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  1. vulture sports
    Ken Burns Is Not Here for ESPN’s Michael Jordan Doc, The Last Dance“I find it the opposite direction of where we need to be going.”
  2. vulture sports
    Ken Burns Revives Sports, Lets You Stream His Epic Baseball Documentary for FreePeanuts and Cracker Jacks not included.
  3. peter coyote
    The Golden Voice Behind All Those Ken Burns DocumentariesIf you’ve ever been entranced by the narration of a Ken Burns doc, you have Peter Coyote to thank.
  4. country music
    The Story of Country Music Is Too Vast for Even Ken Burns’s 16-Hour Doc to TellThe greatest compliment you could pay an undertaking like this is to wish there were more of it.
  5. tv review
    Ken Burns’s Country Music Is Powerful, Beautiful, and Somehow Still IncompleteThe 16-hour, eight-part series doesn’t have as firm a handle on the big-picture stuff as it wants you to think.
  6. world cup 2018
    Germany’s World Cup–Winning Coach Joachim Löw Looks a Lot Like Ken BurnsSee if you can tell them apart with our difficult quiz!
  7. the national interest
    Sanders Claims Kelly Learned Civil War Nonsense From Ken Burns. She’s Right.We would like to believe that nice Ken Burns could not depict the same ideas as nasty John Kelly.
  8. The Vietnam War Is a Staggering Achievement in Documentary StorytellingThe 18-hour nonfiction epic is a thorough, engrossing dive into history.
  9. documentaries
    Ken Burns Wants to Make an Obama Documentary“It would just be him. And then, in ten years, we’d add all the other things.”
  10. Ken Burns Talks of a New Baseball Doc“I’m sort of obligated.”
  11. scores
    Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross Scoring Ken Burns DocThe ten-part doc premieres on PBS in September.
  12. last night on late night
    See Ken Burns’s Merciless Ken BurnsIt’s a joke about his name!
  13. last night on late night
    Mindy Kaling Shares Stephen Colbert BloopersLiteral church giggles.
  14. Stephen Colbert Instantly Falls for Mindy Kaling, Tituss Burgess, and Ken […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert heads over to the craft services table before the show and meets his Mindy […]
  15. the history channel
    Ken Burns and the Myth of Theodore RooseveltTeddy wasn’t quite the man the PBS series makes him out to be.
  16. tv review
    TV Review: Ken Burns’s The RooseveltsThe seven-part series debuted Sunday night.
  17. tv review
    TV Review: Ken Burns’s Documentary The AddressAiring tonight on PBS.
  18. Ken Burns Made a Short Documentary About Eugene Mirman Here’s a mini-documentary that Ken Burns made about Eugene Mirman for Hampshire College, a school they both attended. Watch Ken Burns bring […]
  19. miniseries
    Ken Burns Country Music Doc Coming to PBS in ’18Mark your calendar for four years from now!
  20. new eras
    De Blasio to Settle Central Park Five Case, Says Ken BurnsAfter more than a decade.
  21. free speech
    Stephen Colbert vs. Louis C.K.: Who Gettysburg Addresses Better?Or maybe Usher beats ‘em both.
  22. the racie for gracie
    Jon Stewart Nips Mayoral Speculation in the BudWith a Weiner joke.
  23. wrongful convictions
    Ken Burns Won’t Have to Turn Over Central Park Five Footage to the CityThe judge finds that independent journalists can still express opinions.
  24. history
    Tom Hanks, Ken Burns Joining ForcesFor a miniseries about Jack Johnson.
  25. movies
    Ken Burns Fights City Hall Over His New Film on the Central Park Jogger Case“It’s really about letting people get to know the Central Park Five as individuals.”
  26. tv review
    TV Review: Ken Burns’s The Dust BowlKen Burns’s astounding documentary is about disaster and survival, yes. But mostly it’s about clouds and faces.
  27. wrongful convictions
    The City Is Suddenly Interested in Ken Burns’s Central Park Jogger Film [Update]And it’s issued a subpoena.
  28. pbs
    Ken Burns Is Making a Roosevelt DocumentaryWith Meryl Streep as the voice of Eleanor.
  29. ken burns
    Listen to Ken Burns’s Thoughts on StorytellingMore like “Ken Burns’s Thoughts on Basically Everything.”
  30. pbs
    Ken Burns’s Dust Bowl Doc Will Air in November[Slow pan across depress-o-ville photos.]
  31. beef
    Ken Burns Really Hates Reality TV“What I reject is the idea that this has any intrinsic value whatsoever other than voyeurism.”
  32. vulture recommends
    This Week on Vulture Recommends: New Picks From Vampire Weekend, Ken Burns, Nicole Krauss, Jason Moran, and Our CriticsWouldn’t it be nice to have TV-doc legend Ken Burns pick the best baseball movies, or recent National Book Award nominee Nicole Krauss select the best confessionals?
  33. Exhausted Ken Burns Urges Baseball To StopThe Onion, Exhausted Ken Burns Urges Baseball To Stop: “‘I can’t do this anymore,’ Burns said. ‘The more baseball that is played, the more I […]
  34. ken burns
    Ken Burns on His Own Baseball MemoriesHis documentary follow-up to 1994’s epic ‘Baseball’ premieres tonight.
  35. late shifting
    Jimmy Kimmel Valiantly Continues His Assault on Jay Leno, Ken Burns StyleThis is easily the most riveting documentary we’ve seen since ‘Man on Wire.’
  36. quote machine
    Stephen Colbert Isn’t Into Libraries (And So Can You!)Plus Ken Burns, Evan Rachel Wood, and Kelly Clarkson!