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  1. wtf
    Crikey! Luke Bryan Gifted His Wife Two Baby Kangaroos for ChristmasIt’s apparently legal in Tennessee.
  2. vulture lists
    How Will HBO Kill Its Next Kangaroo?The Leftovers and The Young Pope both killed kangaroos. Which HBO show will commit the next marsupial murder?
  3. it comes from a land down under
    So, Was That a Real Kangaroo on The Young Pope?Hark, a wild kanga appears.
  4. cute things
    Is Anyone Else Jealous of Alexander Skarsgård? If only we could get so close too.
  5. talk about a squad
    Let This Kangaroo Take His Damn Selfie in PeacePhotobombing in Australia.
  6. australian puppies!!
    Kangaroo vs. Dog: Nature’s Weirdest BattleThe kangaroo tries to drown the dog. 
  7. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Need You to Get Me Some ChildrenIt’s time for a roo’d awakening!
  8. What to Eat
    Lawmakers Didn’t Know Jack About KangaroosMore details on the return of kangaroo to the city’s menus.