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  1. vision 2020
    Joe Biden Needs to Win Big to Avoid a Contested ElectionIf Donald Trump is ahead on Election Night even with a majority of the vote uncounted, look out!
  2. coronavirus
    Republicans Are Trying to Force the House to Vote in PersonThe “reopen America” message trumps generations of anti-Washington rhetoric.
  3. 2020 elections
    Steve King Says He’ll Soon Get Committee Assignments BackWith his primary opponents focusing on his loss of clout rather than his bigotry, the prospect of restored committee assignments could be huge.
  4. the national interest
    GOP’s Refusal to Oversee Trump’s Emergency Power Is an Invitation to CorruptionTrump labels any oversight of his power a “witch hunt,” and his party is going along.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Wants to Convince Bernie Voters the Election Was Rigged AgainThey’re running the same play they ran in 2016.
  6. the national interest
    GOP Leader Has One Chart Showing Why Republicans Hate DemocracyKevin McCarthy doesn’t understand the Constitution, also doesn’t care.
  7. impeachment
    House Authorizes Impeachment Inquiry In Party-Line VoteOnly two Democrats — and zero Republicans — defected, in what may set a pattern for later votes.
  8. impeachment season
    House Will Officially Authorize Impeachment Proceedings After AllNancy Pelosi decided to take the very step Republicans have been angrily demanding, but they will angrily oppose it anyway.
  9. impeachment
    Federal Judge Rules Impeachment Inquiry Is LegalThe judge rejected the Republican argument that the House had to formally authorize an inquiry before it could begin.
  10. conspiracy theories
    McCarthy Still Repeating Bogus Conspiracy Theories About Midterm-Election TheftHouse GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is still whitewashing his party’s terrible performance in his home state with lurid tales unsupported by evidence.
  11. 2019 special elections
    Republicans Hang Onto Bright-Red N.C. Congressional District and Trump GloatsTrump is taking credit, but the narrow win by Republican Dan Bishop in a special congressional election is not necessarily a good sign for 2020.
  12. 2020 congressional elections
    Retirements May Hobble House RepublicansParty officials are bracing for a wave of GOP members of Congress heading for the exits after the August recess, reducing chances to flip control.
  13. abortion
    Alabama’s Extreme Abortion Law Is Dividing RepublicansSuddenly Republicans are exposing their common extremism by arguing over rape exceptions to a total abortion ban.
  14. vision 2020
    Fresh Signs Trump Might Not Accept Defeat in 2020Republicans are becoming far too accustomed to joining the president in attributing any electoral setbacks to Democratic conspiracies.
  15. ilhan omar
    The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP’s Pro-Israel StanceWhether or not Ilhan Omar’s claim of vast AIPAC power has anything to do with anti-Semitism, it’s just not accurate, and helps her enemies.
  16. false equivalence
    McCarthy Demands Democrats Treat Two Muslim Members As Bigots Like Steve KingIt’s a twofer for Republicans seeking to undermine Jewish Democratic allegiances while pleasing conservative evangelicals.
  17. state of the union address
    Here’s a Real Bipartisan Idea: Make Trump Leave If He Loses in 2020Since Republicans are so excited about comity, they should agree to eject Trump from the White House if he loses in 2020 but claims “voter fraud.”
  18. 2018 midterms
    Kevin McCarthy Rises to Power at Expense of His Defeated California ColleaguesThe new House GOP leader led his California colleagues to a slaughter in the midterms through his loyalty to Trump and his agenda.
  19. republicans
    Kevin McCarthy Easily Wins Bid to Lead Diminished House RepublicansThe congressman from California finally won the job he nearly got in 2015 — though thanks to the midterms, it did not come with the Speaker’s gavel.
  20. house republicans
    Will Losing the House Bring Down Kevin McCarthy’s Bid for Leadership?Ryan’s designated successor has no choice but to get out there on the campaign trail. But anything other than a GOP win could be dangerous for him.
  21. House Democrats Refuse to Take Bait on ‘Abolish ICE’ Vote Arranged by GOPRepublicans want to distract attention from their own immigration disagreements and burn a straw man, but House Democrats aren’t cooperating.
  22. House GOP Factions Playing Chicken With Immigration, Farm BillPaul Ryan is caught in the middle as the House Freedom Caucus and key GOP moderates push conflicting paths on immigration bills.
  23. scandals
    Whatever Happened to the Scandal That Derailed McCarthy’s Last Bid for Speaker?An affair rumor helped end Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid in 2015. That probably doesn’t matter in the age of Trump.
  24. California GOP Can’t Unite Behind a Gubernatorial CandidateNeither John Cox nor Travis Allen could snag the party’s endorsement, which boosts the chances of two Democrats facing off for governor in November.
  25. California GOP Hopes Gas Tax Repeal Will Drive Voters to the PollsWith a Democratic wave building for 2018, Golden State Republicans are banking on a ballot initiative to repeal a controversial gas tax increase.
  26. Paul Ryan’s Retirement Could Roil House RepublicansHe may be stepping down in anticipation of electoral disaster. But win or lose, House conservatives will keep pushing their leadership to the right.
  27. Senate Republicans Push Back on Trump Plan to Cancel Spending“It’s going nowhere,” said Lindsey Graham.
  28. Trump, House GOP May Try Clawing Back Spending They Approved Week Before LastThe White House and the GOP mull bringing back the ancient tool of rescissions to “do over” the omnibus spending bill.
  29. Report: Senior GOP Representative Impressed Trump by Giving Him Cherry StarburstYet more evidence that winning over the president is akin to placating a 3-year-old.
  30. Chaffetz Is Abruptly Retiring From Congress — Is His Next Gig About to Begin?He seems ready for some network screen time.
  31. the national interest
    The Case for Why Paul Ryan Really Thinks Russia Pays TrumpIt’s funny because it’s probably true.
  32. House GOP Leadership Discussed Whether ‘Putin Pays’ Trump in 2016Last year, the House Majority Leader told his colleagues that he thought Putin paid Trump. Everyone laughed.
  33. the national interest
    Republicans Might Coerce Democrats to Replace Obamacare for ThemThe GOP Majority Leader puts a gun to the head of 20 million Americans.
  34. the national interest
    The GOP Congress Is Out of the Checks-and-Balances Business“I will not discuss President-elect Donald Trump,” says famous straight-talker.
  35. republican party
    As Paul Ryan Reconsiders a Speaker Bid, GOP Hardliners Tease Their SupportIt seems like the entire Republican Party is trying to talk Ryan into running, and he now seems to be seriously considering it.
  36. media
    How the Media Is Handling Kevin McCarthy’s Rumored AffairOutside conservative media, mostly with vague innuendo.
  37. congress
    How the Right Is Reacting to the House Leadership CrisisSome don’t mind the chaos because “electing McCarthy was the real worse scenario.”
  38. Will Democrats Elect the Next GOP Speaker?Kevin McCarthy’s stunning withdrawal may bring about the unprecedented.
  39. the national circus
    How the Republicans Are Rehabbing Hillary Clinton’s ImageThe GOP handed her a gift when they slipped up about the Benghazi investigation. She’s playing it brilliantly. 
  40. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Turns Kevin McCarthy’s Benghazi Gaffe Into a TV AdTo bolster her claim that Republicans are conspiring against her.
  41. politics
    Jason Chaffetz Will Challenge Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the HouseHe’ll be the underdog, but still represents the first viable threat to McCarthy and the GOP Establishment.
  42. Benghazi Committee Yet Again Proves Bonanza for Inane Partisan BickeringThe presumptive next speaker of the House made a remark that included the words Hillary and Benghazi, and Dems are apoplectic. 
  43. 5 Things to Know About Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Likely Next SpeakerDonors can’t resist him!
  44. house of cards
    Kevin McCarthy Will Be the Republicans’ New House Majority LeaderAs Eric Cantor slinks away.
  45. comings and goings
    Kevin McCarthy Is (Probably) the Next House Majority LeaderTaking over for Eric Cantor.
  46. election 2010
    GOP Drafting a New Contract With AmericaIt’s going to be even better than the last one.