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  1. cable news news
    MSNBC Suspends Joe Scarborough for Two Days for Political DonationsAwkwardly, ‘Politico,’ for which Scarborough writes a column, uncovered them.
  2. cable news news
    Another Quickly Reversed Olbermann-Related Suspension“Worst Persons in the World” will return tonight.
  3. cable news
    Talk Box: Cable Talkers Respond to Ted Koppel’s Grumpy Op-EdThe former ABC anchor received some feisty retorts from the opinion shows he blames for ruining television news.
  4. cable news news
    The Real Keith Olbermann ReturnsHis self-regard is still intact, and he spends an hour making references to his suspension.
  5. cable news
    Talk Box: Rand Paul Stays Vague About Spending Cuts, Gets Testy With SpitzerPaul to Spitzer: “Your personal agenda is getting in the way of you being a very effective broadcaster.”
  6. ink-stained wretches
    Fake Keith Olbermann Is Very MeanColumnist Stu Bykofsky gets into a heated debate with someone he believes to be Keith Olbermann.
  7. cable news news
    What Does Keith Olbermann Do When He’s Suspended?He releases open letters to his fans, and blogs about baseball.
  8. cable news news
    Keith Olbermann Will Be Back on TuesdaySometimes “suspended indefinitely” doesn’t mean fired.
  9. olbermann-gate
    For Keith Olbermann, an Apology May Have Been Just Too Much to Give“Keith Olbermann was suspended because he refused to deliver an on-camera mea culpa.”
  10. olbermann-gate
    Rachel Maddow: Olbermann Suspension Proves MSNBC Is No Fox NewsCountdown to a new statement from MSNBC begins.
  11. cable news news
    Keith Olbermann Is Not Above the Law at MSNBC [Updated]He’s been suspended indefinitely without pay.
  12. cable news news
    Let Keith Olbermann Donate to DemocratsWhy should this matter for Keith Olbermann?
  13. best friends?
    Guess Who Conan Doesn’t Want As Guest?(Hint: It’s the same guy who cost him his old job.)
  14. cable news news
    Fox News Crushes Rival Cable Networks on Election NightThis should be no surprise by now.
  15. cable news
    Talk Box: Kentucky Reminds Chris Matthews of Thirties GermanyPlus, Keith Olbermann interviews the MoveOn.org rep who got her head stomped on.
  16. cable news
    Talk Box: It’s Already Over for Democrats (on Cable News)Plus, the Washington ‘Post”s Eugene Robinson and Keith Olbermann see gridlock as a political “wet dream” for Barack Obama.
  17. cable news
    Bill O’Reilly Has Juan Williams’ BackPlus, Rachel Maddow wants to remind everyone that Williams’s firing is SO not a First Amendment issue, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  18. cable news news
    Parker/Spitzer Ratings Lackluster: Only 460,000 Tuned In to Debut ShowWe learned this from reading Keith Olbermann’s Twitter.
  19. party chat
    Keith Olbermann Owes His Job to Lou Dobbs’s Personal LifeThe MSNBC toast also chatted about his father at the Thurber Awards last night.
  20. media
    Buck Showalter Doesn’t Care for Keith OlbermannThis has nothing to do with politics, by the way.
  21. cable news news
    Report: Keith Olbermann Out at Football Night in AmericaThe decision to pull him was not related to his political views.
  22. master of your domain
    Not So Fast, Keith OlbermannHe may have more difficulty getting his domain name than he realizes.
  23. in other news
    The Daily Caller May Regret Buying That Keith Olbermann SiteAn attorney who specializes in domain-name disputes thinks Olbermann has a pretty solid case.
  24. in other news
    Keith Olbermann Isn’t Worried About the New, Unflattering Website in His NameWe might have a legal battle on our hands, though.
  25. america's sweetheart
    Olbermann Takes Sarah Palin to Task for ‘Eureka’ GaffeError reflects “her downright endorsement of stupidity instead of intelligence,” he says.
  26. cable news catfights
    Olbermann Lashes Down at Brown From Own Bobbing PerchWay to kick a gal when she’s down, Olbs.
  27. cable news news
    Is Keith Olbermann More Vengeful Than Even Roger Ailes?Let’s compare two recent gaffes at MSNBC and Fox News.
  28. in other news
    Basically, Everybody at MSNBC Seems Terrified of Keith OlbermannThat’s what a series of events today leads us to believe.
  29. cable news news
    John Hodgman Teaches Keith Olbermann About TwitterAnd he was, as always, funny.
  30. chatroulette
    Jon Stewart and Friends Give ChatRoulette a SpinOlbermann: “I think one of us is supposed to take our pants off now.”
  31. cable news catfights
    It Seems Like Keith Olbermann Is Trying to Tell Us Something About Dan AbramsWe can’t quite put our finger on it …
  32. gossipmonger
    Real Housewives May Have to Go On Without Bethenny and SilexFirst we hear that our favorite cast member is out after this season, and now we hear that our favorite cast members to hate may be out, too!
  33. cable news
    Phil Griffin Orders MSNBC Talent to Stop the InfightingOlbermann and Scarborough ordered to simmer down.
  34. in other news
    Talking Heads Weigh in on Scott Brown’s VictoryThey had a lot to say but we boiled it down to 71 seconds.
  35. what could possibly go wrong?
    Bart Scott Would Rather Not Play for Rush LimbaughIf Rush Limbaugh is able to buy the Rams, there will be some very angry players.
  36. sad tales
    Chuck Knoblauch Continues His DescentErrant second-baseman still hasn’t gotten his life together.
  37. gossipmonger
    Brad Pitt Used to Be a StonerPlus, Steven Tyler fell off a stage, Posh Spice joins ‘American Idol,’ and more celebrity tidbits in our daily gossip roundup.
  38. in other news
    Keith Olbermann Tries His Hardest to Disprove Corporate-Collusion StoryThe MSNBC host went after his Fox News rival hard last night.
  39. in other news
    Don’t Worry, Olbermann and O’Reilly Will Be Back At It in No TimeEven though their distant parents told them to sit still and behave.
  40. gossipmonger
    Amy Winehouse Reportedly Stole Coke From Kate MossWe’re not sure why this matters, as there’s no chance Kate is going to get it back. Plus, Jessica Simpson is thin again and Kevin Federline is getting fatter in today’s roundup of celebrity ephemera.
  41. hellivision
    Howard Dean to Fill In for Keith OlbermannWeird. And yet also, not.
  42. gossipmonger
    Madonna Switches TeamsThe Material Mom took her kids, and Jesus Luz, to a Mets game — where she hung out with Anderson Cooper.
  43. today in torture
    Keith Olbermann Really Wants Sean Hannity to Get WaterboardedNow he’s calling Hannity yella if he doesn’t do it. You gonna take that, Hannity?
  44. in other news
    Fellow Cornellians Ann Coulter and Keith Olbermann Get in Awesome College CatfightAnd they break the unwritten rule of Cornell graduates: Don’t make a fuss about which part of the school you attended.
  45. party chat
    Olbermann: I Will Not TwitterAlso, guess who sends Olbermann the most viewers each night?
  46. media deathwatch
    Oops! The Media TweetedThis is getting ugly, folks.
  47. gossipmonger
    Olivia Palermo Wants to Be a Serious ActressPlus, Kanye West has a weird new name for himself. In the gossip roundup.
  48. gossipmonger
    Daily News Goes All Underminer on Thriving Gwyneth!Gwynnie, are you really sure that opening gyms and not acting is the right move for you? And all that sort of fake-friend crap in Wee Wittle Wednesday’s gossip roundup.
  49. Four More YearsPresident Bush is leaving office, but liberals have just been sentenced to four more years of Keith Olbermann.
  50. in other news
    Keith Olbermann: The McCain Campaign Bribed Pages in Order to ‘Shut Me Down’Also he’s totally cool with that ‘SNL’ sketch.
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