“America is as addicted to immigrants as it is addicted to cocaine; you withdraw immigrants from this country, America would just be a shivery, shitting-itself wreck.”
  18. looking back
    Stephen Colbert Was Late Night’s Most Passionate Book-NerdFor nine years, Colbert enlisted roughly two writers a week into a bizarre form of theater.
  19. milestones
    Happy Birthday, Dungeons & Dragons!Here’s the skinny on the world’s most enduring nerd game.
  20. The Grub Street Diet
    Junot Díaz Grabs Ramen, Pizza, and ‘Fight-Worthy’ Chicken While“I don’t mess with queso frito anymore.”
  21. immigration reform
    Junot Díaz on Superman’s Immigration Status“On Krypton, do they speak Spanish?” asks Colbert.
  22. awards
    Junot Díaz and Dave Eggers Among National Book Award FinalistsIt’s called reading, guys.
  23. mad money
    Junot Díaz Is Among This Year’s MacArthur Fellowship WinnersThat’s $500,000 big ones to keep him writing.
  24. important male writers
    Female Writers Absent From Vogue’s Edith Wharton SpreadMssrs. Diaz, Foer, and Eugenides are all accounted for. 
  25. junot diaz
    Geek Out Over Comic Books With Junot DíazYeah, he loves comic books. What about it?
  26. alter ids
    Some of Junot Díaz’s Best Friends Are WomenDoes writing a sexist character make you sexist? What if the character is based on you?
  27. fall preview 2012
    Junot Diaz Loves Short Stories, Even If You Don’t“Writing short stories in a culture like ours is like giving birth to girls in a Dominican conservative family in the fifties.”
  28. junot diaz
    Junot Díaz Will Publish a New Book of Short Stories in SeptemberTitled This Is How You Lose Her.
  29. See the Libraries of Famous WritersAh, so that’s what Gary Shteyngart’s library looks like.
  30. books
    Pulitzer-Winner Junot Díaz Describes His Biggest Pop-Culture Influences’Zardoz’!
  31. Celebrity Settings
    Celebs Flock to SonsiePlus: Cameron Diaz, Howard Zinn, and more, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  32. countdown
    Pulitzer Winner Junot Díaz Goes Sci-fiThe Pulitzer winner drops the opening of his novel-in-progress onto the Web.
  33. kudos
    Bob Dylan Wins a Pulitzer PrizeWhat, the guy isn’t esteemed enough already?
  34. ink-stained wretches
    ‘Times,’ Díaz Get PulitzersThe Pulitzer Prizes were just awarded at Columbia University this afternoon, and a few hometown heroes took high honors.
  35. kudos
    ‘New York’ Critic Sam Anderson Enlivens National Book Critics Circle AwardsBest speech of the night has to go to Sam Anderson, who gave a rousing defense of the art of criticism.
  36. the early word
    Book Expo GalleyWatch: Which Fall Books Got the Biggest Push?