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Kim Jong Nam

  1. Is Labeling North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism Just Another Trump Insult?North Korea has a rich history of sponsoring terrorism, but not so much lately.
  2. Kim Jong-nam Was Killed With Banned VX Nerve AgentThe poison is highly toxic, and it’s unclear how his attackers avoided becoming seriously ill.
  3. stranger than fiction
    Designer Reportedly Selling LOL T-Shirts OnlineYou know, like the shirt worn by one of the suspected assassins of Kim Jong-nam.
  4. assassinations
    Woman Accused of Assassination Says She Thought It Was a Reality-TV Prank25-year-old Siti Aisyah had apparently been paid for similar acts before.
  5. Weird How Kim Jong-un’s Potential Rivals Keep DyingThe killing of the North Korean dictator’s older brother is a reflection of Kim Jong-un’s “paranoia.”
  6. Kim Jong-un’s Brother Killed with Poison Spray at AirportThe North Korean leader is accused of ordering the hit.
  7. sibling rivalries
    Kim Jong-un’s Brother Thinks He’ll Screw UpHe always got all the cool dictatorships from his dad.