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  1. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Radicalizing WorkersThe working class was already in crisis before the coronavirus. Now they’re angrier than ever.
  2. coronavirus news
    Amazon Fires Employee Who Led Staten Island StrikeChris Smalls said he was fired on Monday afternoon shortly after leading a walkout.
  3. coronavirus
    Whole Foods Workers Planning Nationwide Sick-out Protest on TuesdayTheir demands include increased hazard pay and health-care coverage for all workers.
  4. everlane
    Bernie Sanders Calls Out EverlaneThe “radically transparent” clothing company reportedly fired employees who were in the process of unionizing.
  5. coronavirus news
    Why Amazon and Instacart Workers Are Striking TodayWorkers at the online retail giant’s Staten Island warehouse are walking out today.
  6. coronavirus
    Instacart Workers Are Going on a Massive Strike Next WeekThey are demanding expanded paid sick leave and safety gear like gloves.
  7. coronavirus
    Sick Worker Says UPS ‘Puts Profits Over People’Warehouse workers and delivery drivers are carrying the American economy on their backs. Are they getting the working conditions they deserve?
  8. coronavirus
    ‘I Feel Like the Safeguards Have Failed’: A Q&A With a Nurse on the Front LinesA nurse tells us that when she tried to quarantine herself, her bosses told her to come to work anyway.
  9. coronavirus
    The New York Philharmonic, Closed Till September, Is Winding Down Musicians’ PaySalaries will be cut back gradually through May 31, and the summer is under negotiation.
  10. coronavirus
    There’s No Such Thing As Unskilled LaborLow-wage work matters, and so does every low-wage worker.
  11. opera
    The Metropolitan Opera Is Furloughing Its Orchestra, Chorus, and TradesThey’ll retain health and instrument insurance, but not their salaries.
  12. vision 2020
    The National Education Association Endorses Joe BidenAmerica’s largest union, which represents more than 3 million educators, voted to back the former vice-president on the eve of the next debate.
  13. coronavirus
    How Can We Fight a Pandemic Without Paid Sick Leave?As coronavirus spreads, millions of Americans have to choose between staying home when they’re ill and receiving a paycheck.
  14. power
    Exploitation Is Still Rampant in NYC Nail SalonsManicurists in the city lose an average of $181 per week owing to wage theft, according to a new study.
  15. labor
    More Americans Are Going on StrikeInequality is increasing, and so are work stoppages. The two trends might be related.
  16. labor
    VA Democrats Kill Pro-Union Bill After Learning CEOs Oppose ItRight-to-work repeal failed after a fiscal estimate predicted it would cost the state millions. But that estimate was based on a CEO survey.
  17. inequality
    The Workers Who Sign Us Up For Obamacare Can’t Afford Health CareA federal contractor helps people sign up for Obamacare. But it pays poor wages, discourages unionization, and offers expensive health insurance.
  18. labor
    Fight for 15 Sets Its Sights on the White HouseActivists are teaming up with SEIU for a new get-out-the-vote effort.
  19. vision 2020
    For the Love of God, Ask the Candidates About UnionsModerators keep missing opportunities to ask candidates about one of the day’s most vital issues.
  20. labor
    The Writers Guild Has Filed an Unfair-Labor-Practice Charge Against HearstThe charge, filed on Thursday morning, escalates a conflict between the magazine giant and unionizing staff.
  21. democratic primaries
    A Labor Dispute Almost Disrupted Thursday’s Democratic DebateA labor dispute at the event venue had the party tied in knots. This probably won’t be the last time.
  22. labor
    Workers Making Fashion Nova Clothing Are Wildly UnderpaidL.A. factory workers who make garments for the online retailer report wages so low, it’s illegal.
  23. unions
    Did Hearst Plan a Social Media Campaign Against Its Union?Union busting comes to Instagram in the form of mysterious “@HearstUndivided” accounts.
  24. labor
    Union ‘Not the Right Direction for Hearst,’ Executive Says in Email to StaffHearst isn’t backing down from its anti-union campaign.
  25. media
    Employees Say Hearst Is Running a Classic Union-Busting Campaign“They told me, verbatim, that if I didn’t trust them, I didn’t have to work there.”
  26. labor
    Little Rock Teachers Refuse to Relive the Bad Old DaysDecades after the school district integrated, a state proposal threatens progress.
  27. politics
    Matt Bevin Was Unpopular Because of His PoliciesMatt Bevin was a uniquely unpopular governor. It’s important to understand why.
  28. labor
    Virginia Democrats Should Get Right to Work — by Repealing ‘Right to Work’Virginia is one of the most anti-labor states in the union. Democrats finally have the power to change that.
  29. labor
    Delta’s Flight Attendants Are Trying To Unionize, AgainThe campaign will be a major labor battle during a pivotal election cycle.
  30. the economy
    Two More Signs Trump’s ‘Great’ Economy Is Failing WorkersMost workers still can’t find a “good” job, and a growing number of middle-class families are turning to high-interest online loans to make ends meet.
  31. labor
    Why New York’s Minimum-Wage Increase Benefited RestaurantsEmployment and revenue are both up.
  32. workplace harassment
    Workers Making Lululemon Clothes Say They’re Beaten and Harassed on the JobA new report alleges workers in Bangladesh are underpaid and called “sluts” and “whores” by their managers.
  33. labor
    Here’s Why Chicago Public-School Staff Are on StrikeBy linking up with SEIU Local 73, the Chicago Teachers Union has put up an impressive display of force.
  34. vision 2020
    Warren Releases ’Ambitious’ Labor PlanAt a time of cautious optimism for unions in the fight against corporate power and the GOP, Warren and Sanders lead in addressing labor policy.
  35. vision 2020
    A to F+: Grading the Presidential Candidates on Their Labor PlansUnions and worker rights are shaping up to be more important in this election than they’ve been for a generation. Who has the best ideas?
  36. labor
    Democracy Dies When Labor Unions DoStrengthening unions should be at the heart of any agenda for reviving American democracy because labor’s weakness is at the heart of its decline.
  37. labor
    Yoga Teachers Are Unionizing to Heal the Wellness IndustryIn a historic first, YogaWorks teachers have come together to demand improved conditions across their entire industry.
  38. the french
    French Court Holds Company Liable for Worker’s Death During Business-Trip SexA French man died after committing adultery on a business trip. Now his employer must compensate his family for his “industrial accident.”
  39. labor
    Unions Have Won the War of Ideas. Will That Win Them Power?Unions are in material decline, but ideological ascent. Can newfound popularity with centrist Democrats and voters revive the labor movement?
  40. chicken
    Popeyes Has Finally Run Out of Chicken SandwichesOur national nightmare is over (for now), and exhausted workers will get a much-needed reprieve from the chaos.
  41. books
    In Her New Book, Emily Guendelsberger Makes The Case Against American CapitalismWhen employers treat workers like robots, everyone suffers.
  42. vision 2020
    Joe Biden Can’t Count On the Union VoteThe primary’s second union endorsement goes to Bernie Sanders.
  43. labor
    Ahead of 2020, Labor Is Seizing Its MomentBernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke become the latest candidates to release formal labor plans.
  44. labor
    Barstool Sports Founder Throws Long, Possibly Illegal Twitter TantrumIn an incredibly ill-advised move, Dave Portnoy has threatened to fire any employee who tries to unionize.
  45. politics
    How Do You Host a Debate in Detroit Without Asking About Labor Rights?CNN moderators missed a major opportunity.
  46. life in pixels
    Can This Slingshot-Building German Unionize YouTube?An upstart “YouTubers Union” is now allied with Europe’s biggest industrial union. Will YouTube listen?
  47. labor
    Leave Scabby The Rat AloneThe venerable union mascot is a call to action, and that’s why the NLRB’s conservative general counsel hates him.
  48. politics
    There’s New Evidence That Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Cost JobsConservatives said that raising the minimum wage would lead to ruin. It hasn’t.
  49. vision 2020
    Raise Wages, Bernie Sanders Tells Walmart ShareholdersThe 2020 candidate joined Walmart associates at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, saying it still pays many employees “starvation wages.”
  50. vision 2020
    In Appeal to Moderates, Bernie Calls for Worker-Ownership of Means of ProductionSanders’s new plan for increasing labor’s share of profits is both more socialist – and more popular – than some of his more conventional policies.
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