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  1. florals for spring
    Kid Cudi’s Floral Dress on SNL Was a Tribute to Kurt CobainIt was designed especially for Cudi by Virgil Abloh.
  2. a long talk
    R.E.M. Never Meant to Get So BigMichael Stipe and Mike Mills reflect on Monster at 25, the real Kurt Cobain, and Billie Eilish’s impact.
  3. sold!
    Kurt Cobain’s Unwashed Green Cardigan Just Sold for $334,000Smells like … Kurt Cobain.
  4. new track
    Lil Nas X’s New Song ‘Panini’ Borrows From Kurt Cobain, Is Not About a SandwichThe horses are now securely in the back.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Nirvana Song, RankedThirty years after the band’s debut album, we look back at their entire catalogue.
  6. the law
    2019’s Hottest Lawsuit Is Going to Be Nirvana Vs. Marc JacobsHere we are now, entertain us with your attorneys.
  7. vulture guides
    Everyone Involved With Kanye and Kid Cudi’s New AlbumKurt Cobain, Andre 3000, Ratatat, Mos Def, Louis Prima, and more all make appearances.
  8. Macaulay Culkin Plays a Crucified Kurt Cobain in a Father John Misty Music VideoOf course this is a music video for Father John Misty.
  9. art
    An Exhibition of Kurt Cobain’s Works, Art, and Possessions Is Being Planned“He’s got some amazing canvases that a lot of the world has never seen or even heard of.”
  10. auctions
    Would You Drop $60,000 on Kurt Cobain’s Ratty Old Cardigan?For sale: old sweater, lightly worn.
  11. covers
    Hear Kurt Cobain Cover ‘And I Love Her’Unearthed in Montage of Heck.
  12. right-click
    Listen to Kurt Cobain’s ‘Sappy’ Solo TrackFrom Montage of Heck.
  13. right-click
    Yell or Wail Along to This Previously Unreleased 9-Minute Nirvana DemoAre you having fun yet?
  14. big scores
    Montage of Heck Has Added Another New Kurt Cobain SongTo the movie’s theatrical cut, coming August 7.
  15. cease and desist letters
    Courtney Love Calls Cobain Docudrama Defamatory“The Film falsely presents a widely and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that accuses Ms. Cobain of orchestrating the death of her husband Kurt Cobain.”
  16. music
    A Kurt Cobain Solo Album Is Coming This Summer“It’s just Kurt and you’re going to hear him do things you never expected to come out of him.”
  17. haters
    Kurt Cobain Dressed Up As Hitler in a DressSurprisingly, for a good reason.
  18. Montage of Heck and the Impossible Kurt CobainThere’s a gap between “authorized” and absolutely true.
  19. rental opportunities
    Kurt and Courtney’s Old L.A. Apartment Is Available on AirbnbIt’s much cleaner than it used to be. 
  20. chat room
    Brett Morgen on Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck“I just got overwhelmed with emotion.”
  21. celebrity kids
    Frances Bean Cobain Isn’t a Nirvana FanShocking.
  22. Grunge Fashion Officially Made Androgyny No Big Deal Kurt Cobain and his ilk had a big impact on gender politics.
  23. big screens
    Kurt Cobain Documentary Montage of Heck Will Get a Theatrical ReleaseThis means it can qualify for a potential Academy Award bid.
  24. trailer mix
    The Trailer for the First Authorized Kurt Cobain Doc Is Pretty Revealing Montage of Heck.
  25. music
    HBO to Air Authorized Kurt Cobain Documentary Montage of HeckThe feature will include previously unheard Cobain originals.
  26. stunna shades
    The 50 Most Iconic Sunglasses of All TimeLolita’s heart-shaped glasses, Kanye’s shutter shades, and so much more. 
  27. flirting
    Courtney Love Negged Kurt CobainHeart-shaped boxes and cough syrup: also part of their courtship.
  28. depth of field
    Mark Seliger on Shooting Obama, Cobain, and MoreHe may be successful, but he’s not yet satisfied.
  29. sad things
    Courtney Love Lost the Rights to Kurt Cobain’s Image And now Frances Bean controls it.
  30. hmmm
    Tom Cruise Could Basically Play Kurt Cobain in Clint Eastwood FilmThe male lead in the remake of A Star Is Born is modeled after him.
  31. courtney love
    Watch Courtney Love Go Ballistic on a Fan Holding a Picture of Kurt Cobain (Language NSFW)Courtney Love hates when you hold up pictures of Kurt Cobain. She also might hate Dave Grohl, too?
  32. video
    Watch Jared Leto As Kurt Cobain Sing ‘Pennyroyal Tea’Ill-advised but artfully shot!
  33. kurt cobain
    MTV V.J. John Norris Recalls Where He Was When Kurt Cobain DiedUh, he was in a fancy boutique.
  34. clickables
    Hear the Russian Kurt Cobain Sing ‘About a Girl’Whoa.
  35. mark teixeira
    Mark Teixeira Took Kurt Cobain’s Death Really HardOr should we say, “Kurt Teixeira” took the Nirvana front man’s death really hard.
  36. courtney love
    Courtney Love Suggests Gosling or McAvoy for Cobain Role“That’s just wrong, no offense,” she says of Pattinson rumor.
  37. the sun
    Robert Pattinson Won’t Play Kurt CobainNot that you should need an official denial to know that something in the ‘Sun’ is made up, but it’s nice to have anyway.
  38. the industry
    Kurt Cobain Is Getting a Biopic’The Messenger”s Oren Moverman is in talks to write and direct.
  39. rebel rebel
    Sons of Anarchy Achieves NirvanaWe love “Jax” Taylor for his screamingly obvious patron saint, Kurt Cobain.
  40. Activision: Courtney Love Totally Okayed Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Hero AvatarSays Activision: “Guitar Hero secured the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Courtney Love.”
  41. Courtney Love, Too, Creeped Out by Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Hero Avatar“i may have been forced by some lying lawyers to sell some publishing, but i never signed off on this guitar hero thing. breach of contract!”
  42. the horror the horror
    Courtney Love Gives Kurt Cobain a Bad Name in Guitar Hero 5We hope that Courtney Love uses the proceeds from this digital atrocity to send Frances Bean to the college of her choosing!
  43. tributes
    Kurt Cobain, From the Muddy Banks of Uncanny ValleyThis is the most we’ve been creeped out by a video game since the original Resident Evil.
  44. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pinot NoirvanaFirst Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson wine pairings, and now this.
  45. gossipmonger
    Gwyneth to Blame for a Skinny Scarlett?Apparently the actress and healthy-living guru had a hand in Miss Scarlett’s recent makeover.
  46. the crazies
    Cobain to Get Smoked?Artist Natascha Stellmach says she has Kurt Cobain’s ashes, and she’s fully prepared to roll ‘em up.
  47. retail therapy
    Limited-Edition Love Brigade Tee at the New MuseumA new graphic tee inspired by environmental disaster and the artwork of Kurt Cobain, the first in a series of New Museum–sponsored collaborations.
  48. run through
    Lagerfeld Wants Frances Bean Cobain for ChanelKarl Lagerfeld reportedly wants Frances Bean Cobain to star in the next Chanel ad campaign. Her mom, Courtney Love, is concerned.
  49. loose threads
    Kate Moss Biography Hits Shelves; Seven Jeans Flagship Coming to SohoKate Moss is the “Snow White of modern times,” Seven for All Mankind plans New York flagship, and who doesn’t pale next to Carla Bruni?
  50. apropos of nothing
    Ben Silverman to Produce Wildly Inaccurate Kurt Cobain BiopicIt will be wildly inaccurate!
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