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  1. In Tight Race for Senate, Democrats Are Starting to Get the Upper HandTrump may be taking vulnerable GOP senators down with him.
  2. politics
    6 Surprising Champions of Women From the 2016 ElectionTrump’s remarks about women have made him some surprising enemies.
  3. Down-Ballot Republicans Are Trumped If They Do, Trumped If They Don’tIf vulnerable Republican candidates disavow Trump, they invite the ire of their own base. If they don’t disavow him, they alienate swing voters.
  4. early and often
    Senator Ayotte Says Trump Is ‘Absolutely’ a Role Model for Kids, ReconsidersShe believes kids should aspire to be president, and he’s technically qualified to serve.
  5. the national interest
    Donald Trump Refuses to Endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly AyotteOn the one hand, he’s crazy, but on the other hand, he’s vengeful.
  6. Arresting Fentanyl Users Won’t Accomplish Anything GoodA new law proposed by a senator from an opioid-ravaged state could repeat some of the tragic mistakes of the past.
  7. Donald Trump Is Making All (Republican) Politics Local AgainPurple-state GOP senators are keeping their messages focused on local, non-ideological concerns.
  8. binders full of women
    Female Senators Account for Changing Armed Services CommitteeWhat happens when women are in the room.
  9. gun control
    Kelly Ayotte Can’t Escape the Gun DebateThe national battle comes to New Hampshire.
  10. politics
    Democrats Want a Woman on the 2016 TicketWith or without Hillary.
  11. having it all
    How Did New Hampshire Become America’s First Matriarchy?By having a big, inclusive, quasi-volunteer government.
  12. binders full of women
    Forget Canada — Let’s Move to New Hampshire, Feminist UtopiaA surprising new contingency plan for melodramatic liberals. 
  13. early and often
    ‘Granite Grizzly’ Kelly Ayotte Narrowly Beats Tea Party in New HampshireAyotte defeated Ovide Lamontagne in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.