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  1. ingenious design
    I Found an Even Better Butter-Spreading KnifeIt transforms even straight-from-the-fridge butter into delicate curlicues.
  2. people's choice
    The Best Knife Sets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Cutting up food is a pleasure instead of a battle.”
  3. people's choice
    The Best Kitchen Knives on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“It’s almost like the knife was just an extension of my hand.”
  4. 🔪
    How Bon Appétit YouTube Videos Brought Back This One Weird KnifeFans inundated the manufacturer with so many requests that they put it back into production.
  5. please advise
    Ask Chris Black: Ideas for Colorful (Wearable) Clothes to Brighten Up My Closet?Plus, Chris’s pal Jason Stewart, a home cook, weighs in on staple cookware and other items no kitchen should be without.
  6. sales sales sales
    You Can Get a 3-Piece Knife Set for the Price of a Lunch SaladThe Farberware knives are just $11 right now.
  7. made in japan
    The Knife Sharpener That Every Kitchen Store in Japan SellsA lot of chefs I know are really into good knives, but no one talks about sharpening stones.
  8. this thing's incredible
    Guy Fieri Made the Second-Best Knife I’ve Ever UsedIt chops everything — from carrots to cheese to steaks — with ease.
  9. the strategist
    I Found the Best Steak Knife, and Now I Love Cutting My MeatThere’s a curious delight in using something extraordinarily sharp to cut through flesh.
  10. painless shopping
    The Best Kitchen Knives According to ChefsCarbon-steel slicers, poultry shears, and sashimi knives picked by the hottest names in the restaurant scene.
  11. farm to table
    Blue Hill Sells These Beautiful Hand-Forged KnivesThe custom knife by local blacksmith Michael McCarthy is available direct from Dan Barber’s celebrated New York restaurant.
  12. the strategist
    I Found the Best Steak Knife, and Now I Love Cutting My MeatThere’s a curious delight in using something extraordinarily sharp to cut through flesh.
  13. ‘Operation Cutting Edge’ Seeks to Slow SlashingsOperation Cutting Edge. Get it?
  14. Video Feed
    Watch Anthony Bourdain Make $200-an-Inch Knives With a Certified Blade-MasterBob Kramer’s knives are used by chefs like Mario Batali and Thomas Keller.
  15. Pro Tips
    Slideshow: How to Dice, Cut, and De-Heart Like a ProThe proper techniques for some particularly challenging fruits and vegetables.
  16. Pro Tips
    Slideshow: How to Quarter, Slice, Fillet, and Shuck Like a ProIt’s no good having a wa-sujihiki knife if you don’t know how to use it.
  17. The Keeper
    30 Knives for Any Kitchen Technique, From Slicers to Dicers to Whole-GoatTo help you make the right investments, we created a compendium of expert knife picks.
  18. knives
    Amanda Seyfried Is Armed and DisappointedA celebrity is shocked the rules don’t apply to her. 
  19. international news
    China’s Latest Knife Attack Raises Security QuestionsThe casualty count has reached 29.
  20. Fear Factor
    The Knife-Sharpening Station at Brooklyn’s Whole Foods Terrifies ShoppersPeople are concerned that it’ll send knives flying into the air.
  21. scary things
    A Guy Tried to Board a Flight at JFK With a Bag Full of Dangerous, Sharp Things And a gigantic container of pub pretzel mix.
  22. Knife-Wielding Man Sends Five to Hospital in Epic Brooklyn BrawlIt was a rip-roaring night in Vinegar Hill.
  23. Tine Time
    Everything You Thought You Knew About Forks and Knives Is WrongThe French gave us some bad table manners, apparently.
  24. Crime Scenes
    Airport Security Busts Culinary StudentLooks like one culinary student wont’ be showing off her knife skills to the folks over the semester break.
  25. FYI
    In Case You Plan on Butchering This WeekendFind a good knife-sharpening shop.
  26. party chat
    Stephen Baldwin Carries a Knife to Movie PremieresWe know because he whipped it out for us.
  27. fyi
    Keep Your Edge While You Still CanA local sharpening expert closes shop when it gets cold.
  28. unsexy news stories
    Only Unfamous Aokis Are involved in Family Squabble, Reports Disapointed TabloidSad face.
  29. Back of the House
    Holy Grail of Japanese Knives Can Be Found Downtown The conjunction in the last few days of a Salon article and a Discovery documentary about the greatest living Japanese knife-maker, Keijiro Doi, and his fiery arts has had chefs buzzing around town. Most all of them fetishize Japanese knives: The Salon article name-checks Thomas Keller, Jean Georges, Eric Ripert, and David Bouley. But the commanding figure in the article is Doi, and it so happens that the only place in America where you can actually buy the 80-year-old blacksmith’s legendary creations is here, at Korin Trading Company downtown. Korin sells a $4,720 yanagi, or sashimi knife, although it is so rare it isn’t even on the company’s Website, as well as a lesser yanagi, a bargain at $720. Korin founder Saori Kawano tells us that Doi inspired her to found the company, the premier Japanese-knife story in America, as a way to honor Japanese knife-smithing.
  30. Mediavore
    Starbucks Nixes Breakfast Sandwiches; Kenny Shopsin Ready for Mind-AlteringIn addition to slowing its expansion (finally), Starbucks will halt “sales of hot breakfast sandwiches because their smell interferes with the aroma of coffee.” [WSJ] If Padma Lakshmi could eat anywhere right now, she’d head to a little taco stand in Mexico for some fish tacos on the beach. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Chelsea hot spot Stereo, which was closed by police earlier this month, will not be reopening at its current location because the landlord bought out the lease. [NYP]
  31. VideoFeed
    ‘Top Chef’ Winner Hung Shows Off His Knife Skills Do you grip a knife like a baton? Do your tomato wedges fall apart in seedy clumps? Recent Top Chef winner Hung Huynh visited with Grub Street at Dani yesterday to demonstrate his famous knife skills. The quicksilver cook showed how to julienne squash and a speedy way to slice meat. Definitely try this at home. But first, watch the video. How to Chop Like a Top Chef [Video]