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  1. nut button
    Finally, a Device for Telling Your Partner You Want to Bang Without SpeakingLoveSync is the nut button meme come to life.
  2. podcasts
    Get Ready for a New Podcast Network ‘by Women, for Everyone, No Creeps Allowed’It’s about time!
  3. pantry developments
    A Chinese-Food Authority Is Bringing Her Chengdu-Made Chili Sauce to AmericaIt’s available for preorder, via a Kickstarter campaign, today — and the first of several products its maker plans to bring over.
  4. hairy situations
    This NFL Player Wants to Make a Heartwarming Cartoon Film About Black HairNo princesses, just real people.
  5. right-click
    Listen to TLC’s Nostalgia-Laced New Song ‘Way Back’T-Boz and Chilli are back, finally.
  6. cookbooks
    How This Cookbook of Refugee Recipes, a Hit on Kickstarter, Came Together“Part of our mission has been to change the narrative around refugees. What better way to change the narrative than to write a new one?”
  7. unfinished business
    TLC Says Its Long-Delayed Kickstarter-Backed Album Will Drop This Summer“The pursuit of excellence is never an easy task.”
  8. start-ups
    The ‘CHiP’ Promises to Be the Keurig of CookiesIt offers 27 types of ten-minute pod cookies.
  9. Now There’s a Women-Only Crowdfunding PlatformIn the wake of Kickstarter’s success, iFundWomen is setting out on its own.
  10. This Toy Just Raised $5 Million on Kickstarter, Because People Love to FidgetSupposedly, it can help you focus.
  11. the industry
    Melissa Leo, Patton Oswalt Join UnlovableThe indie-film Cinderella story gets a new star and producer on the same day.
  12. The Ultimate Hoodie Has Finally Arrived, and It Even Has a Detachable Eye CoverIt also has something we don’t understand called a “lover’s pocket.”
  13. select all
    There Is No Point to This Levitating Phone Charger, But I Still Want OneBecause plugging your phone into an outlet is so 2015.
  14. Meet Your New Best Friend: An App That Will Find Your Car for YouJust take the guessing right out of it.
  15. There’s a Clothing Line That Can Wirelessly Charge Your PhoneNeed to charge your phone? Try this new clothing line.
  16. This Small Piece of Moldable Plastic Can Turn Into Anything You WantFix anything and everything.
  17. Man’s Indiegogo Campaign to ‘Re-create’ 9/11 Gets Shut DownJet fuel can’t melt … yeah, no.
  18. This Kickstarter User Embezzled Enough Money to Build a HouseAnother reminder that crowdfunding is not the same as buying a product.
  19. Paypal Won’t Protect Crowdfunding Payments Because Crowdfunding Fails a LotPeople often expect things in return when they shouldn’t.
  20. Ellen DeGeneres Appeals to HBO and Netflix to Air Quincy Jones’s Standup […]Last month, friends of LA-based standup Quincy Jones – who was diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma in July 2015 and told he would only live […]
  21. Buttered Up
    Genius Invents Device That Just Straight-Up Sprays Butter Anywhere You WantCan’t believe it’s not been invented before now.
  22. museums
    Would You Visit a Museum Dedicated to the Olsen Twins? (Yes, Duh) A space to silently contemplate Mary-Kate and Ashley’s impact on our lives.
  23. comedy
    Comedian With Cancer’s Friends Make KickstarterComedian Quincy Jones has one wish: to record a special before he dies.
  24. Thanks to Kickstarter, Comedian Quincy Jones Will Get to Tape a Standup […]Kickstarter was put to excellent use this week when husband/wife producing duo Mickey and Nicole Blaine launched a campaign to fund an hourlong […]
  25. the industry
    Original Good Times Cast Has Kickstarter PlansTheir campaign has 16 days left.
  26. sequential art
    Black Fights ‘Cookie-Cutter’ Portrayals of Black People in ComicsIts Kickstarter campaign just launched.
  27. mystery science theater 3000
    MST3K Breaks Kickstarter Records, Will Do 14 EpsSeries progenitor Joel Hodgson promised 2 extra episodes on top of the original 12, including a holiday special.
  28. Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Nell Scovell, and More Among ‘MST3K’ Guest […]The MST3K Kickstarter campaign has hit the $4 million mark, so now that at least nine new episodes of the show are guaranteed, Joel Hodgson […]
  29. Patton Oswalt to Play TV’s Son of TV’s Frank on ‘MST3K’Not long after revealing new Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Baron Vaughn, and Hampton Yount, Joel Hodgson […]
  30. the industry
    Felicia Day Joins MST3K RevivalShe’ll be the villain — guess who’s playing Crow and Servo?
  31. Felicia Day, Baron Vaughn, and Hampton Yount Join the ‘MST3K’ RebootNow that Joel Hodgson’s MST3K reboot Kickstarter campaign has reached its $2 million goal and The Meltdown’s Jonah Ray has been named the new […]
  32. crowdfunding
    Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter Hits $2M Goal in First WeekJoel Hodgson is crowdfunding three new episodes of MST3K.
  33. Joel Hodgson Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Back ‘MST3K’Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson wants to revamp his show for a new generation for the first time since its 1999 cancellation, […]
  34. crowdfunding
    Joel Hodgson Is Kickstarting the Return of MST3KHopefully they’ll finally address how he eats and breathes.
  35. their dark materials
    Goths Rejoice: A New, Blacker Shade of Black Is NighGet behind this Kickstarter, Satan.
  36. herstories
    The World Needs This Maya Angelou Documentary“The wound of her leaving is still fresh. It’s a hole in our culture.”
  37. Reunions
    How a Pancake Robot Reunited Two Long-Lost SiblingsA story of international missed connections and custom-printed flapjacks.
  38. Crowd-Funding
    This Start-up Wants to Be the Uber of Grilled Cheese“We’re thinking drones.”
  39. kickstarter
    Geto Boys Crowdfunding First Album in 10 YearsYou could get a coffin in return.
  40. crowdfunding
    Uwe Boll Flips Out When No One Wants to Fund His New Dumb Bad Movie“Retarded amateur idiots collecting money on that absurd website.”
  41. An Iconic ’70s Designer Plots His Kickstarter-Assisted ComebackPeople of the internet, Stephen Burrows needs you.
  42. can u not
    How Do You Spot a Male Feminist? He’ll Tell YouPlease join me in a resounding “nope” for the Male Feminists of New York Calendar.
  43. Foodievents
    The Queens Night Market Makes Its Grand Debut This SaturdayIt’ll offer takoyaki , Ecuadorian juices, and other ethnic foods.
  44. Grub Guides
    9 Food-Related Crowd-Funding Projects That Deserve Your MoneyProbiotic coffee, an apartment gardening system, and portable beer kegs.
  45. rom-comics
    Meet the Comics Editor Trying to Bring Back Romance ComicsFormer DC Comics editor Janelle Asselin is on a steamy mission.
  46. Drama
    A Scandalous Documentary Will Examine Whether Yelp Exploits Small-BusinessThe producers are crowd-funding on Kickstarter now.
  47. Playing With Your Food
    World’s Best Robot Makes Pancakes in Literally Any Shape You WantThe PancakeBot should start shipping in July.
  48. bromance
    DiCaprio Gives Grenier $50,000 for His Whale DocBecause whenever Vince seems like he’s in trouble, it always works out.
  49. Cat Cafes
    America’s Latest Cat Café Nailed Its Kickstarter Goal in Just One DayCrumbs & Whiskers is coming to Washington, D.C.
  50. shrines
    The 1994 Harding-Kerrigan Scandal Gets Its Own Museum in Brooklyn A humble shrine to the knee-whack heard round the world.
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