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Kim Dong Hwa

  1. the comics page
    Love, Family, and the Stinky Poo Tree: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From The Color of EarthA widow and her young daughter look for love in early-twentieth-century Korea.
  2. dress code
    Critiquing the Clothes in Angelina’s Jailbait Photo ShootAngelina Jolie isn’t the first star who fell prey to posing for a scantily clad photo shoot as a teenager but she’s the one whose outfits we’re judging!
  3. User’s Guide
    Take Your Dessert With a Grain of SaltForget savory desserts: Even traditional sweet ones are better with a little salt, as this slideshow demonstrates.
  4. photo op
    Anderson Cooper Unleashes His Deltoid Dirigibles on National TelevisionLook at them. For the love of God, they’re glorious!
  5. party lines
    Richie Rich Shares More About His Unicorn LoveRichie Rich & Co. sure do love their unicorns. But surely not all unicorns are horny beasts? We found out at the ‘Nylon’ party the other night.
  6. NewsFeed
    SLA Strips Le Souk, 205 of Liquor LicensesThe clubs are still open for now, but do they have much longer?
  7. body issues
    Give Your Butt the Extra Padding It Probably Doesn’t NeedLadies, have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “My ass doesn’t look fat enough in these jeans!”? Then have we got something for you!
  8. art candy
    Artist Tamy Ben-Tor Hosts the Worst Kids’ Show EverThe performance artist and caustic satirist, dressed as a Ukrainian-ish folk-kinda-heroine figure, sings nonsensical, reprehensible lyrics to an audience of probably horrified youngsters. Enjoy!
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Astoria Has Red Velvet Cake Too; Fino Shuttered by the DOHMore chains for Chelsea, red velvet is a new trend in Astorian bakeries, and BarFry tops the list of one-hit wonders.
  10. developing
    Frank Gehry: Why Do I Have to Be the One to Lie to the Papers?Of course his tower is going to be erected as part of the Atlantic Yards project, the architect explained to the Brooklyn Paper last night. Why ever would you think it wouldn’t?
  11. kudos
    Could ‘South Pacific’ Dance Away With the Tonys?Could Vulture have been totally wrong in dismissing the Tony chances of ‘South Pacific’?
  12. NewsFeed
    New York Starbucks Baristas Want to Keep Their Tips, TooInspired by their California counterparts, Starbucks baristas in New York are suing for the right to keep their tips.
  13. the take
    No Advances, No Returns: Lit Agent Jennifer Rudolph Walsh Shows Great RestraintHow booksellers and agents will respond to HarperCollins’s new no-advances, no-returns imprint.
  14. run through
    MTV to Overdramatize Fashion Week for ‘True Life’MTV — the network of choice for tweens who think Lauren Conrad is a fashion icon — is running a special ‘True Life’ marathon starting tomorrow.
  15. NewsFeed
    Would You Like the Red, the White, or the Rainbow?A Spanish vintner is marketing wine to the gay community.
  16. quote machine
    Kimya Dawson Fails to Take the Money and RunPlus: Finally, someone understands what “quantum of solace” means!