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  1. the economy
    Meatpacking Crisis Shows Limits of Human Sacrifice As Recovery PlanTrump ordered plants to put maintaining the meat supply above keeping workers safe. But without better public-health policies, they can’t do either.
  2. labor
    Trump’s Labor Department Fights to Protect Workers From BenefitsEugene Scalia is working hard to shield Uber drivers from the threat of income support.
  3. Trump to Propose Merging Labor and Education Departments, Rebranding WelfareCongress probably won’t reshape the federal government months before an election, but Trump can say he’s pursuing a longtime conservative goal.
  4. tip pooling
    Congress Just Introduced Legislation to Ensure Servers Get to Keep Their TipsA provision to the spending bill would clarify the Labor Department’s tip-pooling rule.
  5. cooked books
    Report: Trump Administration Knew Tip-Pooling Rule Would Hurt Restaurant WorkersIt reportedly buried data predicting that workers would lose billions.
  6. tipping
    Trump’s Labor Department Wants to Legalize Tip-Pooling AgainIt would let owners distribute gratuities however they see fit.
  7. Judge Kills Obama Overtime Rule That Would Have Benefited 4 Million WorkersThe same Obama-appointed judge who froze implementation of a more generous rule for overtime pay last year struck it down for real today.
  8. Trump Squandered His Opportunity With Union VotersAs Trump’s approval rating in the Rust Belt dips, labor leaders work to help Democrats exploit an opening with working-class Trump voters.
  9. the chain gang
    The Trump Administration Just Handed McDonald’s a Big Labor WinBye-bye Obama ruling that interpreted fast-food companies as “joint employers” alongside franchisees.
  10. Trump Picks His First Latino Cabinet Member to Replace PuzderAfter a tough week, Trump plays it safe on a nominee who has been confirmed by the Senate multiple times before.
  11. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Had to Fire 1,200 Undocumented Workers in 2014The headaches continue for Labor secretary nominee Andy Puzder.
  12. labor fights
    Senate Report Details Even More Worker Abuse at Carl’s Jr.Pages of new allegations about being forced to work without pay, endure harassment, and even cook while “puking.”
  13. workers' rights
    Livid Carl’s Jr. Employees May Get to Testify at Puzder’s Confirmation HearingDemocrats say their complaints raise concerns about his “commitment to enforcing federal labor laws.”
  14. food politics
    Trump’s Secretary of Labor Pick Called Fast-Food Workers ‘the Best of the Worst’A long-time employee said he’s “not the person to protect American workers’ rights.”
  15. tip sharing
    Restaurant Lobby Asks Supreme Court to Hear Case About Tip SharingThe NRA argues federal laws preventing kitchen staff from sharing in tips “trample on the rights of restaurant workers.”
  16. Trump’s Labor Pick Draws Breitbart BacklashThe Labor Department enforces immigration law in the workplace — and Trump just picked a “pro-amnesty” business owner to lead that department.
  17. Trump Expected to Name Pro-Robot Fast-Food CEO As His Labor SecretaryCarl’s Jr. head Andy Puzder is about as anti-labor as they come.
  18. early and often
    Courts Block Obama’s Overtime-Pay ReformAnother defeat for the president’s legacy.
  19. Here’s How the GOP Will Swiftly Kill Obama’s Final RegulationsA little-known law will allow Republicans to repeal Obama’s expansion of overtime pay with a simple majority vote in the House and Senate.
  20. The Trumps Are Already Monetizing the PresidencyIvanka leveraged her 60 Minutes appearance to hawk gold bracelets. But far more lucrative opportunities loom on the horizon.
  21. Obama’s New Overtime Rule Will Give 4 Million Americans Fatter PaychecksThe administration just dramatically expanded workers’ eligibility for overtime, capping off a great two months for big-government tyranny.
  22. the vast left-wing conspiracy
    Labor Dept. May Delay Unemployment NumbersLet the conspiracies begin. 
  23. unemployment
    Easter to Blame for UnemploymentNumber of claims filed for jobless benefits increases for second straight week.
  24. the great recession
    Unemployment Fell to 9.7 Percent Last MonthDown from 10 percent, so … yay? No.