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  1. 3 Things to Know About Ukraine’s ElectionsIt’s not getting any easier.
  2. international news
    Protesters Invade Ukranian President’s ResidenceMeanwhile, his rival is released from prison.
  3. international news
    Peace Deal Reached in Ukraine, With Amnesty for ProtestersLet’s hope this calms things down.
  4. international news
    Kiev Truce Dissolves Into Gunfire and FlamesAn already-violent protest gets out of hand.
  5. President of Ukraine Declares Truce Amid Still More Fighting, BloodshedSee more fiery photos from the “war zone” of Independence Square.
  6. protests
    Ukraine Prepares for More Violence After Bloodiest Clash in DecadesThe death toll is up to 25.
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    Kiev Burns: Watch the Deadly Protests As They HappenPhotos and live video from massive protests in Ukraine.
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    Even More Insane Photos From the Protests in Kiev, UkraineThree people have been reported dead in the demonstrations.
  9. international intrigue
    Kiev Responds to New Anti-Protest Laws by Turning Up Protest IntensityCheck out the best photos and videos from the unrest in Ukraine.
  10. first look
    First Look: Surreal Photos from ‘Reverie Sleep’Nature meets rainbow people meets fruit suits.
  11. Mediavore
    Sly Stone Living on Food Donations; Chains Turn Their Backs on BoozeDespite potential profits, a Cabernet just doesn’t pair well with a value meal.
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    Frank Bruni’s Bedtime; Cola Companies’ New BottlesFrank Bruni is not an all-hours kind of guy, the new pizza bus tour finds success, and Pepsi and Coke put out new bottle sizes.
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    Box Not That Cool? Kiev Curse Lingers in the East VillageThe Box is doubted and cheap Kobe sliders arrive in today’s neighborhood food news.
  14. Neighborhood Watch
    American Grill Rejected by the E.V.; Second Ave. Deli to Open in JanuaryAstoria: The “Sophia Loren” pie at Michael Angelo’s II on 23rd Avenue near 29th Street is said to blow away the neighborhood’s pizza competitors, and with the not-so-innovative toppings of mozzarella, tomato, basil, and sauce. [Joey in Astoria] Carroll Gardens: Lucali overwhelmingly won an albeit mini-poll for the hood’s best pizza parlor. [Bergen Carroll] Chinatown: The owners of new restaurant U-Choose Express on Mott Street have decided to decorate their space with an old sign from fifties diner Lonnie’s Coffee Shoppe that was uncovered during renovation. [NYT via Lost City] East Village: After only five months American Grill is giving up the ghost. Did its blintzes really fail to lure 4 a.m. drunks away from Odessa, was it flat-screen overdose, or just the constant reminder of Kiev’s death by gentrification that did the mod diner in? [Eater] Hell’s Kitchen: Artisanal Premium Cheese Center is hosting a sake and cheese tasting on December 5 to “showcase the lovely synergies that superior Sakes and exquisite (Artisanal Premium) Cheeses share.” [Artisanal Cheese] Midtown East: They may be hoisting their sign today, but the 2nd Avenue Deli probably won’t open until January. [Eater] Midtown West: Bruni’s first impression of Brasserie 44 (after, he notes, Rob and Robin’s) : It looks Scandinavian. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Sangria 46 at 338 West 46th Street will feature a different sangria each day for the twelve days before Christmas starting on December 13 with three-berry rosé. [Grub Street]
  15. Openings
    24-Hour Diner Brings Blintzes Back to Kiev SpaceLast week, after over a year of construction, the American Grill finally opened in the old Kiev space, and it will soon be operating 24/7 (it’s currently open till midnight). Will the glorified diner be able to succeed where Loside (now closed 24/7) failed? Will old-neighborhood offerings of pirogen and blintzes lure 4 a.m. drunks away from Odessa? Probably not, but ten-ounce Angus-beef burgers topped with Gruyère, proscuitto, or avocado just might, not to mention a sandwich menu that includes the ‘wich-hound’s holy grail (the hot muffuletta) and a selection of proper entrées created by consulting chef Pnina L. Peled, who previously worked with Sensa and Elmo. The owners (three Greek brothers from Queens) expect to instate their-beer and-wine license any day now, but management insists this is a family spot. You know, in case the tots are hankering for a sixteen-ounce steak after a night at Sin Sin. American Grill, 117 Second Ave., at 7th St.; 212-777-1286. American Grill menu