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  1. hooked on forensics
    Ken Kratz, the Making a Murderer Prosecutor, Is Writing a Book Now“The one voice forgotten to this point is Teresa Halbach.”
  2. making a murderer
    No, Netflix Will Not Add a Disclaimer to Making a Murderer“This is the filmmakers’ position, and they did a great job laying out the facts.”
  3. making a murderer
    Making a Murderer Prosecutor Criticizes ShowKen Kratz claims the show omits evidence that points to Steven Avery’s guilt.
  4. making a murderer
    Making a Murderer’s Prosecutor Is Getting Absolutely Dragged on Yelp“I hope Ken Kratz gets slapped in the face by the cold hand of reality in the form of an incurable deadly virus.”
  5. jerks
    Creepy District Attorney Couldn’t Understand Why Hot Domestic-Abuse Victim Resisted His SextsGuess she wasn’t the nymph he took her for.