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Keith Haring

  1. video
    Watch This Guy Re-create a Keith Haring Mural Out of BalloonsMeet Robert Moy, the balloon-artist master.
  2. unreal estate
    $10 Million Tribeca Maisonette Comes With Original Keith Haring MuralThe mural was unearthed during renovations.
  3. legends
    Patti Astor, Eighties Art-Scene Icon And Wild Style Star, Still Has FunThe East Village art-scene pioneer and indie-movie icon takes Vulture on a walking tour through a lost world.
  4. zoom on this
    Zoom on This: Ralph, Proenza, and MarchesaIt’s all in the details.
  5. clickables
    See Pages From Keith Haring’s JournalsFantastic.
  6. first looks
    Slideshow: Roxanne Lowit’s Iconic PhotographsPlus Amanda Lepore, Keith Haring, and Yves Saint Laurent.
  7. Empire Building
    For His Next Move Starr Gets HistoricalThe restaurateur is aiming for the Upper West Side for his next project.
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: Keith Haring ChairThese kid-size chairs are inspired by the Keith Haring’s “radiant baby” drawings.
  9. neighborhood news
    New Defacement on Shepard Fairey’s Houston Street Mural: ‘Bring Back the Haring’The Shepard creation has taken some serious beatings.
  10. artsy
    Os Gemeos Dedicate Their New Mural to Dash SnowVandals have also already tagged the mural with the phrase “Blog about this.”
  11. artsy
    Os Gemeos Begin Work on Their MuralTheir mural is currently being painted on the corner of Bowery and Houston.
  12. artsy
    Os Gemeos Tapped to Replace Haring’s Mural on Bowery and HoustonAccording to Deitch, “the mural will blend ideas from the artist’s daily life with the fantasy or ‘ludico’ world where the recognizable is harmonically blended with the abstract.”
  13. artsy
    Bowery and Houston Loses Its Keith Haring MuralThe Day-Glo corner just got a white paint job, in anticipation of a new mural.