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  1. White House Warns CNN That Critical Coverage Could Cost Time Warner Its MergerThe Trump administration is now openly threatening to use the Justice Department as a tool for punishing critical speech.
  2. Deputy Attorney General May Recuse Himself From Russia ProbeThat would leave Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand in charge. Here’s what you need to know about her.
  3. Jeff Sessions Still Doesn’t Have a Convincing Story on Comey FiringIn his Senate testimony, he acted like a lawyer with an especially difficult client — which is kind of true.
  4. Trump’s Lawyer to File Complaint Over Comey’s ‘Leaked’ MemoComey made “unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president,” Marc Kasowitz said.
  5. Trump Nominates Christopher Wray for FBI DirectorWray is a former assistant attorney general — and was Chris Christie’s attorney during the “Bridgegate” scandal.
  6. For Trump, Loyalty Is Everything — and a One-Way StreetHe’s totally willing to turn devoted supporters and staffers into scapegoats. That’s going to cause big problems.
  7. Trump Bolsters Legal Case Against His ‘Travel Ban’ in Insane TweetstormTrump says the Justice Department never should have “watered down” his original “travel ban,” which included a preference for non-Muslim refugees.
  8. Here Are the 8 (Reported) Finalists for FBI DirectorThe White House is considering replacing James Comey with a sitting Republican senator.
  9. Senate Dems Looking for 3 Republicans Brave Enough to Help Them Get Russia ProbeBy holding confirmation of a Comey successor hostage to an independent-inquiry demand.
  10. Trump: I Would Have Fired ‘Showboat’ Comey Without Sessions’s RecommendationThe president also said that he’d asked Comey whether the FBI was investigating him, and Comey had assured him that it was not.
  11. Respected Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Gave Trump Cover to Fire ComeyHe offered a cogent argument from a highly regarded source. Not that Trump believed it.
  12. Justice Department Declines to Bring Charges in Alton Sterling ShootingThe video of police officers shooting Sterling dead sparked unrest in Baton Rouge last year.
  13. crime
    Sessions Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Police ReformsThe attorney general ordered a review of police reform agreements nationwide to ensure they don’t violate the Trump administration’s principles.
  14. Jeff Sessions Broke His Own Main PromiseHis reputation for letter-of-the-law integrity was his chief claim to high office. Not disclosing meetings with a Russian official shatters that.
  15. Trump to Keep James Comey As FBI DirectorThe decision comes amid an FBI investigation into ties between Russia and Trump’s associates — and a DOJ investigation into Comey’s infamous letter.
  16. Trump Can Legally Give His Son-in-Law a White House Job, Justice Department SaysJared Kushner’s appointment as a senior White House adviser does not violate anti-nepotism laws, according to the Office of Legal Counsel.
  17. Trump’s Pick to Enforce Civil Rights Is an Expert at Defending GOP Voting LawsJohn Gore has defended Republican redistricting plans and voting-roll purges against allegations of civil-rights violations.
  18. DOJ Report Rips Chicago Police for Poor Training, Excessive Force, Racial BiasA withering report from the Justice Department finds a brutal pattern of abuse by the CPD, blames it on “severely deficient” training and oversight.
  19. Justice Department Inspector General to Investigate Comey LetterThe investigation will also cover alleged DOJ leaks to the Clinton campaign and whether certain officials should have recused themselves.
  20. Jeff Sessions Makes the Case That He Is Not Too Racist to Be Attorney GeneralThe Alabama senator argues that his prosecution of black activists for voter fraud was a testament to his commitment to voting rights.
  21. Racist or Not, Sessions Chose the Wrong Side in the Fight for Voting RightsWe should fear that Trump’s attorney general pick will use his enormous powers against the powerless — because he’s done it before.
  22. Antonin Scalia Might Have Saved Sanctuary CitiesHis ruling in a 1997 gun-control case could prevent Trump from punishing cities that refuse to cooperate with mass deportation.
  23. There’s a New Federal Plan to Track Police Killings Across the United StatesThe Justice Department announced the initiative Thursday.
  24. The Justice Department Will End Its Use of Private PrisonsAfter finding such prisons provide inferior service to state-run facilities, DOJ no longer thinks incarceration should be a for-profit enterprise.
  25. The Justice Department Issues Scathing Indictment of the Baltimore Police The DOJ found that Baltimore police violated residents’ constitutional rights through unlawful stops and excessive force.
  26. politics
    FBI Conducts ‘Voluntary’ Interview With Hillary Clinton Over Email Server UseThe three-and-a-half-hour meeting happened Saturday morning at FBI headquarters, following a controversial week for the Clintons over the investigation. 
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Justice Department Won’t Block Lawsuit Over CIA Torture ProgramIn an unprecedented move, the department is not invoking state secrets to prevent the case from proceeding.
  28. Former Clinton Staffer Granted Immunity in Email InvestigationThe FBI is trying to determine whether the presence of highly classified information on Clinton’s server constitutes a crime.
  29. Food Safety
    U.S. Justice Department Launches Criminal Investigation of Blue BellThe government wants to know when the company discovered listeria at its ice-cream plants.
  30. police shootings
    Justice Department Investigating Chicago Police’s Use of ForceAfter the shooting of Laquan McDonald, the Feds want to know how widespread problems might be. 
  31. Edward Snowden to DOJ: Call Me Maybe?The NSA whistle-blower is ready to go to jail, if necessary.
  32. crimes and misdemeanors
    Florida Man Accused of Trying to Bomb 9/11 EventHe allegedly asked the informant to build a pressure-cooker bomb and “put as much sharp stuff as you can in there.”
  33. Big Changes Are Coming to Ferguson Courts This WeekAll arrest warrants from before December 2014 will be withdrawn. 
  34. charleston shooting
    Charleston Shooting Suspect Will Reportedly Face Federal Hate-Crime ChargesTwenty-one-year-old Dylann Roof already faces murder charges — and potentially a death-penalty sentence — in South Carolina court. 
  35. justice department
    The Justice Department Is Investigating Why Your Vacation Flights Cost So MuchThe federal government thinks a few airlines may be illegally working together to keep prices high.
  36. justice department
    Dennis Hastert Pleads Not Guilty to Federal ChargesHastert was indicted in May for illegally structuring bank withdrawals.
  37. Woman Says Denny Hastert Sexually Abused Her Brother“He damaged Steve I think more than any of us will ever know.”
  38. silk road
    Ross Ulbricht, Founder of Silk Road, Sentenced to Life in Prison“I wish I could go back and convince myself to take a different path.”
  39. justice department
    Denny Hastert Indictment Linked to Alleged Decades-Old Case of Sexual MisconductThe Los Angeles Times reports that the payments were made to conceal sexual misconduct.
  40. police brutality
    Cleveland Agrees to Implement Strict Rules to Prevent Police BrutalityThe Justice Department demands that the city change its policing after getting national attention for brutality.
  41. baltimore
    Baltimore Asks DOJ to Review Police Department“We have to have a foundation of trust, and I believe that we need the assistance of the Department of Justice … “
  42. baltimore
    Loretta Lynch Meets Freddie Gray’s Family“This is a flashpoint situation. We lost a young man’s life, and it begins to represent so many things.’’
  43. DOJ to Give Up to 50 Police Departments Grants for Body Cameras$20 million will be given out to police departments — with a focus on smaller ones.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Protests Continue As Justice Department Opens Probe of Freddie Gray’s DeathBaltimore’s police department was already under investigation.
  45. DEA Chief to Retire After Sex-Party ScandalMichele Leonhart has run the DEA since 2007.
  46. obvious rules
    Holder Reminds Federal Employees That Soliciting Prostitutes Is Illegal“The solicitation of prostitution threatens the core mission of the Department.”
  47. Ferguson Releases Copies of Racist EmailsOne features a photo of Ronald Reagan holding a chimpanzee labeled “Reagan babysitting Barack Obama.”
  48. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez IndictedHe has been charged with 14 counts, including bribery and conspiracy.
  49. Obama Doubles Number of Commutations He’s Given in One Day The White House commutes 22 drug sentences.
  50. DEA Agents Host Cartel-Funded Sex PartiesA Department of Justice report reveals how the government deals with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. 
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