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  1. Cooking
    Joan Didion’s Crème Caramel Recipe Is As Charming As She IsShe also likes borscht, deviled crab, and artichokes au gratin.
  2. crowdfunding
    Is the 33-Year Wait for a New Kurt Vonnegut Documentary Coming to an End?“Kurt is at least twice as popular as a wood-burning stove.”
  3. David Cross on Kickstarter, Millennials, and His Directorial Debut ‘Hits’2015 is off to a great start for David Cross. Not long after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution costs for his new film Hits, […]
  4. is this the end?
    TLC Is Kickstarting Their Final Album and That’s Kind of SadYikes. 
  5. David Cross Needs Your Help Distributing ‘Hits,’ and the ‘Mr. Show’ […]David Cross has decided to take a different approach in releasing his directorial debut Hits through a new Kickstarter campaign. The film – […]
  6. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Spike Lee’s New Crowd-Funded Bloodsucker MovieLee swears Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is not about vampires.
  7. Pop-Ups
    Mark Ladner’s Gluten-Free Pasta Project Returns to New York This MonthWhite and black truffles are involved.
  8. This Thanksgiving Kickstarter for a Bacon-Wrapped Gator Stuffed With a Turducken$5,000 in six hours, to be precise.
  9. Behold WorkHarder, the World’s Largest Non-Funding PlatformHave you tried to crowdfund a creative project through Kickstarter or Indiegogo but failed to reach success? Thanks to the mind of comedian and […]
  10. cosmic temp workers of the world unite
    Meet the Top Female Filmmaker on KickstarterBee and PuppyCat creator Natasha Allegri talks anime and turtles.
  11. who is funding this?
    The Undress Solves That Pesky Undressing Problem We Didn’t Know We Had Underneath my Undress, I’m undressing.
  12. movies
    The Stars of The Room Are Kickstarting a Mockumentary About ThemselvesIf you donate $2,500, you’ll get to eat dinner with them.
  13. Peaty Keen
    Here’s a Start-up That Promises to ‘Age’ Whiskey InstantlyWhy put the whiskey into the barrel when you can put the barrel into the whiskey?
  14. Help Jared Logan Get Hillary Clinton to Speak to His D&D ClubStandup Jared Logan just launched a Kickstarter project for a great cause. Logan, who most recently appeared in his own Comedy Central Half […]
  15. Let’s Do Something Different with Comedy CrowdfundingBy this point you’ve read a billion think-pieces on crowdfunding. Is it saving art? Is it the worst thing to happen to art? You’ve seen […]
  16. Butter
    Is This ‘Stupendous’ Butter Knife a Work of Genius or Just PlainRegardless, it’s raised five times its funding goal.
  17. Bad Yolks
    Some Guy’s Kickstarter Will Teach the City’s Delis the“I’ve created a few simple rules that I will deliver.”
  18. Complex Carbohydrates
    Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy’s Odyssey Will Continue With aHe’s going to “spread humor and joy around the world.”
  19. Jon Stewart Announces He Wants to Buy CNN Through KickstarterDuring last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart covered the news that Rupert Murdoch apparently wants to buy Time Warner, though CNN would have to […]
  20. Joe Mande Will Start a Podcast If People Give Him a Million Dollars Via […]Standup and Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande has turned to Kickstarter for his latest internet experiment. He’s posted a Kickstarter campaign […]
  21. Complex Carbohydrates
    The Potato Salad Kickstarter Lost $30,000But the dude still has $40,000 for a side dish.
  22. Why Would Actual People Donate Actual Money to That Potato-Salad Kickstarter?It’s like the transitive property, only for a dumb internet joke. 
  23. Complex Carbohydrates
    Guy With Potato Salad Kickstarter Will Owe at Least $21,000 in TaxesDude better hold the mayo.
  24. 12 Other Incredibly Stupid Kickstarter ProjectsLet someone burn your money for you.
  25. Complex Carbohydrates
    That Potato-Salad Kickstarter Has Now Hit $40,000And he still hasn’t decided what kind yet.
  26. Complex Carbohydrates
    This Potato Salad Has Raised $9,600 and Counting on Kickstarter“Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”
  27. profile
    How Zach Braff Survived the InternetHis Kickstarter-funded second film is done. But getting there left marks.
  28. Rotelle Keep Turning
    Mark Ladner’s Ambitious Pasta Flyer Project Needs Just a Few More RaviolisDavid Chang is a fan.
  29. documentaries
    See 4 Minutes of an Elliott Smith DocumentaryIt will have unreleased songs.
  30. reading rainbow
    Watch Reading Rainbow’s Creepy New Theme SongLeVar Burton meets Funny or Die.
  31. reading rainbow
    Watch LeVar Burton Cry Over Kickstarter SuccessTears of joy!
  32. Ted Alexandro Is Seeking Funding for His Web Series ‘Teachers Lounge’, […] Here’s the Kickstarter video for Teachers Lounge, a web series created by and starring comedians Ted Alexandro and Hollis James that’s seeking […]
  33. the gayness
    The Do I Sound Gay? Kickstarter Could Use a Little Last-Minute HelpStarring David Sedaris, George Takei, Tim Gunn, and more …
  34. take a look it's in a book
    LeVar Burton Just Successfully Kickstarted Reading Rainbow [Updated]They’re already above their goal of $1 million with 34 days to go.
  35. male gaze
    Male Gaze: LeVar Burton, Blast From the PastHe’s raising money for a Reading Rainbow renaissance.
  36. fashion documentary
    The Advanced Style Documentary Is Pretty CharmingAnd it’s pretty charming.
  37. photography
    Could Polaroid’s Beloved Type 55 Film Return?A Kickstarter campaign to reinvent this unique photographic film gathers momentum.
  38. Interviews
    Au Revoir: Meet the La Grenouille Regular Who Wants to Crowd-Fund Philippe“I’m just trying to be on the side of the angels on this one,” says the campaign’s mastermind.
  39. streaming strife
    If You’re a Veronica Mars Backer, You Might Be Getting a RefundIf you were affected by the streaming problem.
  40. chat room
    Rob Thomas on Veronica Mars, Party Down, and Kevin Hart“I would like it to be certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.”
  41. Life Gives You More Lemons
    Help Bring Another Del’s Frozen Lemonade Truck to New YorkDel’s NYC looks to Kickstarter for a second truck.
  42. Coming Soon
    Mexican-Taiwanese Restaurant Lucky Luna Opening Soon in GreenpointStreet-food traditions of China and Mexico have more in common than you may think, they say.
  43. News You Can Booze
    Donate to Butter & Scotch’s Kickstarter, Receive Temporary TattoosThe bakers are working to open a dessert-and-cocktail bar in Crown Heights.
  44. Someone Is Funding a ‘Ghostbusters II’ Documentary on KickstarterOregon-based filmmaker Bradley Bjornstad has taken to Kickstarter to raise money for a pair of Ghostbusters II-related projects. He’s asking […]
  45. Help Fund the Standup Documentary/Mockumentary Hybrid ‘This Is Comedy’ Standup/director Tom McCaffrey is seeking funding via Kickstarter for his new movie, This Is Comedy, a combination documentary/mockumentary […]
  46. casting couch
    Michael K. Williams Joins Spike Lee’s Kickstarter MovieThis is where your money’s going, backers.
  47. chat room
    Nick Carter Talks About His DIY Horror MovieI can see where people are coming from: ‘What the hell does Nick Carter know about horror movies?’”
  48. show lee the money
    Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Campaign Is a SuccessHe raised over $1,250,000 for his next movie.
  49. film criticism
    Spike Lee Responds to Kickstarter CriticismAnd Stephen Soderbergh explains why he donated to the project.
  50. bffs
    Steven Soderbergh Donated $10,000 to Spike Lee’s KickstarterDirector-director love.
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